Living Room Trends 2018 – With Style You Live Today

Living Room Trends 2018The way to design and use apartments is changing at regular intervals. However, as before, the living room – if present – is the center of every apartment. Here, most people spend a large part of their evening, alone or in the presence of family members and friends. In the living room are usually a couch and other comfortable seating, as well as the TV. It serves as a retreat, party-center and playroom for the offspring.

There are endless possibilities to set up a living room. Depending on the size of the room and its own preferences, you can decide for a modern furnishing style or country house furniture, minimalist decorating or artistically playful. The choice of furniture plays a central role. A few latest living room trends 2018 are presented below.

Living Room Trends 2018 – With retro style back in timeLiving Room Trends

The return to the past plays an important role not only in fashion. Even in the living room furnishing you always orientate yourself gladly in times past. 2018 Retro is again in, as the portal ascertained – linked to labels like ” Vintage ” or “Shabby Chic”. This does not necessarily mean that furniture from past decades has been faithfully reproduced. Often, they are instead adapted to modern needs, so the result is basically a mixture of old and new.

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Strengthening elements of living room trends 2018Living Room Trends

In the past, it was mainly the 50s and 60s, where retro lovers were more likely to orient themselves towards living room design. The magazine “Schöner Wohnen” defines as defining elements of such an institution among other things:

  • Organic forms: The most famous example of this is the so-called kidney table. But also Cocktailsessel in the style of the 60’s fit perfectly into a living room in retro style.
  • Patterns : Textiles with geometric forms or graphic patterns emphasize the vintage look – for example in the form of pillow covers – and let you think of the wild sixties, flower power and flowers in the hair.
  • Natural and artificial materials: In addition to wooden furniture, preferably in dark colors, synthetic and foam materials are recommended. The best is to mix both as you wish.

The 70-year retro style – some elements are coming backLiving Room Trends

With all this, the owner of a home should be calmly creative. Setting up a retro-style living-room does not mean to slavishly orientate itself on historical photos and grandfather’s good living room. More exciting is the result when different elements from different times are imaginatively combined – for example a kid’s table with a pop-art wallpaper. In any case, cosiness is allowed. Retro living rooms are places to feel good. Therefore the lighting at an advanced hour may be somewhat dull.

Country house style – with solid wood romantic charmLiving Room Trends

Also the country house style is a permanent burner, which is now split into the most diverse variants. In the past few years furniture designer had orientated themselves primarily to romantic ideas of old English estates and farm houses, but in recent years Scandinavian “country house styles” with colorful patterned textiles have become increasingly fashionable.

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For which particular direction one decides, living room decorations in the country house style are usually characterized by the following elements:

  • Natural materials
  • Warm colors
  • Romantic folkloric decorations
  • Comfort

Country house style can take many different expressionsLiving Room Trends

Also a living room in the country house style is usually characterized by comfort and security . Cool colors and abstract shapes are out of place here. Solid wood furniture occupies a special place. These do not just look natural. They also contribute to a good indoor climate and radiate heat.

However, they are usually not quite cheap. Furniture in a country-house style is usually more expensive than modern ones. If you do not want to be able to reach your pocket, you can look for treasures instead of the furniture shop on Grandma’s roof or at the flea market. Even the antique dealers are always offered real bargains.

Living Room Trends 2018 – Intelligent FurnitureLiving Room Trends

Of course there are also residential trends in 2018, which are characterized by a look forward. The Handelsblatt reports on the increasing importance of intelligent furniture. It is mainly furniture which fulfills several functions at once. Examples are:

  • a sofa which, if necessary, becomes a dining table
  • a desk with storage facilities
  • a sofa that can be turned into a bed with a few hands

Intelligent furniture also includes the folding sofa, which can be converted into a bed

Living Room TrendsIntelligent furniture is particularly suitable for confined spaces. Cost-effective variants are even suitable for student apartments or a flat share. If you have your home office in the living room, you also benefit from furniture that is suitable for working and relaxing. A special offer for parents of small children are children’s room furniture, which “grow” and are suitable for several age levels. In addition, there are more and more furniture that is equipped with lighting. This does not just look beautiful. By switching on the lighting and color changes, different moods can be created – ideal for a cozy evening in the living room. Just sofas and large residential areas often have LED lighting with remote control.

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If you like it even more modern, you can opt for furniture with built-in touchpad or screen. The living room, on the other hand, is finally closed to the wellness oasis by means of seating arrangements that include a massage function. It is, of course, useful to take the optics into account. A LED lighting alone makes a sofa not a jewel.

Living Room Trends 2018 – Your own taste decidesLiving Room Trends

Trends come and go. This is true for dress styles as well as fashion. Anyone who does not want to submit to the Zeitgeist can count on timeless furniture and decorative objects. Ultimately, the personal taste should be the decisive factor. After all, the living room is, at best, the place where you are most likely to be at home. If this is fashionably furnished, but uncomfortable, the money for expensive furniture does not pay off. On the other hand, if you like to have guests in your own four walls, it is all the more fun to create a living room chic. Whether it is vintage or country house style, abstract paintings hang on the wall or the drawings of their own children, is ultimately secondary.

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