Living Room without Sofa Setup – 20 Ideas and Seating Alternatives

Living room without sofa furnitureFor many house owners, the sofa is certainly the most important element in the living room. However, if you want to move into a small apartment and do without the most important piece of furniture, you often face the same problem: How can you set up a living room without a sofa ? We now show you a few successful examples and ideas for seat alternatives, which are equally convenient and space-saving.

Living room without sofa is unthinkable? But!

living room furniture without sofaIn the living room one would like to sit comfortably in the circle of the family or guests and to entertain themselves. When it comes to seating, the sofa is not the only choice. Relaxing chairs, benches, chaise longues and indoor swings can be used for cozy gatherings.

Living room without sofa can look a lot more airy

Airy living room design without sofaEveryone dreams of a large sofa set, but in a small living room is difficult to fulfill. There should be a couch table, TV cabinet and shelves. Visually, a chair is much more airy than a massive sofa.

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Four armchairs instead of a couch

Living room with four armchairsInstead of being uncomfortable on the sofa in the small room, everyone can sit comfortably in a chair. Two to four lounge or cocktail chairs can be arranged in a circle. Chest of drawers with stools are more suitable for a reading corner.

Alternative to chair arrangement in a circle

Living room furniture arrangementsHere is another variant for chair arrangement. The four large armchairs are placed around a square couch table. The round side tables provide storage space for two table lamps without blocking the view. Another advantage of this grouping is that the eye contact is not lost as is often the case when two people sit side by side on a sofa.

Studio apartment without sofa

Studio apartment without sofaIn single-room apartments, podium beds with drawers are totally popular. But what if a sofa occupies too much space so that the drawers do not open and close normally? The solution: to set up the living room without sofa.

Leave on sofa in favor of a large dining area

Living dining room combo furniture layoutIf you want to divide an open floor plan into different functional areas, you can also consider extending the dining area and reducing the living area. When guests come to visit, can sit at the dining table.

Reclining, Relaxing Chaise Lounges

Living room recliner furnitureReclining and relaxing – you can not just do that on a sofa. Also reclining, chaise longues and daybeds offer a cozy place to relax. These furniture can neither be classified as a bed nor as a sofa, but offer the perfect place to put your feet up.

Recliner without backrest

Furniture arrangement ideas for living room designA room is a bit unfriendly, when you are confronted with the back of a sofa. So that this optical line is not blocked and the space appears more open, reclining and daybeds without backrest are often used.

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Reclaim as sofa replacement

Modern living room furnitureReclaim relaxation beds and chaise longues are versatile. This allows you to group an armchair with a relaxing lounger or place two reclaims next to each other. Extensive reclaim also offer the perfect accommodation for guests.

The appropriate height of the side tables

Contemporary living room furniture without sofaSide tables are the perfect addition to seating areas, but in a living room without a sofa, these play an even more important role. Beside every seat you should plan a storage area. Also pay attention to the height of the side tables.

Experiment with style mix

Split level living room home interiorArmchairs, chairs and side tables in the group should not necessarily come from a collection. Ideally, they should be matched with the furnishing style and repeat a few colors from the furnishings.

Modular seating furniture

Modular seating living room furnitureModular seating elements and upholstered stools offer the functionality that is sought in small rooms. The modules can be pushed together or differently distributed and thus adapted to every situation.

Floor mats

Floor mattress living room furnitureFloor mattresses create a Boho feeling and fit well into a Moroccan-inspired living room. Stacked on top of each other is a sofa.

Seating bags in the living room

Living room seating bagsIf you like it, you can equip your living room with some cool seat bags. They are light and very handy for small rooms. The Bean Bags are available in various colors and can therefore be used in a modern living room.

Seating at the window

Unique living room furniture arrangementThis tailor-made seating on the window not only provides the best sofa replacement, but also creates additional storage space, which is required in small apartments anyway. Seat cushions and many cushions make this window seat just as comfortable as the missing sofa.

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Bench with storage space

Living room bench with storage spaceYou can plan such a construction between two walls. The wooden box becomes the highlight in the room and offers the perfect place for an undisturbed lunch break. Built-in drawers under the bench create additional storage space.

Wooden chair or wooden basket

Minimalist living room furnitureInstead of putting the legs on a stool, you can let them dangle loose from a chair. The living room looks much more airy than with an XXL sofa.

Hanging sofa for two

Hanging swing chairs for twoCuddly and comfortable, a hanging chair occupies less space than a sofa and provides plenty of indoor swinging fun – provided the ceiling is stable enough. Materials like rattan give the hanging chair a natural look.

Bubble Chair brings retro flair into the house

Bubble chair living room furnitureHanging chairs are made of robust materials such as rattan or plastic. If you want to bring a retro feeling into your living room, you can get a Bubble Chair. The design was designed by Aero Aarnio and was designed in the 1960s. The transparent acrylic ball makes the light shine from all directions and looks like a soap bubble floating in the air.

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