Kitchen Island Trends 2018: Innovative New Design for All Styles of Kitchens

Kitchen Island Trends 2018Synonymous with sharing and conviviality, the island of modern kitchen plunges us into a whimsical universe that reveals us little by little its extraordinary assets. Chic, elegant and ultra sophisticated, the kitchen island with a new design offers many functions to offer optimal comfort when preparing our dishes. More than a simple counter equipped with storage cabinets, the modern kitchen island is embellished with an innovative design that transforms it sometimes smart gadget, sometimes multifunctional furniture. Very practical, the modern island will also allow you to rearrange your dining space according to your desires, and always in accordance with current trends. Zoom on 40 luxury kitchens located on Pinterest.

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Kitchen island with lacquered finish to enhance the minimalist interiorKitchen Island Trends 2018

The kitchen island with a revisited design has the advantage of being easily registered in modern kitchens. At the same time sober and stripped of artifices, this multifunctional furniture adapts to our way of life without making caprices. Depending on the space available, it can change function to meet our every desire.

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Kitchen island in snow white and light wood storage furniture to create a Scandinavian interiorKitchen Island Trends 2018

The modern kitchen island is often dedicated to spacious interiors. In addition, he can dress multiple storage space gains, just as practical as aesthetic. Like a simple black dress, he asks to be accessorized with costume jewelery, tonic colors and precious objects. In this case, these are versatile columns, artistic shelves, low cabinets, all to create a custom interior reflecting our personality.

How to create an atmosphere both cozy and glamorous?Kitchen Island Trends 2018

In addition to its purely aesthetic virtues that structure the space, the kitchen island can play the role of both a work plan and a compact dining table.

Central island in dark wood and designer furniture in pristine whiteKitchen Island Trends 2018

Minimalist or futuristic, kitchen islands never skimp on their aesthetic appearance. They dress in raw materials to ennoble the sterile interior while for the cozy interior, they put on their finest glamorous adornments. This dark wood furniture contrasts with everything else to become the centerpiece of the kitchen!

High-end furniture made of solid wood and parquet floorKitchen Island Trends 2018

To transform the interior into a cozy cocoon where everyone would like to meet around a good glass of wine, you can bet on a kitchen island veined or inlaid wood. To combine with bar stools with industrial spirit to boost the decor of the room.

Retractable furniture to optimize space under the stairsKitchen Island Trends 2018

What’s more classy than the combination of wood and black to sublimate the modern interior. The trick to adopt: if you obviously miss a vacant space to install high or low cabinets, you could opt for a space saving storage system , such as this built-in kitchen built into the stairs.

Scandinavian-inspired furniture and stools in tree stumpKitchen Island Trends 2018

A real favorite for this island kitchen Scandinavian design with a blond wood structure and a polished concrete floor plan. The filiform look of tree stools is just a natural extension of the Scandinavian island’s woody structure: a combination of rustic charm to apply in a minimalist or organic interior.

Italian kitchen with irregular shaped central island and concrete counterKitchen Island Trends 2018

Want to give more rhythm to the decor of your dining area? Instead of buying unnecessary items that may clutter the living space, we suggest you opt for a bi-material furniture, like the one above.

Bean shaped bar table with solid wood stoolsKitchen Island Trends 2018

Amazing artistic installation as this unlikely kitchen island, shaped like a woody bean! An offbeat look and yet a sophisticated side, for this furniture with an organic spirit, which sits master in the middle of this warm room.

Versatile rectangular island and sleek storage cabinetsKitchen Island Trends 2018

Do you tend to accumulate books and trinkets in the kitchen? Your storage furniture abounds with unused accessories, misplaced utensils, mismatched cutlery and you do not know where to turn your head anymore? So, it’s time to sort out all these cumbersome things: the books are installed in a library integrated into the kitchen island.

Center island shaped boat with wooden counter and snow whiteKitchen Island Trends 2018

A surprising but majestic cooking island with soft, refined and refined lines in the shape of a luxury boat with futuristic design: this is a piece of furniture for all admirers of minimalist, organic and high tech styles.

Futuristic kitchen in white and grayKitchen Island Trends 2018

This design kitchen in white and gray is becoming fluid thanks to a sumptuous piece of furniture with a high-tech design. With its hotplates discreetly embedded in the worktop, this futuristic island acquires a spectacular look.

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Smart furniture to create a home automation houseKitchen Island Trends 2018

After the connected jewels and the super smart appliances, it is the turn of the intelligent kitchen island to seize the futuristic interior to realize the fantasy of all geeks: the creation of a home automation home.

Boat-shaped bar table and elegant furniture in off-white repainted woodKitchen Island Trends 2018

In a more classic version but just as original as that of the previous photo, this kitchen island in the shape of a boat has been designed to create a cocooning atmosphere, whatever its location.

Minimalist kitchen with white lacquered furnitureKitchen Island Trends 2018

This white kitchen island is adorned with an asymmetrical shape to animate the interior of the room, enhanced by a few stainless steel elements and a large classical portrait alluding to the works of classical masters.

How to animate the inside all dressed in white?Kitchen Island Trends 2018

If you’ve decided to create a 100 percent pure white interior, there’s nothing better than a two-tone kitchen island to revive the decor: a glossy white countertop and low-gloss lacquered low cabinets will do the trick.

The paint palette is introduced into the modern interiorKitchen Island Trends 2018

This beautiful kitchen island with innovative design is ideal for all admirers of modern art. Like a palette of paint, this high-end furniture will only work wonders in your contemporary kitchen.

Furniture in anthracite gray and mustard yellow, black stools and copper tube suspensionsKitchen Island Trends 2018

Trendy, elegant and matte, the yellow-gray duo attacks the modern kitchen to dress the walls, floor, ceiling and even furniture.

Here is a decor stripped of fireworks: central island in staircase and flooring with a rustic spiritKitchen Island Trends 2018

And for your kitchen island to become a real artistic work, all you have to do is bet on a model with a lively design: a piece of furniture in staircase or T, storage furniture in mustard yellow and pale yellow and a coating of blonde stone floor to warm the room.

White furniture and bar stools shaped bottle capKitchen Island Trends 2018

The decoration of a modern kitchen is not limited to a graphic suspension, some abstract paintings and a geometric carpet. To succeed in creating an interior that is both original and personalized, we heal the details by focusing on a multifunctional kitchen island and bar stools with whimsical design.

Rose to create a feminine atmosphereKitchen Island Trends 2018

Synonymous with tenderness and femininity, the rose invites itself into this colorful room, which chose to bet on a combination of sober colors and cold shades, to bring out the decorative objects as well as the rectangular kitchen island.

Want a piece of furniture with built-in storage?Kitchen Island Trends 2018

A kitchen island adorned with space saving storage and a spectacular work surface: these are the characteristics of this multifunctional furniture which also serves as a dining table.

What if you could decorate your home with a beautiful XXL aquarium?Kitchen Island Trends 2018

Diving among the graceful tropical fish is a dream for all those who love the beach, the sea and the fine sand. This dream can come true only if you live on a tropical island. And for all others who have not seen the chance smile, we recommend you to offer a kitchen island with a built-in aquarium.

Let yourself be charmed by this semi-spherical stainless steel creation and opaque glass hood!Kitchen Island Trends 2018

Want to experiment with a kitchen island like no other? Take inspiration from this semi-spherical model to transform your interior into a modern work of art.

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Wooden furniture and multifunctional sinkKitchen Island Trends 2018

An island kitchen that respects itself, must be as functional as a space saving storage cabinet. The proof with this original furniture that benefits from a multifunctional sink!

Kitchen island in stainless steel with integrated dish drainerKitchen Island Trends 2018

Remember that accessories can play a purely decorative role by changing the look of the kitchen island. That’s exactly what happened to this model in stainless steel, which was added a solid wood dish rack.

Furniture space saving and eclectic decoKitchen Island Trends 2018

Long live the eclectic decor and all his talented accomplices who help him transform the modern kitchen into a happy, festive and artistic place!

Blow of heart for this pro kitchen in anthracite gray!Kitchen Island Trends 2018

Above, an anthracite-gray kitchen island that is not afraid to poke its nose in this pro kitchen: a greyish worn-out floor covering exquisitely elegant interior, while a wall storage solid wood intervenes to break the gray monotony.

Central island in L and storage units in lacquered black

Matching to the rest of the interior, this L-shaped furniture decided in black and white has a futuristic graphic design. At the same time sober, sculptural and practical, he plays on the association of colors and on his masculine form. A minimalist wonder.

Minimalist ambience, bi-material T-shaped kitchen island and bleached parquet flooring

The deco asset to adopt here? The green plant that creates a vegetal atmosphere and the bar stools with graphic design. The bleached parquet floor, which has small scratches almost invisible, seduces us with its vintage Scandinavian look.

Organic cuisine with a rustic spirit and a vegetal ambiance

Male lines, clean forms and lots of wood: these are the strengths of this piece with an organic design that has a kitchen island lacquered finish and three stools low tree stump.

Oval kitchen island in lacquered black, wood veneer and greyish flooring

This large and beautiful oval island has the particularity of being lacquered in a raven black. Combined with a gray graphite storage block and solid wood wall cladding, this high-end cabinet is undoubtedly the star of the kitchen!

Black and white cabinets, U-shaped kitchen island and matching decorative board

A U-shaped kitchen island, elegant and minimalist, is at the same time the heart and the nail of this luminous room. A very refined style.

Subdued atmosphere created by indirect lighting

Indirect lighting gives a hushed atmosphere to make the kitchen island a precious jewel. Paired with LED spotlights integrated into the ceiling or a luminous cornice, the dimmed lighting will illuminate your interior to make it pleasant.

Storage cabinets in matt orange, gray paint and matching flooring

This island of design kitchen induces a cozy atmosphere with its storage furniture and central island, dressed in solid wood and matt orange.

Gray furniture with red and white accents and stainless steel bar stools

Circular Kitchen Island with compact storage with sculptural design

kitchen island trends

Stainless steel storage cabinets and false ceiling with integrated LED spotlightsKitchen Island Trends 2018

Rustic industrial kitchen with island in tree trunkKitchen Island Trends 2018

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