Living Room without Living Walls – Ideas and Alternatives to the Wall Unit

Living room without living wall designsFor many people, the living room is still an important space within the apartment, but has changed over the course of time. Particularly technical innovations like flat screens have their effects on the living room design and make the good old cabinet walls superfluous. Today we love it light, airy and flexible. But what could be placed in a living room without a wall? We now show you a few ideas for suitable alternatives and residential combinations, which correspond to the individual needs of the people and integrate the new technology. The design of the living room can open up completely new possibilities if a massive living room is dispensed with.

Living room without living wall – individual elements assemble

Living room without living wall designs ideasFor a long time there are no longer only the large, classic living walls, which are very dominant and oppressive. Today one can buy very beautiful single furniture to combine, which is flexible in the arrangement, in all possible styles. Thus, shelves, TV lowboards, highboards and display cabinets are freely compiled and give the living room a light and open look. You just have to take into consideration what fits together or what you are looking for from a series. The highboard can stand in a different corner than the TV cabinet.

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Living room without living wall – The TV cabinet is flexible

black tv cabinet living room furnitureAs a rule, the living room is overlooked. That is why it is often arranged according to the same scheme: the sofa or a series of armchairs are arranged in the semicircle and oriented towards the TV. The TV is standing on a sideboard or hangs on the wall. This picture of the TV as a “house altar” has not changed with time, but instead of closet combinations, which extend over the whole wall, already today are smaller individual elements such as lowboards, which accommodate the entertainment electronics. This is less a question of storage space, but more about electronic basic equipment, because TV sockets must hide sockets and the cable, partly also docking stations and recharge devices for the mobile phone. But also books, vases and d├ęcor can be found there. Whether in a great high-gloss lacquer or solid wood, the lowboard impresses with its versatility and adapts to every home trend. It can also be harmoniously combined with other furniture elements in the same style or in the same color.

Fireplace wall instead of wall

Living room Fireplace wall instead of wallIf you want to set up your living room without a living wall, you can get a fireplace home and get the maximum of comfort. Fireplace is for many people the epitome of romance and cosiness and can become the center of the living room. If there is already a chimney in the house, you only have to find the right stove model. An uncomplicated alternative to this are electric and ethanol chimneys, which are very popular in recent years.

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The matching design of the fireplace wall

matching design of the fireplace wallThere are countless design possibilities for fireplace wall claddings. Veneering bricks in natural stone, brick or wood optics, for example, are available in an extensive color selection and look very chic. If it is not possible to retrofit a fire place, a fireplace can be staged elegantly with a fireplace surround and the appropriate decoration material.

Bookshelves instead of the living wall

Bookshelves instead of the living wallBookshelves are also a good way to make the most of the wall space in the living room. In addition to their classic use, modern bookshelves also provide space for all sorts of other objects such as decorative objects or memorabilia. This makes candles, vases or small sculptures very special. You can also mount special LED lighting on the shelves to show your favorite pieces.

Books suitable for decorating

Bookshelves living room wallsElectronic books are full in trend and save a lot of space. However, anyone who is an author in spite of an e-book, Kindle and Co. can nicely set up his collection of books and do without a living wall. As once the writer Herman Hesse said: “A house without books is poor, even if beautiful carpets cover its floor and precious wallpapers and pictures the walls.” Books are also excellent for decorating. For books sorted according to rainbow colors, for example, the bookshelves make for a clean, harmonious view.

Art finds its place in the living room without housing and TV

living room without housing and TVIn a living room without a living wall the view should not slip over a bare wall – next to wall paints posters or pictures are decorative eye-catchers. With the arrangement of the picture wall you can let your own creativity run free or access modern variants such as the row and edge suspension or Inside the Lines. These types give the images the character of a collage and correspond well with a modern living room.

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