Kitchen In The Roof Slope – You Should Pay Attention

Under the roof, in principle, all the rooms can be integrated, which can also be accommodated in the floors below. A low kniestock makes it a bit more complicated to accommodate a kitchen or a bathroom, but with a bit of imagination and know-how, this also works. Read here what to consider when you send kitchen furniture and appliances in rooms with sloping ceilings to arrange.

Kitchen In The Roof Slope

A cooking island as an alternative

Alternative: Set up a kitchen island in the center of the room

In your kitchen, you want to be comfortable, stand upright and have enough space to work. This is not always possible under low sloping ceilings, but the kitchen furniture can also be pushed back into the middle of the room. Under the sloping roof or on the gable wall, you may put the electrical appliances and build a kitchen island with a generous work surface. If the stove, oven and sink are to be part of your solution, you must, of course, place all necessary connections in the middle of the room. This means that the floor must be opened and then renewed.

In the lower cabinet area: deep worktops and cabinets

If only very few or no booths are to be integrated into the kitchen, the storage space has to move into the lower room section. In this case, it is advisable to create massive sub-squares with as great a depth as possible and to exploit the space in the width. Not only do the kitchen utensils disappear underneath the worktops, but perhaps still in the closet compartments of the bar and the drawers under the dining table.

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The required depth of the worktable can be determined with the help of cartons stacked at a suitable height below the slope: Try to find out how far the surface has to enter into the room so that you can work comfortably and do not have to bend!

Be sure to use the storage space under the work surface in full length : Do not build a normal deep box which is simply pulled forward, but access extra deep cabinets. This solution is priced more expensive, but gives you the possibility to place much more utensils in a limited space.

With very steep slopes of 45 degrees and less, it is worthwhile to consider sliding doors in the rear area above the worktop. In this way you get practically triangular cupboards, in which you can store detergents or spices.

These kitchens are typically not included in the catalog, without a custom-made use, the perfect use of the tight space is not possible. Some of the kitchen centers, which also offer custom-made kitchens in the roof slope, can be found on this page.

The retractable extractor hood as a spatially flexible element

The hood hood also needs a suitable place : in this case it would be advisable to use a “pull-down”, ie a retractable extractor hood, which is installed in the immediate vicinity of the cooking area, which ensures a pleasant room climate with a significantly reduced odor load. Such a trigger can also be integrated wonderfully next to or behind a stove, which is located underneath the roof: This gives you a pull-out option for your kitchen fountains, although there is hardly room for a corresponding appliance above the cooking area. The two most important representatives of the retractable extractor hood are as follows:

  • The well vent is located directly next to the cooking appliances, several rotatable modules can be combined with a blower within the cooking line. When switched on, the ventilation elements hardly protrude from the worktop; in the switched-off state, their backs close flush with the table surface.
  • The table ventilation is recessed in a narrow longitudinal slot behind the cooking area; it can be pulled out as required and is often equipped with LED lights. In the switched-on state, this ventilation protrudes like a flat wall from the worktop, but disappears completely after cooking.
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Recirculation or exhaust air – what is better?

Of course, it is also possible to install an exhaust air extractor hood under the roof, but there are a few things to note here. The roof duct and the associated roof exhaust box, which is required for an exhaust air system, are a noticeable increase in the amount of financial costs. In addition, the possible snow heights have to be included in the roof drainage constructions, which does not simplify this construction project. As already described, the exhaust air can be directed downwards as much more practical. In this case, the exhaust flap is placed in the knee block.

If no simple air extraction system is desired via the gable wall or the knee block, the recirculating air model is substantially more practical and less expensive.

This gives you plenty of storage space in the kitchen – despite “lack of space”

All of the sloping slabs have one thing in common: the vertical wall surface directly below it is extremely limited, which is why only low furniture can be installed. However, if you arrange your cooking area in the gable area, you can easily hang up one or the other cabinet. A clever solution for those areas that are delimited by the sloping roof provide slanting elevators. This makes a pyramid-shaped kitchen superstructure that looks really good. A different alternative is provided by cabinets of different heights, which, however, do not fully utilize the available space.

Adjustable wall shelves adapt to the roof pitch

In order to conquer a few storage spaces directly under the sloping roof, adjustable wall racks can be installed in the inclination angle for installation. These flexible pieces of furniture fit perfectly to any angle, they can then be fitted with both kitchen utensils and decorative objects. The shelves are offered in many different sizes and designs, so you will surely find a suitable product for your purposes.

Connections underneath the open wooden beam ceiling

A beautiful loft style loft apartment is mostly open to the first, the exposed roof beams give these rooms a special flair, the open concept comes with as few partition walls as possible. But also in such a room the connections for the kitchen must be accommodated, including a pleasantly bright lighting. With a retractable false ceiling, which is confined to the kitchen area, you get enough space for your technology!

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The extractor hood may open upwards in this ceiling, the electrical cables can also be hidden without the need to ground the floor or the walls. As a separation from the rest of the living space, a modern kitchen counter with bar stools functions, the open space concept remains unaffected and the cooking area is flooded by light.

The perfect lighting for a kitchen under the sloping ceiling

The targeted illumination of your kitchen will not only simply bring brightness into the planned working area, but it also serves to create a pleasant ambience. For example, built-in halogen lamps, which are let into the ceiling and are located mainly above the worktops and the hearth, are suitable as lighting means for roof slabs. If only one single power connection is to be used on the ceiling, a multi-purpose halogen lamp is recommended, which is adjusted accordingly, so that each important report receives sufficient light. As a supplement, we recommend the installation of battery-powered LED light strips in the particularly light-sensitive areas. These aluminum strips can easily be screwed to the roof slant to illuminate the worktop without a shadow.

Living and cooking under slanting: comfort and well-being

Amazingly many people claim that under the roof it is particularly good: this is due to the special atmosphere created by homely roof beats and possibly exposed wooden beams! Whether it’s really good to cook under the roof, you can try out for yourself, but our assessment is: yes, here it is not only comfortable living, but also fervently with the most delicious dishes!

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