Kitchen Wall and Floor Tiles – Which Designs and Trend Colors To Choose?

Kitchen Wall and Floor TilesThanks to its super easy maintenance and good resistance to external influences, kitchen tiles are among the most sought after coatings. Whether it’s flooring or wall tile , this trend will not change in the near future. That’s why we decided to introduce you to our absolute favorites of kitchen design with tiles. Which designs and colors to choose and which furniture to associate with them, for you to discover in the following paragraphs!

What designs and colors for the kitchen floor tiles?Kitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

In the first part of the article we will examine a dozen proposals for kitchen tiles for the floor. In the second, we will turn our attention to tiled credence and wall mosaics in contemporary cuisine. Whatever your style, you will discover that there is something for everyone!

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Arabesque kitchen tiles in gray shadesKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

A fabulous trend not to be missed in 2017/2018 is the arabesque floor tiles. The 3 proposals above by Team Ceramicas illustrate the unparalleled decorative side of this type of flooring. Plain or patterned, gray and fresh or beige and warm, this kitchen tile looks exotic and modern at the same time!

Wooden parquet floor tile in classic style white kitchenKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

But it is not only the shape of the tiles that counts in decoration, but also the texture. The tiles imitating wood massif or the floor are the latest in fashion and not only in the kitchen but also in other parts of the house that we meet more often.

Kitchen tile beige faux patterned herringbone floorKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

It should be mentioned that both the arabesque kitchen tiles and the imitation wood are quite versatile. That is to say they are not too pretentious in terms of decor and you do not necessarily have to arrange a kitchen completely subjugated to their style.

Roman travertine kitchen tile for a Mediterranean touchKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

On the other hand, you can use them as an aesthetic backdrop and add contrasting touches to the furniture. The same goes for natural stone flooring, such as travertine in the photo above, for example. Indeed it is his Roman opus calepinage that creates the visual interest here.

White Carrara marble floor tile with black cabochonsKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

About natural stone, white marble floor tiles remain an absolute classic not to be missed in interior design. Current and eternal at the same time, the white Carrara marble with black cabochons creates a nice contrast and exudes luxury par excellence.

Patchwork kitchen tile in retro colors with cabinets and white wallsKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

If you prefer to follow the opposite path and opt for a playful decorative touch, the patchwork floor tile is the right solution. To highlight its various colors, pair it with a mural and white cabinets. In fact, any sober background goes like a patchwork kitchen tile glove.

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Kitchen floor tiles in black and white with exotic patterns similar zellige graphicKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

If, however, you find that the multicolored floor is not your cup of tea, black and white kitchen tiles will enchant you with its class. The exotic pattern, graphically represented, blends with the brick walls, the light wood furniture and even the vintage Smeg fridge in matte black.

Vintage Kitchen Tile – Checkered Floor, Painted Cabinets in Green and White and Red Striped CurtainsKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

The same monochrome idea can be interpreted in a totally different way. The black and white checkered floor tile exudes vintage style and looks super charming. Combine it with green painted cabinets and striped curtains and you’ll have a cute and fun kitchenette, reminiscent of a kid’s kitchen!

Checkered floor tiles, tiled backsplash and red lacquered cabinetsKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

As agreed, we will examine some artistic ideas of kitchen tiles for the walls. You will notice that a good part of the ideas already mentioned, apply also in wall covering. It’s up to you to choose the most original designs!

Kitchen wall tile – Trendy ideas for credenceKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

One of the latest trends in wall decoration for the kitchen is the subway tile. Inspired by wall cladding in the metro stations of major European cities, he made his way into our kitchens.

The white metro kitchen tile works even in a chic country context!Kitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

Its major asset is that it combines with several styles of decoration and very different decoration. As can be clearly seen from the photo above, a white subway kitchen tile goes hand in hand with the chic country style decor.

Oil blue wall tile with semi-paved layout in industrial chic kitchenKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

In industrial lofts or ultra-modern studios, in the bathroom or inside the kitchenette, in classic black and white or trendy blue petrol, the metro carrealge will not go out of fashion in the near future.

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Kitchenette with wall mosaic in white, gray and gradient orange and matching chairsKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

The wall mosaic is another excellent choice of kitchen tiles, especially in kitchenettes. For an artistic decor, you can opt for a seemingly chaotic tesserae arrangement and match their shades with the colors of the furniture (as shown above).

Wooden kitchen cabinets and credence in glass tesserae on serenity blue backgroundKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

Did you know that glass mosaic is known since ancient times? Fortunately, thanks to new technologies, contemporary manufacturers are able to make glass tesserae more durable and accessible, but all the more luxurious and exceptional.

Mural wall tiles with traditional Moorish patterns in blue shadesKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

Like the floor, the walls in the kitchen love the exotic patterns. The Arab-Andalusian zellige, the traditional Moorish designs, the batik, the African ethnic motifs, among others, decorate the kitchen tiles and make it exclusive, almost mystical.

Mix and match batik kitchen tiles in soft natural colorsKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

Our last 3 proposals (in the picture above and the 2 photos below) illustrate the patchwork wall tile. They carry the same idea, but you will notice that they are very different from each other.

Patchwork tiled multicolored patchwork credenza and blue kitchen cabinetsKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

The first idea, although it is multicolored, is quite sober, thanks to the natural colors used for the reasons. The second credence pushes the boundaries of disassorted patterns, while the third uses exotic designs as a focus on a white background.

Original kitchen tile – artistic patchwork credenza and white furnitureKitchen Wall and Floor Tiles

Whatever your favorite, now you know the kitchen tiles in all its splendor and you can make a well informed choice!

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