Kitchen Color Trend 2018: Professional Tips for a Trendy Interior

Kitchen Color Trend 2018What kitchen color trend 2018 to create an interior of character? While the majority of renowned brands have set their sights on soft colors, the kitchen does not escape the general rule that applies to all other rooms. Modern, classical, Scandinavian, rustic or minimalist, the kitchens try out in light tones, sometimes combined with touches of color, for a trendy atmosphere and a decor that makes emulators. What are the trend colors of the year 2018? Can the great musicians, like the black-white duo, keep their place of predilection in the modern kitchen? The answer in images!

Trendy kitchen cabinet color 2018: professional tips and examples in pictures

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for an ultra modern interior? To fully equip this furniture sharing room functional and compliant with the trends 2018, please consult the favorites of our editorial staff. On the program, contemporary kitchens from the know-how of major internationally renowned brands. You’ll also find ergonomic furniture that puts on stylish outfits, and daring accessories that are not afraid to shock the general public.

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What kitchen color trend 2018 for a trendy interior?

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for a sober interior? Like last year, this year does not hesitate to pay tribute to the uncontrollable colors such as the black-white duo, the beige, the anthracite gray .. So, the modern kitchens display their timeless elegance through subdued colors, image of sand beige and silk gray for example.

The decorators put the package on deaf colors!

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for an interior full of life? To give a pep to your contemporary kitchen, you can opt for a mixture of scarlet colors applied in small touches on a wall, backsplash, worktop or through decorative objects.

Tinted shades and relaxing shades

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for a sober but original interior? The trendy kitchens are as rich in light colors as sparkling and revitalized. So, nothing like a wall tile imitation cement tiles or a more sustained paint, to sublimate the cold interior.

What are the great inescapables that have the wind this year?

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for an atmosphere conducive to serenity? So if you’re not in love with pastel colors, you’re not forced to bend blindly to current trends. Use off-white to dress the floor with a harmonious unity, and offer dark-colored matt-finish storage units, knowing that the matt blue relaxes the mood.

The black-white duo remains uncontrollable

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for a decor of style? If the dull colors gradually invade our interiors, the duo black-white, meanwhile, is likely to win the price of the colors of the year 2018 stars. This high-end kitchen is adorned with black furniture matt accented with touches of canary yellow, and an exotic tiling of oriental inspiration.

Touch of golden yellow to ennoble the interior

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

How to boost the interior? If you have succumbed to the charm of the flagship colors of the year, this does not mean that you can not afford some libertinage in decoration. To animate a little more the facades of your tall furniture, you can change the credence for a more artistic model, or install gilded brass cabinets.

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Green tendency invades the interiors

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend for a scandinavian revisited? So, to make this room share the look of Scandinavian cuisine that respects the trendy decoration codes, we advise you to equip itself with refined furniture that combines Scandinavian spirit and absolute sobriety: matt black for storage furniture, and light wood for the central island.

The marriage between vegetable and mineral is more than ever in modern kitchens!

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for a minimalist atmosphere? The minimalist interior is adorned with dark tones contrasted by earthy shades and mineral shades. The goal? The subdued colors reduce the austerity of dark shades, such as this design kitchen that combines the warmth of light wood with the elegance of anthracite gray.

The gray anthracite makes a remarkable comeback!

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

This Nolte kitchen features a multifunctional storage unit, a central island and invisible opening furniture, all wrapped in a mixture of matt gray, satin white and matte black. To warm up the atmosphere, the owners have chosen an extremely warm flooring: parquet chevron for a cozy atmosphere.

The matte black leaves no marble!

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

Do you know that matte black has the wind this year? The proof with this luxury kitchen that has adopted this trendy color. In total look, the matte black can stifle the atmosphere, unless it is a giant room, but in small doses, it is suitable for all surfaces without exception.

Hot colors capture cold cuisines

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for a cocooning? If you have a large area, you can let go by creating a resting corner at the edge of the window. Colors, our editorial recommends the warm colors: brown chocolate, brown, terracotta, ocher …

Industrial kitchens do not ignore 2018 trends!

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 to relooker the industrial decor? As the industrial interior is distinguished by its warm colors and its workshop atmosphere, the wooden associations punctuated by metal elements and touches of black and white, will be put into your industrial kitchen.

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What kitchen color trend 2018: tones enveloping for an atmosphere of softness

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for a decor of plant spirit? The tendency to green grabs all the rooms of the modern interior. The desire to live in harmony with nature is displayed here through the green tiles that dress one of the walls of this warm room.

Water-green and silk gray for a soothing decoration

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for a soft atmosphere? Inspire yourself from this classic kitchen to create an interior soaked in relaxing shades. The furniture in silk gray and pastel green are unobtrusively highlighted on the snowy white background and the wooded floor. A source of relaxation for the visual senses.

What kitchen color trend 2018: want an expert advice?

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

Still in the same spirit of calm and tranquility, this industrial color did not want to ignore the decoration trends 2018. Furniture in water green and anthracite gray, flooring in blonde stone, carpet in sisal in light beige , concrete facing and red brick … everything is perfect in this little paradise inviting rest and well-being.

Wooden furniture and white marble for a decor of style!

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for a glamorous atmosphere? Modern kitchens come to life with satin-finished furniture, exceptional materials such as marble and onyx, and of course with a decoration adapted to the established style.

The industrial style does not leave marble!

Kitchen Color Trend 2018

What kitchen color trend 2018 for an industrial decoration revisited? Then, the specialists sliced: a brick facing with worn effect and light-colored furniture will do wonders in any piece of industrial inspiration.

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