How to Make a Miniature Stone House

Miniature stone houses get their lives on a construction similar to the construction of the human dimensions stone houses. It is very important to carefully select the stones for both versions. Look for small, smooth stones that are pinched down marbles resembling a uniform size. The finished miniature stone house will be a charming addition to a Christmas village or make a permanent miniature doll house. Building the stone house educates a child basic masonry techniques.dream miniature stone house

Instructions to make a miniature stone house

Engine and Draw wooden foot 1 of 6 inches rectangle for a base of stone house on the stone slab with chalk, leaving a 2-inch opening for a front door.

  • Place two rows of stones on the entire chalk structure.
  • Gameounds 1 cup cement mortar with water in a bowl until the mortar is the consistency of pudding.
  • Add two more rows of the stones to the first two lines, adding the stones with a small amount of cement mortar.
  • A 2-inch • cut of 6 inch piece of corrugated cardboard and place it in the door.
  • Continue to add stones in rows and connect them with mortar, building the walls. Place a 2-inch sheet of corrugated cardboard in a suitable place for a window. Build the walls on the front and rear of the house in triangular roof eaves.
  • Engine and cut two pieces of plywood in 7 inches with 8-inch rectangles with the table saw. Add the rectangle on the eaves with mortar to form the roof.
  • Paint the roof black and allow it to dry.
  • At, which the mortar has fixed, for 24 hours, remove the carton from the door and window, leaving openings.
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Tips & Warnings

Add a chimney in the house with stones if desired.

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