Kitchens Shape Ideas – Modern Design And Trends For 2018

kitchen shape trends 2018Today we have for all of you some amazing ideas of kitchen shape and designs that the designers predict will be a trend for next year. You will be able to see spaces with cupboards and hidden devices decorated with luminous wooden panels.

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Kitchens shape and modern design for 2018kitchen shape trends 2018

Some kitchen trend designs may look like a kitchen taken from the latest futuristic film, but in reality they are designs that we hope to see in many homes next year.

Kitchens rectangular shape and island in betweenkitchen shape trends 2018

In recent years homeowners are increasingly looking for open and carefully designed kitchen designs to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the home’s design aesthetic.

Ultra modern oval shaped Kitchen Islandkitchen shape trends 2018

From appliances hidden in cabinets beautifully painted in complementary colors, the owners want their kitchen to be elegant enough to entertain, but also cozy and functional enough for daily use.

Kitchen with very nice black and white furniturekitchen shape trends 2018

If you are remodeling your kitchen we advise you to continue reading, pay attention to these trends and consider incorporating some modern element to improve the kitchen.

Black wall and white furniture in the modern kitchenkitchen shape trends 2018

The easiest thing you can do is opt for kitchen cabinets and combine them with the color palette of kitchen walls. Owners can make their own interpretation of a black and white design, but what we suggest is to use other complementary colors, such as navy blue and soft gray, for a softer contrast.

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Modern trend options for 2018 for modern spaceskitchen shape trends 2018

A trend for 2018 will be to hide the devices. We are talking about stainless steel appliances, which can be cold and industrial. However, if you opt for hidden devices that blend easily with the design scheme.

Light blue furniture in the modern kitchenkitchen shape trends 2018

In addition, they are an unexpected touch for all those who plan to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or design an open-plan space. If you are looking for a finish with a clean and modern finish, we suggest you choose white furniture.

A trend that remains modern is the wooden furniturekitchen shape trends 2018

Another thing you can do is combine furniture and details with different finishes and textures. Instead of looking for a look of stainless steel and monochromatic design, you can choose appliances and accessories of different finishes, such as gold, copper or silver. The end result is an eclectic space thanks to the unique details.

Lovely kitchen with large island and light gray furniturekitchen shape trends 2018

The countertops are another very important thing in kitchens you have many materials from which you can choose there is no need to limit yourself by opting for granite countertops. Instead, you can choose quartz, marble or wood countertops that are easier to maintain.

Open wooden shelves in the modern kitchenkitchen shape trends 2018

One thing that will be trending in 2018 are the higher cabinets. The tall cabinets make a small kitchen look bigger and brighter. You can choose some bright dark brown wood.

Kitchen with island with oval shape of very elegant black colorkitchen shape trends 2018

With this article we try to give you ideas about kitchen design trends and specifically show you what you should expect to be fashionable in 2018. If you still wonder what colors and color schemes will dominate. Or what will be the most updated solution of materials, shapes and compositions? Keep reading.

White island in the kitchen with modern designkitchen shape trends 2018

We continue commenting on colors but what will be the best colors for kitchen cabinets this season? We have good news for those of you who like fresh colors for interior spaces.

The same design but this time in black kitchen shape trends 2018

In a modern kitchen in 2018 you can easily insert green or blue yellow furniture, which we recommend to combine with a more neutral monochromatic palette decoration such as white, gray, black. In the coming season it is expected that the popular colors for the kitchen are bright, but with a softer edge.

A design with wooden details in combination with modern finisheskitchen shape trends 2018

Although the furniture of vibrant colors will be very present during 2018. The dark decoration will also triumph in the design of interiors so you can reflect on the fashionable options of dark colored furniture in our future kitchen.

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Yellow furniture ideas in the modern kitchenkitchen shape trends 2018

A feature of modern cuisine in the coming year will be the introduction of combinations between light and monochrome tones and the diminished use of decorative wooden elements.

Kitchen with furniture and very elegant black wallskitchen shape trends 2018

A real success will have if you opt for black kitchen cabinets, which have such a traditional and unique vision and can easily become a focal point of any kitchen design.

Kitchens shape design and decoration simple but very attractivekitchen shape trends 2018

Years ago it will never come to mind to use only black furniture in a kitchen but now this is becoming a fashion that, of course, is typical furniture for contemporary design witty and stylish.

Trendy options for kitchen furniture very light greenkitchen shape trends 2018

As we have already said, the owners will focus more on design products inspired by professional kitchens and created to be a functional and intelligent instrument rather than a decorative element of the interior. So in the end the result is that we always look for functionality, elegant perspective and high quality.

A kitchen with elegant furniture and gray backsplasheskitchen shape trends 2018

If you decide to add a kitchen island you should look for one that is multifunctional. The islands will be modern with a characteristic industrial aspect that is enhanced by some element that compose it.

Modern combination of brown and yellow for kitchen wallskitchen shape trends 2018

The absolutely black styling as we said will also be fashionable and will help you bring dynamics and elegance in spaces with monochromatic design.

Kitchens shape design and details for those who love the bright black colorkitchen shape trends 2018

Although some people may feel overwhelmed by all this black what we advise is to use white elements to balance the design.

Metallic details that stand out in the kitchen with simple designkitchen shape trends 2018

In this way, the image of your kitchen will become more dramatic thanks to the dynamic interweaving of light and dark details. The alternation of antithetical elements should instead be more or less chaotic depending on your taste to avoid association with a chessboard.

Very trendy combination of black furniture and wooden islandkitchen shape trends 2018

If you are not a fan of dark colors or the other extremity very bright colors, you can always choose a color that is in the middle as for example the gray tones.

A different design with dark wood furniturekitchen shape trends 2018

If you are not a fan of dark colors or the other extremity very bright colors, you can always choose a color that is in the middle as for example the gray tones.

Gray furniture with modern design for the kitchenkitchen shape trends 2018

They will never go out of fashion, and they are quite practical in a gray kitchen, even the simplest decoration will stand out and be seen as something very elegant. The gray kitchen is a modern trend because it combines well with a second color but even as a unique option it looks great. Especially when the texture of the furniture resembles stone or concrete.

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Kitchens shape design and trends to add wood in the design of modern kitchen in 2018kitchen shape trends 2018

Although we should not forget that white will not fall off the catwalk and will remain as a fashionable color, but it will not be enough by itself and you will need to combine it with another color.

Ideas for homes with open plan designkitchen shape trends 2018

It has always been a good option to add bright colors to increase the attractive appearance of a kitchen a living room or a white bedroom.

Metallic kitchen appliances ideas in the kitchenkitchen shape trends 2018

You can use a cool orange or yellow accent to decrease the white domain. But keep in mind the white is losing its positions in fashion design and we really advise it for people looking for the practical option.

A modern design for next yearkitchen shape trends 2018

You can refresh a kitchen with white design with decoration on the floor or colorful and unusual tableware. On the other hand if you have made a new design in black you can create a combination of black and dark wood decoration with oblong angles.

The black taps will be modern next yearkitchen shape trends 2018

After a decade in which straight lines dominated, the time has come for the curves and smooth shapes that are making a great comeback in the design concept of modern kitchen.

Combining textures such as wood and marble will also be fashionablekitchen shape trends 2018

In any contemporary home, open-design kitchens are almost a norm. This shape of organization of space is perfect if you want to achieve an adequate social interaction, even during the process of preparing meals.

Options of slabs and furniture very nice white colorkitchen shape trends 2018

Often, this functionality and accessibility are achieved with the addition of an island. The arrangement of the design cabinets is often in one of the walls where we can see the composite cabinets as a visually inseparable group that resembles a large cabinet and in whose center the oven section is placed.

Furniture with bright blue color for the modern kitchenkitchen shape trends 2018

The front elements of the kitchen island are usually oriented towards the living room. In this way, there can be a natural connection between the kitchen and the living room.

A classic design that will not go out of style

Now we let you review again all these kitchen ideas shape design and modern trends for 2018 and inspire you.

A classic design more but a little more colorfulkitchen shape trends 2018

Furniture ideas with trendy designs that attract attentionkitchen shape trends 2018

Lovely kitchen with beautiful marble islandkitchen shape trends 2018

Large island and window instead of dashboard in the modern kitchenkitchen shape trends 2018

Kitchens shape design and trends for lovers of Scandinavian designkitchen shape trends 2018

Lovely kitchen with marble splashbackkitchen shape trends 2018

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