Making a Small Plant Terrarium – 20 Inspiring Ideas for Successful Miniature Vegetable Art

Making a Small Plant TerrariumA veritable ecosystem small format, the small plant terrarium invites more and more often in interior decoration. Vegetable art allows us to showcase all kinds of plants in a charming way. Resolutely original, the terrarium of plants is a DIY project within the reach of all. Yes, it turns out that to realize a miniature ecosystem is a superb idea that allows us to implement its creativity and to make an object of plant art worthy of admiration. Want to create a small plant terrarium? Read on and learn about sitazine’s ideas and tips that will guide you through the success of your DIY project!

Small plant terrarium – a super decorative mini garden

Making a Small Plant TerrariumThe principle of a small plant terrarium is quite simple. It is in fact a glass container, whether or not provided with a lid, generally decorated with various plantations of small plants. This idea of vegetable art represents a real garden in miniature which has everything to please. Frankly decorative, very fashionable and super original, the well-designed plant terrarium proves to be very easy to maintain.Making a Small Plant Terrarium

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A terrarium is a kind of aquarium without water. This confined environment is filled with a mix of soil, sand and gravel to imitate the biotope of the plant species residing there. Well logical, in a terrarium, the moisture content is always very high. This makes the terrarium a real paradise for most plants. The high humidity greatly reduces the need for watering. Plants grown in such a medium retain better the water that is given to them, because it is not lost in perspiration. So, watering twice a month is enough to care for the plants.Making a Small Plant Terrarium

Thanks to its size xs, the small plant terrarium appears ideal for small apartments where the cultivation of large indoor plants is not possible. Additionally, the favorable conditions that a terrarium offers to its plant residents are perfectly suited to be able to enjoy a garden xs at home despite the cold climate in a country. Among the benefits that a small plant terrarium enjoys, it is necessary to mention its aesthetic side which makes it a formidable decoration for any room in the dwelling. Moreover, there is no such thing as a miniature ecosystem to succeed in improving air quality and reducing indoor pollution!

Helpful Hints

Making a Small Plant TerrariumAs for the choice of plants for a terrarium, the vast majority of tropical plants will appreciate the conditions offered by the container. But it must be taken into account that, grown in terrarium, the growth rate of these plants would increase greatly. That is why, it would be better to choose plants that are naturally small. Another advice to respect – the temperature in a terrarium exposed to the sun rises quickly. In order not to kill the plants, it is necessary to place the terrarium under indirect lighting.

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Which plants to choose for its terrarium?Making a Small Plant Terrarium

In order to choose the plants adapted to the culture in terrarium, there are certain selection criteria to be respected. Before buying the prettiest varieties available in stores, ask about the conditions they need. Do not forget that you need plants that can be satisfied with a small volume of substrate. In addition, the plants to be favored must retain a small size. Do not forget the humidity, temperature and brightness conditions. Strongly appreciated for its contemporary aesthetics, the terrarium greasy plants is usually composed of succulents and cacti like Aloes, Sansevieria, Echeveria, Gasteria etc. The other type of terrarium you could create is the so-called “wet”. Prefer mosses, ferns, epiphytes, even carnivorous plants.

Which container to choose?

Making a Small Plant TerrariumThe suitable container is the most important condition for a successful terrarium. It has to be transparent – glass and plexiglass are an excellent choice because they are rigid, waterproof and perfectly transparent. The other condition is that the receptacle be deep enough for the roots to feel at ease. The opening of the container is also very important. The latter must be large enough to allow handling.Making a Small Plant Terrarium

As regards the installation of a small plant terrarium, several achievements are possible. Obviously, special attention must be given to the bottom of the container. There is a layer of gravel or clay balls that will serve as a reservoir of water. Depending on the plants being planted, a special substrate for cacti, flowers etc. is available. One third of the container is reserved for substrate and gravel. The rest is reserved for plants.Making a Small Plant Terrarium

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These are some useful tips that will help you imagine and build a small plant terrarium worthy of admiration!

  • Produce a glass container (aquarium, vase, jar etc.), deep enough and with a wide opening; Clean the container thoroughly to prevent the growth of bacteria;
  • Produce a light soil, drained and adapted according to the plants you plan to cultivate; Add pieces of activated carbon to the soil (it absorbs odors and limits the development of bacteria);Making a Small Plant Terrarium
  • Choose small plants that grow well together and tolerate high humidity;
  • It is advisable to upholster a little foam on the pebbles – it absorbs too much water;
  • Lear to place the terrarium in a heated place and exposed to indirect light; If it is an open plant terrarium, water once or twice a week. If the container is closed, water when the soil is dry and ventilate occasionally.

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