The Latest Trends In Decoration Of Modern Dining Rooms For 2018

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018The dining room is the perfect room to share with family and friends. For this, it should be a cozy, relaxing and elegant atmosphere. Here we show you the latest trends in the decoration of modern dining rooms for 2018.

Wall decoration for modern dining rooms 2018

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018When decorating the dining area, there are many details of composition and style that one should keep in mind. Apart from trends in furniture, colors, and textures, there are also little artistic details, material choices and design structures that makeup space.

That’s why we present some decorating ideas for the dining room wall that are a trend. Different materials and decorative elements, from the classic panels of wood, marble, and stone, to small details like mirrors, plates or vertical gardens. In the interior decoration of today, there are no limits of creativity and imagination.

Personal art

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Most people like to decorate their workspaces with drawings, photos, and other personal memorabilia, but lately, we have observed these small art galleries in the dining rooms, an intriguing and personal touch that completes the decoration. Often, the content of this montage shows the private interests and passions of the inhabitants of the house. Traditional portraits and still lifes are replaced by modern posters of cultural events, illustrations of books, and even street art.

You can use a white wall as well as a base of dark or intense colors. The important thing is that the decoration frames are contrasting with the base. Black, gold or silver frames are a trend today. The dynamic juxtaposition of sizes, shapes, and locations will add a dynamic and modern appeal.

There are no limits or special requirements for the sizes, colors, contents or shapes of the different elements of said composition. You can choose pieces that have a common thread, some color for example or a theme. But you do not have to limit yourself.

The only practical advice you can follow is to start by hanging the largest piece first. Place it slightly off-center, and then distribute the rest of the pieces dynamically around it.

Large-scale art piece

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Art collectors enjoy exhibiting their collections in their homes and the dining area is no exception. These places are generally suitable for all kinds of themes and artistic styles. Just keep in mind that you must choose a painting or artwork that has a positive emotional influence on you. Generally, large-scale art pieces give a beautiful contrast to the wall in which they exhibit and introduce an excellent visual effect and focal point characteristic of any decorating composition.

Wood paneling or paneling

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018The wood paneling is equally suitable for modern homes as well as holiday homes with a more rustic feel. Wood as a material has many positive and unique qualities: excellent thermal insulation, aging gracefully, contributes to good indoor air quality and is a sustainable material. In addition to all that, its decorative features bring warmth.

The pale and smooth woods characteristic of Scandinavian or Asian decorations is widely used in Zen minimalism. Wood can have many different uses and appearances. And it is always elegant and warm.

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Room dividers

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Separating large spaces through partitions and partitions is a technique applied by contemporary designers and architects. In general, these structures play a double role: as space-defining and as decorative elements, they form part of the interior composition. This is particularly useful for dining rooms adjacent to the kitchen or living room. Class materials such as stone, wood or metal can be used to achieve a useful and artistic space division in decorative form.

3D Wall Panels

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018In the contemporary scene of interior design, 3D panels are often used to season and add distinctive character. They often have geometric patterns that add depth and a dynamic effect to the dining room. They should only be used on a wall (usually the closest to the dining table) or as a partial decoration.


Modern Dining Rooms For 2018There are so many different variants when it comes to introducing a mirror into the dining room composition: variations in shape, size, framing style. From the use of antique mirrors with handmade wooden frames to minimalist frameless mirrors, from mirror-clad walls to a simple and timid detail, the variations can be endless.

With its reflective qualities, mirrors can make space appear larger than its actual size. They also add glamour to their surroundings.

Marble cladding

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018When it comes to luxury and natural materials that can be used as coatings, one of the favorites is marble. Elegant and luxurious, this material introduces a lot of class in any space in which it is present. Its beautiful texture also brings a soft shine, glamour, and diversity of colors: from white to almost black, from warm to chic or from solid to ethereal.

Marble has made a comeback in the world of interior design. However, the key is to use it in small doses. In this case, less is infinitely more.

Stone walls

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Another material that has a strong presence in the current decoration composition is stone. Traditionally used as an exterior cladding, the stone is incorporated into the houses of the 50s and 60s, when architects begin to use it as the lining of dining rooms or around the chimneys.

And although this material has a more rustic and rough character, its natural qualities and its organic presence can compete with the use of materials such as wood and marble. Its thermoregulatory qualities, natural appearance and great variation of colors, shapes, and textures make it a wonderful option to introduce a unique charm in the dining room.

Therefore, a stone wall can be perfect for the dining room: it is functional, does not age, can be found in various colors and textures.

Brick walls

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018If it is not stone, why not brick? It can be combined very well with metal frames, large glass showcases, industrial lighting and contemporary details.

Dishes and ceramics

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Wall decorations with ceramic dishes can be very entertaining and in a great variety, you can compose a small collage of different sizes and patterns. To achieve this decoration you do not need a specialist. All you need is the right selection in color, theme, motif or just patterns and art that you enjoy.

Wallpaper and murals

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018That is usually the most common choice for decorating the dining room. Wallpapers and murals offer great diversity, quick supplementation, and relatively inexpensive solutions. The latest trend shows that many renowned designers prefer to experiment with artistic wallpapers: they play with texture, imitating marble or wood and natural patterns of flowers and plants.

Green plants and walls

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Keep in mind that this type of option is a living creature, so careful planning and constant attention is needed. But the benefits are many: the fresh emanation and purification of the air filter the airborne toxins and benefits the natural ventilation.

Tables for modern dining rooms

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018The modern style is characterized mainly by the use of clean lines and simple designs. Modern tables can be made from a huge range of materials.

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Hardwoods are very popular because of their strength and endurance. In addition, organic materials are always better than artificial ones because they have an exotic appearance as well as incredible sturdiness. With suitable finishes, modern tables not only look prettier but are also more resistant to stains. Metal tables are also being seen, as incorporating details in industrial style is very common in modern decor. And of course, glass tables are also another classic that may be one of the options to choose from.

As for the form, we can find square, rectangular or round. The choice will depend on your personal taste and the available space. Here are some examples.

Round Tables

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018They are ideal for small dining rooms.

Rectangular and square tablesModern Dining Rooms For 2018

Contemporary dining chairs

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018One of the elements that can most wear a house and that we barely notice are the chairs. We do not usually pay attention to them, but when we see them we perceive a set that can suggest different sensations, depending on the choice we have made: elegance, freshness, warmth, comfort …

The dining chairs are part of the decoration, without obviating its functionality and have to be chosen according to the feeling we want to convey. There are many designs and colors of dining chairs, we present here the trends of this season.

Vintage chairs

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018It may seem crazy, but they fit perfectly with minimalist tables and modern designs. A metal table with chairs in vivid colors will give a fresh and modern feel to the room. Designs of the 60s and 70s are being used mainly, even with a worn out look.


Modern Dining Rooms For 2018These chairs are perfect for very modern and even youthful styles. Although the trend has moved them from the American bar to the dining room, it is advisable not to fall into excesses and use them exclusively for dining rooms that merge with the kitchen. These chairs are for what they are, comfort is not one of its advantages.

Traditional chairs

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Chairs of a lifetime, rather square and with their corresponding backing, have also been reinvented in terms of designs, materials, and colors. Do not be afraid to look bored or classic by choosing traditional chairs for your dining room, there are thousands of models!

Trends in modern dining rooms

Rustic dining rooms

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018The rustic style is one of the best trends for the decoration of the dining room. Try a rough wooden table that adds to the room a relaxed and informal atmosphere. You can add decorative elements industrial style, which is also a trend. For example, metal lamps and chairs with metal legs have been used here.

Eclectic dining rooms: mixing styles in furniture and accessories

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018A new trend in decoration is to leave behind the sets of tables and chairs alike. Mixing styles of furniture and fabrics make a dining room a more interesting space. It is a style of relaxed decoration that is gaining more ground in the world of decoration.

Wine cellar tables

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Usually, these types of tables are associated with informal spaces, however, currently, they also go in elegant and formal environments. In addition, they are perfect to save space and are usually very resistant and durable.

Tables with polished surface

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Mirrors are not just for walls. Mirrored furniture is perfect to add impact to a room. The main table is the most common piece for this. Also, they do not wear out over time, they always look fabulous. You can find this type of tables in different bright materials.

Decorate with originality

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Originality and good taste may seem two difficult points to achieve, but with a little creativity and drawing ideas from decorative magazines, we can inspire ourselves and agglomerate a lot of elements that together look spectacular as the photos that we will see below.

To create an elegant dining room you do not need a classic opulent crystal chandelier. You can create a unique piece, for example, this spider is a collection of spoons and forks. Perfect in a well-lit room.

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Colors in modern dining rooms

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018The dining room is one of the most important rooms of our home since it is the space where we can be quiet and meet with friends and family. That is why it is important to have a suitable decoration, which allows us to relax and feel comfortable.

The color options are very varied and there are many shades that are perfect for the dining room. We should only use them properly, make them fit our home and maintain a balanced environment.

White modern dining rooms

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018The white color is a classic for any room in the home, and in recent years is having a great boom. Combined with natural wood looks fabulous.

Orange dining rooms

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018The colors generate emotions in people and we must find a perfect one for our dining room, which also generates a space where we want to stay and share moments with our loved ones. You can use the color on the walls or use the color in accessories, such as chairs, curtains, board games, etc. Here are some examples.

Dining rooms in blue

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Yellow dining rooms

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Green dining rooms

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Fuchsia or pink dining rooms

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018Red dining roomsModern Dining Rooms For 2018

Colorful dining roomsModern Dining Rooms For 2018

Vintage modern dining rooms

Modern Dining Rooms For 2018The retro or vintage style is becoming more popular in decoration, as it has the gift of giving spaces a lot of personality and charm. It is not an empty and sterile decoration, but quite the contrary. And best of all, we can decorate our spaces with little money, since this type of furniture and accessories are usually second-hand at very good prices.

In this dining kitchen are kept period elements such as closets and old wooden floors. The combination of colors, as well as the design of the furniture, creates a retro style dining room from the 50s and 60s.

A quick and easy way to achieve a vintage dining room is through wallpaper of an outdated and classic design. Use colored furniture that matches the wallpaper, in this case white, gray and white lime. In the center a painted wooden table, something characteristic of the vintage style in decoration. Finally, different fabric cushions and retro prints.

You can create a dining room in this interesting style through furniture of original designs. In this dining room, the scattered furniture looks like works of art, a typical feature of the 60s and 70s. On the white walls black and white photographs. As main elements, a glass table and wicker chairs from the 50s.

Table and chairs with a tone, in a typical design of the 50s and 60s. As lighting a large paper lamp, another typical retroelement. The dining room has a small separation with the living room, which maintains the same style. Rustic carpets and curtains from the 60s and 70s, and colorful fabrics for cushions such as brown, yellow and orange.

Create a well-lit dining room in white, with small details in contrasting color, to enhance some materials such as the table, which is an imitation of marble, widely used in previous decades.

In the photo below has been achieved a retro and eclectic style at the same time, since chairs of other decades have been used, all different from each other, but achieving a very interesting visual effect.

Modern minimalist dining roomsModern Dining Rooms For 2018

This is another classic style that never goes down, and this year will also be an option of design and decoration. Simple lines and few decorative elements recreate a very calm and orderly space.

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