Living Room Bar – Attractive and Stylish Ideas for a Great Atmosphere

living room bar designsWould you like to enjoy an aperitif or a glass of wine in the evening or maybe a cocktail party for friends? A living room bar is sure to offer a pleasant stay for your visitors and gives every celebration a special and interesting character. The possibilities to set up your own house bar at home are diverse and actually easy to implement. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas.

Living room bar – modern and multifunctional at the same time

modern living room barWhen choosing the best place and design for your own living room bar, there are no limits to your imagination. If you have a comfortable corner couch in the middle of the room, you can place your house bar around it. With the appropriate tables or benches, you can easily integrate the bar into your living room. A lower counter can also be converted and used as a table or storage area.

Living room bar in various finishes

Living room bar in various finishesBar tables are available in various sizes, heights and models. Set up your living room bar individually and according to your own taste. A bar counter as in the picture is stable and looks minimalist, subtle and chic. With stools matching your existing furnishings, there is nothing to prevent a relaxed evening with your family or friends.

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Living room bar adapted to the individual style of living

Living room bar adapted to the individual style of livingYou can position a bar counter anywhere in the room. What do you think of a free bar counter against the TV, where you can watch an interesting film or the next exciting football game with friends? The material is precisely selected in its appearance, which makes the living room bar a natural part of the home environment.

Living room bar under the stairs

Living room bar under the stairsYou can use the free space under your staircase also perfectly for a bar. Design the wall according to your wish and bring shelves for the glasses to the wall. Cupboards at the appropriate height can be used both as a bar counter and for storing and storing drinks bottles and glasses.

Rustic living room bar counter

Rustic living room bar counterIf you have a cooking island in your living room, you can now use it as a bar counter. If you want to highlight the bar counter and give it a more rustic appearance, you can use a robust wooden board in an irregular shape and bring a touch of loft style to your living room. Of course, any additional material you like, which fits the rest of the furniture, can be used.

Simple bar with modern look

Simple bar with modern lookA bar counter can also look very decorative. The bar counter on the picture consists only of a horizontal and a vertical plate and was attached directly to the partition between living and dining area. Due to its slim line, it hardly takes up space and does not alter the open concept of space.

Colored accents in the room

Colored accents in the roomA space-saving living room bar can also be attached directly to the wall or to a shelf. Almost every shelf can be used as a bar rack for the storage of spirits and bar accessories. If you want to change the look of your living room, the bar counter can be that piece of furniture in the room which carries the color accent in the furniture.

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Accessories for the living room bar

Accessories for the living room barThe right equipment for your living room bar allows the preparation of the cocktails and creates a domestic bar ambience. The various bar glasses and the spirits can not be missed, of course, and must be within easy reach. If you do not have a bar or shelf, you can put bottles and glasses on a chest of drawers and put them under the bar counter. Even with an open cabinet you can present the glasses stylishly.

Bar shelf as wall decoration

Bar shelf as wall decorationWith an illuminated bar shelf on the wall you can create a great corner in your living room and take the feeling in a real bar to take home with you. Depending on the size of the bar shelf, you can put the bar glasses in the scene, stow away the bottle or present your collection of different shot glasses.

Ideas for the bar decoration

Ideas for the bar decorationIf you have an unused niche in your living room, you can also use it to set up a great bar, which is separated from the rest of the room and can be decorated according to your own imagination. For a moody atmosphere, you can decorate the wall with pictures or posters, or why not make them unique with your favorite koktail recipe.

Living room bar different

Living room bar differentYour living room bar does not necessarily have to consist of a bar counter and stools. A small folding table with a serving tray drauf provides space for the required bar equipment and can be positioned anywhere in the room. A comfortable armchair instead of barstool does not look like in a real bar, but makes for a great feeling.

Bar to suit the furnishing style

Bar to suit the furnishing styleTo store the drinks bottles, glasses and the ice cube tray, you can also use a mobile serving or bar cart, which is also very attractive and practical. Regardless of which style you want to set up your house bar, each individual element can set beautiful accents in the room. How about a built-in wardrobe for storage, which also serves as a wall decoration?

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Noble minibar car

Noble minibar carThis chic and elegant mini-van is suitable for rooms that do not offer enough space and can be placed where your guests are staying. The elegant, golden design and decoration on the car can serve your guests as in a classy restaurant.

Bar with panel color

Bar with panel colorIn a living room with an integrated cooking and dining area, you can also convert part of the work area into a bar. Use, for example, a panel to make the wall a decorative one, and perhaps write down different recipes, or give a name to your bar.

Wet bar with mirror

Wet bar with mirrorIf you have installed the bar counter on the wall, you can optically upgrade it with a mirror and ensure an unobstructed view. This way, your visitors can also follow the mixing of cocktails and the nice, extensive conversations is nothing to prevent.

Chic and functional bar furniture

Chic and functional bar furnitureIf you do not want to build your own bar yourself, you will find marvelous and comfortable barbecues on the market in endless designs that meet your requirements and promise a perfect cocktail evening. Thanks to the footrest, you can relax on the barstool.

In-house bar with billiards

In-house bar with billiardsIf you have a large apartment or a house and you have enough space, you can also set up a classic bar with a fully equipped bar and a billiard table or other games and spend long evenings in a great company.

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