Main Characters of Decoration Trends 2017

One of the most effective resources to convert a home into a true home is to ensure maximum comfort with the choice of the most suitable materials. Even so, it is not the only factor to take into account, because to this must be added a good planning and an analysis of the trends of decoration that arise at any time. Some fashions are more perishable than others or we can even see how others are renewed that was forgotten. Below, we explain what are the main characters that succeed in 2017.Decoration trends 2017

Decoration trends 2017: main characters

  1. The wood. One more year is the queen of the materials in their most natural tones, coming to highlight the veins in front of treatments that previously concealed them. Used on most occasions as a coating, this material gives harmonic forms highly valued in the manufacture of furniture.Wooden style home interior decor
  2. The marble. In the past, it has lived moments of boom and now it returns to impose itself in its white tonalities with gray streaks. If you are thinking about choosing a good hob for your kitchen, do not hesitate and decántate for this material. You can also integrate it into wall and floor coverings and, if your budget is smaller, bet on wallpaper with wallpapers that mimic its texture to perfection.Marble style home decor design
  3. Copper.  It is another protagonist of the season, from its orange tonalities to the rosiest ones. Including copper in some element of the environment contributes an elegant and sophisticated air. The best thing is that it is so eclectic that it looks good with any style, so you have no excuse to make yourself with any piece like lamps, vases or small details, be it bathroom accessories or a candle holder.copper home decor
  4. The terrazzo and terracotta. So hated for its sixties reminiscences the terrazzo, now takes strength as a coating of walls, but with a renewed design that will give you talk. With attractive colors and various grain sizes, you will find it conquering bathroom furniture on countertops, or even as a printed design for all kinds of objects, such as bags, notebooks, tablecloths. The terra cotta is not far behind the previous ones since it has given a turn in its more rustic decorative area and now it is present in flats and urban houses. The transformation is based on the format, although the classic square by antonomasia is possible to enjoy it something more original and modern with hexagonal or brick shapes.Home decor ideas 2017
  5. The cork. Sound and heat and insulation l cork are integrated into the decor in a more refined form, with original colors and volumes games in floor coverings and walls. Also, as a curiosity, it applies to accessories such as lamps, furniture, vases.Cork home decor
  6. Textiles. As the current trend tries to raise awareness of the environment when choosing the fabrics for your home, opt for natural fibers, as they are more respectful in their manufacture than synthetic ones. The velvet continues to conquer thanks to its intense colors, and the denim shines like the most daring star. Wicker, bamboo, jute or sisal flood the furniture, decorative accessories. As a key piece is the fiber basket, which you can find in different sizes and give different uses such as a magazine, pot or container.Textile home decor
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