Living Room without TV Set – Designs and Ideas for Minimalist Room

Minimalist living room without tvEveryone is familiar with the classical way of furnishing the living room. The center is the seating area with couch and armchairs, all of which are always directed in the same direction, to the television. So this makes the TV the main focus. But that television is not particularly positive is now known to everyone. If you decided to banish your TV from the living room, then you can use today’s ideas for living rooms without a TV, which can be used to design your living room in a special way.

Living room without TV – New arrangements

Living room without tv furniture arrangementOnce the TV is out, many new living room ideas open up without a TV you can consider. Try to place the furniture in a different direction. Maybe you have a great window front? Then, from the sofa, you can look outside, instead of watching TV and enjoy the nature in your garden from the living room without a TV.

Living room dining room combo without TV

Living room dining room combo without TVJust because there is no TV in the living room, it does not mean that you automatically have to do without a living wall or a lowboard. Finally, it is super-suited as a storage space. Instead of placing a TV on the lowboard, you can use different decorations for this purpose. Let yourself be taken for the living room without TV!

Living room with new center

Modern living room with new focal pointIf you have a fireplace in the living room, you have the possibility to place the seat so that you can enjoy the pleasant fire in the evening. It’s much more romantic than television, is not it? And if you do not have a fireplace yet, you can finally take a look at the living room without a TV.

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Spacious living room

Spacious colorful living roomPerhaps you think now that the lack of a TV alone can not make a room more spacious. And you’re right. But remember the usual arrangement of the seating furniture. These are usually in the semicircle to always have the view to the television free. This makes the distance between the chair and the couch often uncomfortably tight. For a living room without a TV you can change this.

Seating furniture in circular shape

Seating furniture in circular shapeNow that the seating group does not have to be aligned to a certain wall, the furniture can also form a whole circle, the couch being the center point. The living room without TV offers more space to walk and also conversation with the family or friends will be so much more enjoyable. This is worth considering, is not it?

Open space living room without TV

Open space living room without TVYou can also set up an open-plan living room if you want to create a living room without a TV. The seating group was directed towards the kitchen, creating a great interplay between the individual areas. On the one hand, they are optically separated, but on the other hand they are also connected by their alignment.

Living room without TV

contemporary living room non tvThis living room without a television uses the wonderful view, which is obtained through the particularly attractive windows in a sloping roof. The corner sofa is located in the corner of the room and thus allows you to view the entire room. The round couch table is made of wood. The seat corner is also visually marked by the large carpet.

Window fronts

window front living roomAs already mentioned, a living room without TV can now be equipped with a seating area that is aligned to the window in. This was also done in this house. The wall behind the couch, which would usually be used for the TV, is now free for a large wall-paper.

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Sitting area with fireplace

sitting area with fireplaceA fireplace does not necessarily have to be facing the sofa to make a great impression and to successfully replace the TV. In the living room, without TV, he is at the side of the furniture. This means that there is sufficient space for traffic along the seating area. How exactly you transform your living room, depends on the size of the room.

Two sofas and murals

two sofas and muralsInstead of just placing a sofa against a living wall, two sofas were used to create a sitting area in the living room without a TV. In this way one gets more seating and also the sitting together and conversations are again more pleasant. The wall is also free again for a pretty wall painting, which complements the subtle wall color.

Lowboard and stairs in one

Living room lowboard and stairsVery original is also this living room without TV set up. It has a lowboard in spite of missing TV, which also represents a step of the staircase. Really cleverly designed, right? However, this board is not provided with the television, but provides space for decorations and can also be used as a reading corner.

Living room and fireplace

small living room fireplaceThis living room without TV also has a modern living room. And at the place where some would hang your TV on the wall, a small fireplace decorates the wall. And the lowboard serves as a shelf for pretty decorations. This, we find, is a good reason to maintain the original furnishing with a living wall and half-seat seating.

Bright living room design

Bright living room designOn the left is a lowboard with suspension design. However, it is not used for the TV and also the sofa was originally not opposited. The Scandinavian living room without a television uses a rather untypical furniture arrangement in which the sofa and the living wall are separated visually and form separate areas.

Nice living room without TV

Nice living room without TVBright colors, combined with some dark gray tones, create a modern and stylish living room without a TV, which is also replaced by a fireplace. If the fireplace is higher up on the wall as here, it optically replaces the TV and also creates a beautiful accent wall, which makes the room much more comfortable.

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Use room dividers for the seating area

Use room dividers for the seating areaAlso in this living room is missing the TV. Instead, the seating area was set up on a panoramic fireplace, which also serves as a room divider. The U-shape of the seating area allows for exciting entertainments as well as enjoyable evenings at the warming fireplace. The living room without TV is particularly comfortable.

Living room art as a new focal point

Living room art as a new centerIn the living room one can not only look at the TV from the sitting area. How about hanging a beautiful painting on the wall instead? A sideboard can then wonderfully replace a large housing wall. In this way also this living room without TV set up. Striking are also the patchwork furniture.

Living room without TV with two seating areas

Living room without TV with two seating areasIf there is enough room and if you can not choose between two possible areas for the lounge, then simply set up both areas appropriately. Here the corner sofa serves, as it were, as a frame for the living area with kitchen and dining area. The living room without TV has a second seating area directly at the window.

Residential ideas for every living room

Residential living room ideasHow exactly you re-set up the living room without TV, as I said, depends on the size of the room, as well as on possible immovable elements that limit the possibilities. In the living room above is not only the doors, but also the large fireplace, which make use only the middle of the room. Nevertheless, the living room looks comfortable and inviting.

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