Kitchen Design 2018 – Innovations and Trends

Kitchen Design 2018The kitchen definitely belongs to one of the most important rooms in our own home, because it is cooked, laughed together and fueled for the day. Therefore the desire for a trendy and exceptionally furnished kitchen is always great – colors, materials, kitchen appliances & Co., which is 2018 actually in the trend and should not be missing in any kitchen?Kitchen Design 2018

The most popular are multifunctional kitchens, which not only offer ample space for cooking and common food, but at the same time offer a lot of storage space. Even a very narrow kitchen can be comfortably furnished by certain furniture and tricks – the kitchen appliance trends 2018 is full of surprises! We introduce you to the most important innovations this year and give you tips on how to bring your new sparkle into your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends 2018

The grill for the colder days

Kitchen Design 2018We Germans love grilling – and would love to grate in the colder months. As this is more difficult on the balcony and the terrace, if there is a lot of rain and snow, you should definitely buy special attachments for your stove for this year, which will enable you to eat meat, fish, vegetables and many other treats in comfort cooking your own kitchen. A functional kitchen that will not only delight you, but also all your guests!

Thanks to modern glass ceramics

Kitchen Design 2018Nowadays, many kitchen owners do not know at all how they should decide on the market at all in the large range of furnaces. We have a clever tip, because furnaces made of glass ceramic are not only characterized by a minimalist look, but also characterized by a low thermal expansion. Glass ceramic is far more durable than other materials, and since there are different colors for the glass, you can also put a stylish accent through glass-ceramic slices in your kitchen.

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Small kitchen appliances as highlights

Kitchen Design 2018Even with the choice of the smaller kitchen appliances, you can find numerous stylish variants that serve as real highlights in your kitchen. It is particularly recommendable to perfect a relatively simple kitchen with particularly striking little appliances. Are you absolute coffee freaks? Then the modern coffee machine should not be missing in your kitchen! Or do you love the vintage touch? Then you should look for devices with retro charm, which will transform your entire kitchen!

Multi functionality through small appliances

Kitchen Design 2018If you are an absolute fan of innovative technology, then you are sure to enjoy the following list, because we have been looking for trendy and practical little things for the kitchen that will make your life easier every day.

These small appliances should not be missing in your multifunctional kitchen:Kitchen Design 2018

  • Waffle Iron, Toaster & Sandwich toaster
  • Mixer or smoothie maker
  • modern kitchen machine
  • Reishofen
  • depending on taste Fully automatic coffee machine or sustainable French Press
  • Juicer
  • Popcorn machine
  • Teppanyaki Grill
  • Drying machine

Practical accessories for the sink

Kitchen Design 2018Your sink can also be designed to be multifunctional by purchasing special attachments that can be used to rinse fruits, vegetables, etc. Depending on how often you work in the kitchen, you should choose a sink with two or three sinks, so you can collect easily in one area of rinsing water and in the other cleanliness.

Built-in kitchen appliances

Kitchen Design 2018Particularly attractive is, of course, a kitchen, in which most of the appliances have already been let into the cabinets. These results in a uniform image and the innovative appliances have a solid place in your kitchen. In the picture above, there is a toaster, juicer, modern combi oven, a bread maker and a dishwasher – all perfectly planned to make the most of the available space.

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The right workplace

Kitchen Design 2018You should also pay attention to functionality and modernity when choosing the perfect kitchen design. Often natural stone or wood is very popular materials for the kitchen, which also provide for warmth and a cozy atmosphere. However, for example, stainless steel as a modern element is much better, because it is super-clean to clean and makes for highlights in your kitchen.

Extendable exhaust hood

Kitchen Design 2018This innovation in the kitchens 2018 is a fantastic idea with which you can regularly surprise all your guests. The extraction hood in the figure above is actually inserted into the worktop behind the cooking field. When cooking you can pull it out and if you need more space to work, you can simply leave it blank in the plate at the push of a button.

Hotly loved kitchen island

Kitchen Design 2018Kitchens are the secret passion of many people – they automatically create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and create a pleasant meeting place in their own home. The kitchen island is not only a great place to take a quick breakfast in the morning, but can also be used as a perfect storage space for pots, pans and many other kitchen elements. In the picture above, the combination of the cream colored work table and the chairs in a bright orange tone – modern, fresh and striking!

Hidden workspaces

Kitchen Design 2018Particularly practical is the innovation in the small kitchen in the picture above. There is not much space for vegetable slicing and cooking – so the extra work surface for pulling out is the perfect solution for owners of a mini-kitchen who love to conjure up great dishes every day.

Order in all drawers

Kitchen Design 2018When planning your kitchen for practical systems in all cabinets, shelves and drawers, we guarantee that your life will be a lot easier in the coming years! Because certain modules in your drawers or shelves provide an orderly atmosphere and when cooking you do not have to look for special tools or spices for long.

Particularly recommendable when it comes to order in drawers: the highly flexible, new SieMatic drawer and pull-out system with aluminum interior. Thanks to the design of the design studio, the drawer can be divided and equipped as desired.

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Use narrow kitchens to the full

Kitchen Design 2018One thing is clear: no matter how small and narrow your kitchen is, with the right planning, you always succeed in a modern and ingenious setting, where you can enjoy anew every morning anew. In the picture above you can see how inviting the relatively narrow kitchen works, with the space above all fully utilized. A half kitchen island provides restful moments in the kitchen, where you can not only cut vegetables, eat and drink coffee, but also read your newspaper in the morning or work on the laptop.

Glass and stone as a secret combination

Kitchen Design 2018In the picture above you can see a magical kitchen, which through the combination of natural stone and glass elements becomes the most beautiful room in the whole house. The dark natural stone only gets the perfect glow through the freshness of the glass elements and the colored tiles in the cooking area ensure you the right vintage touch in your kitchen.

Trendy surprises

Kitchen Design 2018Finally, we would like to introduce you to another element that will allow you to create luxurious highlights in your kitchen. How about the noble combination of marble and glass bodies? In the picture above you can see that the work surfaces and sink are made of radiant marble – the recessed shelves again provide glass panes for an open and very fresh atmosphere. In the planning of your kitchen, also consult experts, who support you in materials, furniture, kitchen utensils and optimal use of the available space!

Elegance, multi functionality and comfort – 2018 is an excellent year to create new highlights in your kitchen!

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