How to Make Corner Walls Precision and Tidy

Make the walls must pay attention to many things. For example neatness and subtlety of overburden and plaster, materials selection and proper material and so on. And that should not be overlooked is made and determine the corner of the wall so it can be precise and tidy. This corner wall has a huge influence on the value of beauty or perfection of space. But unfortunately a lot less attention to it.



To be able to corner wall and immaculate precision is needed patience and the process should not be done in haste. Because if it is not done carefully, the wall could create a wave that just makes it looks to be not good and less eye-catching. Another effect is when used to put furniture such as tables or cabinets and so on, then the item can not be attached to the wall symmetrically. Problems like this would be avoided.

To create corner wall is good and true, the first step that must be done is first to determine the corner which is a meeting of two sides walls that will be closed or given a layer of plaster. The trick is to use threads drawn from the top and then downward, so that it can form a straight line firmly.

Then prepare the plywood boards mounted on one side so that the edge of the plywood could be met with already drawn. Section blank wall at the boundary can be further plywood or plaster finish first. If it is dry then move plywood used to form that corner to the other side and plastered so that it can meet by the end of the layer of plaster that has been made on the first time.

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After the end of the corner is already so this is tidied up and then given a layer of leveling compound of cement use tools made of plywood into a small board like a spoon. So that the view corner can look more tidy and looks more aesthetic. And so the results get better and perfect, there are some things that should be of concern.

One is that when making a layer or plaster, plywood boards should be used as molds do not directly released even though the process of making the plaster has been completed. Best to wait for more than a day until the coating is really strong and dry.

Besides plywood used to make a mold form must be straight and firm so that the results can be refined and tidy. Even better if the plywood in its entirety, there is no connection or cut. If using a strong connection must be installed so as not to experience a shift when installed.

And the minimum size plywood thickness of six millimeters. The thicker of course the results are getting better. This is because the thicker plywood which the ends are not easily damaged and remain straight even when used repeatedly. Differences with thin plywood that is at a slight corner so as not to be easily broken elbow again.

Then for the wall that was so or already created a way to make the corner can be done by just tidying up and gave him a layer of leveling compound. Of course, such a method is less perfect result when compared with the system described above. Therefore if the corner still can not straight, then the only way that can be taken which made a new corner and the process starts from scratch.

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Moreover, if the corner has holes that are larger than one centimeter. Although the process is long and costs too much, but the results are guaranteed to be much nicer.

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