Kitchen Trends 2018: Y-Shaped Kitchen

Nothing is as constant as change. And so the kitchen trends 2018 continue to develop, a new and innovative idea is the Y-shaped kitchen.Y-Shaped Kitchen

The Y-shaped kitchen – modern, practical, functional

Many people know the situation especially after a move: the kitchen in the new apartment shows completely different dimensions than the old one.

This often led to the fact that worktops and / or cabinets had to be changed, shortened or otherwise changed. But now remedy has been made!

The trained furnituremaker and architect Michael Hilgers has found exactly the right solution for the formerly prevailing problem. He himself sees himself as a designer who wants to take a new path with this innovative proposal and wants to make everyday life easier for his customers.

His designs, which put the so-called “Y-shaped kitchen” in focus, and which he developed for many well-known manufacturers, uniquely combine minimalist design with a great deal of inventiveness.

His innovative – and at the same time surprisingly simple – solutions are not only an expression of his very own philosophy but also, in a certain way, reflect the criticism of today’s living and working environment. The aim is not only to question them, but also to think about them. For his innovative design proposals, he was awarded the Interior Innovation Award several times.

Kitchen planning: kitchen with complex furnishing questionsY-Shaped Kitchen

We are often faced with complex installation issues when moving and installing the new kitchen or finding the right kitchen. Its elaborated concept replaces old, detailed answers to complex problems. The kitchen sign of the future – the new Y-shaped kitchen. This logical continuation of the classic insulation solution, which is a “small revolution”, is intended to fundamentally alter the image of future kitchens.

The new form of the island is particularly striking. For the realization of the Y-shaped kitchen it is absolutely irrelevant whether your domicile is a small town apartment or a large house. At the center of its concept is the characteristic form that makes the kitchen a central communication platform.

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It is up to you whether you build the construction close to the wall, stand free or project out of a row. This concept is aimed primarily at all people who are not only fond of modern living, but who also think innovatively and are open to new things. Whether it be the young family or the manager, this kitchen is designed for today’s modern people, offers many individualization possibilities and the advantage of being able to reach all important areas and equipment comfortably.

Opulent Industrial DesignY-Shaped Kitchen

Classic design from the 20th century meets the tough and robust style of industrialization. In this design concept, Industrial Design is combined with a noble Beaux-Arts style to create a new, unique creation, which nevertheless is anything but rustic.

This noble mix is ​​further refined by opulent metal effect lacquers that take the industry look into the high-end range. The classic elements, such as the cassette fronts and the highly polished Dekton panels, ensure the unique charm of this new design.

High-quality mirror fronts complement the design perfectly and underline the extravagance of this new look. Of course, the selection of the metal effect lacquer is not limited to the ones shown here. You can choose among the colors titan smoke, white smoke, copper smoke and bronze smoke, so that you can personalize your kitchen and customize the dream of a perfect design.

Mammoth: rustic purism

Another kitchen that will surely soon become a trend for many people. The design is convincing by the use of a rustic, yet bright, decorative mammoth oak, which, for example, can be combined with dark colors.

This is not just a show of craftsmanship. Rather, the complete design thus also experiences much more sharpness or wildness. But only by the combination of both elements, the massiveness through the bright decorative mammoth oak and the noble black, this design achieves its final modernity and elegance.

Your purist charm or individual charisma is given to the kitchen by renouncing classical hanger cabinets. The open plan without these cabinets has been made possible by the Smart Cube shelf system. It has been replaced by narrow-door cabinets with through-doors, which, thanks to the simple design and the slender, high doors, not only underline the feeling of minimalism, but also allow it to arise at all.

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In the middle of the kitchen stands the island or the inner corpus, as a solid structure, perfectly matching the new industry look and provides the perfect complement to the minimalistic overall picture.

The comfort kitchen in the Bauhaus styleY-Shaped Kitchen

This construction is a more modern staging of the well-known comfort kitchen. The functionality of the classic Bauhaus style meets the modern forms of purism. A genuine oak wall covering meets a concrete look with a graphite black environment and combined together creates a unique and modern look which could not better reflect the notion of purism.

Above all, the functionality, as the most important characteristic of the classic Bauhaus style, is the core element of this kitchen variation. The numerous comfort cabinets not only offer sufficient storage space and storage space for everything that is important to you in the kitchen, but are also intended to arouse the need for comfort and quality of life, primarily for young people.

The classic elements of the comforter include a bevelled flush cupboard, which is also ideal for sitting, a bulk shelf, the highly-built dishwasher and easy-to-reach handles for cabinets and drawers. The modern kitchen of today also offers plenty of light and space for working and sitting. Other elements are: Liftboy, LegaMove, Tablar for cabinet and gymnastics. The trend is clear: maximum functionality in the mix with purist design.

Kitchens appealing & modern yet functional

The manufacturer bulthaup stands like no other brand for individual cooking in the mix with appealing, modern yet highly functional designs. With the b1, b2 and b3 series, the company proves that it is possible to pursue different stylistic trends while at the same time meeting the high expectations of the clientele and thus significantly increasing their quality of life.

Bulthaup b1 – minimalistic, classic and functionalY-Shaped Kitchen

The b1 series emphasize minimalism in the mix with natural birchwood and a high degree of order. Here, not only clear lines and puristic shapes dominate, but also a high degree of comfort in the mix with an ergonomic overall structure.

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The message is clear: the kitchen is more than “just” a room. Here, people are communicated, enjoyed and lived.

At the center of the b1 design are corresponding classic materials and selected colors. Individual design aspects, however, are not left behind. The range is characterized, among other things, by the adaptation of the basic functions of the kitchen, a possible integration into the wall line and the option of extending the elements even up to the ceiling.

Bulthaup b2 – here you have everything important always ready to handY-Shaped Kitchen

If a kitchen is more than “just” a room, you should deal with the popular b2 design from bulthaup. This realizes the concept of the kitchen as a “workshop” in which you can let your imagination run wild. The basis for this is an innovative order system based on the elements of the workbench, the cabinet and the equipment cabinet.

Particularly appealing: All three elements can be positioned individually to your requirements and adapted to the available surface. Even in a comparatively small space, you do not have to limit yourself with it and benefit from an appealing mix of design, multifunctionality and a high standard.

The b3 kitchen series from bulthaup realizes the presentation of the kitchen as a workshop.

Bulthaup b3 – Multifunctional, noble and individualY-Shaped Kitchen

The heart of this design variant is the island, which is characterized, among other things, by a high degree of functionality and individual design options, for example with regard to the ground-based or foot-supported variant. Also the factor of the multifunctionality plays a not negligible role in this series.

Therefore, you do not only have sufficient storage space for all your kitchen accessories, but you can also be sure that hand-picked, noble materials ensure a very special living and cooking ambience. Last but not least, the ergonomic shapes adapted to the human body and the proven bulthaup quality help to make this particular space the center of your home.

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