Library TV Cabinet: Top 40 Ideas to Organize Storage in an Optimal Way

Library TV CabinetThe library TV cabinet is the star of functional furniture! Practical, original and easily adjustable, it allows to structure the space while getting rid of unnecessary objects and bulky accessories. If you no longer have to put your books in your wall cupboard or if you’re tired of the look of your modular composition, it’s time to jump on the occasion and replace the old furniture with a TV stand multifunctional library. In wood, matte or lacquered finish, this storage solution will also help you improve the aesthetic appearance of your interior. The proof with our selection of photos!

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Why opt for a library TV cabinet?Library TV Cabinet

Why choose a TV cabinet library? So the library TV cabinet is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to camouflage ugly objects. So, if you want to give a facelift to your home, there is no better than a wall composition with many niches and wall shelves.

How to install your library TV stand?library TV stand

Modular, full height or length, this wall cabinet model offers several storage solutions to suit your interior. It can either highlight your artwork, or discreetly hide items you do not serve every day.

Custom closet to optimize the space in the living roomlibrary TV stand bookcase

Looking for a library TV cabinet to modulate the interior of the living room? So opt for a fluid composition that mixes clean lines and aerial forms. In terms of colors, focus on the light colors that harmonize your furniture.

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Where to install his TV cabinet library?TV cabinet library

If you want to highlight the graphic design of your wall cupboard, you can make a bi-material cupboard or two-color, like the one above: put your books in solid wood lockers, and embed your flat screen in a special frame meant for that purpose.

Which materials should I choose to create an aesthetic wall closet?wall closet

On the other hand, to contrast the polished concrete floor covering and thus warm the cold atmosphere, nothing like a modular storage in dark wood. The deco trick? Multiply the hot keys of color by arranging a soft carpet, a kilim or a Berber carpet.

Placard with clean design to harmonize modern furnitureLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

This library TV cabinet seduces with its combination of wood and brown, its minimalist lines and its perfect symmetry: a modular system that is a dream for all lovers of the minimalist style.

Should we flaunt the flat screen?Library TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

The originality of this wall cupboard design lies in its mixture of brown, beige and petrol blue. The deco asset? The sliding door behind which hides a flat screen. This graphic design is enhanced by the geometric patterns of the carpet that dresses the polished concrete floor.

How to hide your flat screen while preserving the harmonious appearance of storage lockers?

Here is a library TV cabinet that changes a bit of everything you see in stores: a resolutely modern look and a facade reminiscent of a Corten steel sheet, all punctuated with touches of golden yellow. Ideal for a cozy living room that is even more cozy.

The library TV cabinet as a space saving storage solution

This minimalist living room plays between sterile colors and warm tones to create a very design look: the TV cabinet library brings a touch of warmth to this bright living room whose minimalist furniture echoes the glossy white flooring.

Tips and Tricks to Mitigate Graphic Design Murals

Library TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

To mitigate the rigorous curves of this solid wood bookcase TV cabinet, the owners of this design apartment have chosen to draw a visual line between tall storage and low shelves. The empty space separating the composition into two separate pieces of furniture ends just above the white cupboard.

How to soften the rigorous aspect of the library with Nordic design?Library TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

If you are looking for a TV cabinet library to sublimate your Scandinavian living room, you only have to bet on a model that combines the sobriety of Scandinavian furniture and the warm look of light wood! To hide the flat screen, plan a niche in the middle of the composition, and set chalky doors.

Solid wood wall cabinet with sliding doors in matt grayLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

This library TV stand will find its place in a Scandinavian living room dressed in white snow and blond wood. Combine with sliding doors in matte finish for a more contemporary look.

With which furniture to associate the wall cupboard with the dark tones?Library TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Certainly, the lacquered black bookcase TV cabinet is not an element that risks finding its place in a cozy living room accumulates soft materials and warm tones. However, this would be the preferred solution in a modern interior that puts on a pedestal the sobriety of dark colors.

TV cabinet library in matte black to sublimate the minimalist living roomLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

In total look or small dose, the black settles in the modern living room to enhance the straight lines of sofas, tables, decorative objects and even furniture TV library. The proof with the wall storage system of the photo above.

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Oil blue and taupe gray for a trendy wall cupboard!Library TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Want a modular storage system that can discreetly shelter your TV, your favorite books and some creed decorative objects? So, you need a bookcase TV cabinet in a shades of dark gray and petrol blue.

Lacquered bookcase TV cabinet for a sophisticated atmosphereLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

To illuminate the living room or to highlight the soft curves of modern furniture, you can choose a bookcase TV cabinet dressed in a pastel color lacquered finish: beige sand, off-white, champagne, cream and etc ..

Golden yellow for a glamorous decorLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Do you dream of a trendy, chic and ultra modern lounge? So, bet on a library TV cabinet composed of lockers, shelves, niches and a door in lacquered finish that will bring a touch of originality to the painting of the wall.

Library TV cabinet with natural stone façadesLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Blow of heart for this modular storage that will work wonders in a minimalist living room! With its natural stone facades, it will give an authentic look to shelves and white drawers. The idea to stitch? The slanted shelves that form triangles inside the storage lockers.

Solid wood and snow white to boost the moodLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

What’s more harmonious than a combination of soft colors to create a TV cabinet library at the same time modern and warm! With its flawless linearity, this wall composition can become a key element of your contemporary living room.

Wall storage system for all tastes!Library TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Ditto for this model TV cabinet library whose storage shelves are a kind of “wall” separation that increases the storage space and creates a graphic effect. Depending on the space you have, you can add another vertical column or additional shelf.

TV cabinet bookcase with additional storage space for dishesLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

You can not see your TV cabinet wood and white? Feel free to energize its two-tone appearance by adding a storage pattern in dark tones. A storage block in anthracite gray will do the trick.

White sliding door to hide the flat screenLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

For a destructuring effect that will liven up the sober decor, you just have to rethink the arrangement of your storage shelves. Vary the height and width of the bins and plan for empty spaces to lighten the graphic composition.

Anthracite gray to give relief to the wall cupboardLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

How to give relief to storage lockers hidden behind doors with invisible opening? Inspire yourself from this library TV stand and play the card in contrasting colors: anthracite gray for the doors, and snow white for the furniture structure.

TV cabinet in lacquered white to enhance waxed concreteLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

For those who want to visually expand their living room, we advise you to avoid bulky storage furniture while exploiting every nook and cranny of space. Ideally, you can install a library TV cabinet dressed in white snow.

Bookcase TV cabinet with sliding doors to standardize the decorLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Do you love your whitened floor, but are you worried that it will make your living room sanitized? Whatever the colors of your other pieces of furniture, we invite you to opt for a solid wood bookcase TV cabinet. For more effect, vary the wood species and sprinkle the facades of the lockers with a vibrant color.

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Wall cupboard in pristine white to furnish Scandinavian living roomLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Here is a library TV cabinet designed to cover one of the walls of your Scandinavian living room! With its immaculate white facades and impeccable shelves, it will not have a hard time melting into your Nordic decor.

TV cabinet with a destructured effect to delimit the spaceLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Who said that the TV cabinet library is only used to house your books, decorative objects and trinkets of all kinds? Think again, because this wall cupboard can be used as a wall of separation which delimits the space of life.

Wall storage in wood and stainless steelLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Wooden shelves punctuated by stainless steel elements for an ultra design bookcase TV cabinet: these are the qualities to describe this design storage system that goes very well with clean furniture and cold colors.

Library TV cabinet as partition wallLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Separating the living room from the dining room is an easily achievable goal. But, finding a space separator that will not spoil your decor unit is a real hassle! That’s why, we recommend you to call in a craftsman or an experienced handyman who can make a furniture TV library worthy of the name.

Fix your flat screen on a swivel mount!Library TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

You have installed several wall cabinets that can not integrate your flat screen? We have the magic solution to your problem: incorporate a pivoting frame and install your flat screen.

Wall cupboard to bring out the gray paintLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Clean lines and pure forms are the features of the library TV stand above. The deco asset to reproduce? Distil some houseplants or a bouquet of flowers on both sides of the TV to awaken a little sterile appearance of the wall cupboard.

Inclined shelves to form an extremely artistic library TV stand!Library TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Here is a very original wall cabinet that will seduce young and old! This library TV cabinet has the advantage of being part of any type of decor to sublimate the sad aspect of white walls.

TV cabinet library to develop the space under the roofLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

How to arrange the space under the roof? By arranging a corner office, a rest room or a playground for children? In any case, you will need a wall cabinet to store your belongings! As well install a library TV cabinet that follows the curves of the roof!

Wall cabinet on the ceiling on the floor to enhance the high ceilingsLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

If you have high ceilings and you want to maximize space, you can consider creating a library TV cabinet that extends from the ceiling to the floor. Thus, you will accentuate the volume of the room creating a sensation of magnitude.

Wall library that uses the entire surface of the walls, take inspiration!Library TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

Finally, a library TV cabinet that is not afraid to cross its own limits to settle in the room next door. Thousands of books, an artistic composition of paintings and globes for a system of storage of character!

Modular storage with built-in fireplaceLibrary TV Cabinet Storage Ideas

If you plan to equip your TV cabinet with a fireplace or a wood stove, try to integrate these elements so as to achieve a symmetry of the most ideal!

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