Materials and Colors to Combine In Your Kitchen

The choice of materials and colors to carry out the project of our kitchen will mark the style that we want to give. We can do many combinations. Choose materials with which you get a functional and warm space at the same time. Discover in this post a series of combinations of materials and colors that are great for decorating and furnishing your kitchen.

White kitchen dining room colors

Materials and colors to combine in your kitchen

  • Timber. It is one of the most used materials in the kitchen. It is very easy to combine with materials to coat walls and floors. A kitchen with wood  furniture in pine color blends seamlessly with a white and beige lining on the wall. It guarantees luminosity, cleanliness and amplitude. Appliances, such as the refrigerator or oven, will fit great to be stainless steel, of course going to match the sink and the hood. Finally the granite worktop  in light color will be the icing on the cake and sure to hit.

Kitchen timber colors

  • Dark wood. Do not be afraid to use dark colors in the kitchen. Combine a black countertop with dark wood furniture and steel appliances and you’ll be impressed by the result. You will get an elegant and sober cuisine. Placing any decorative object on the counter and you will have personalized. Dare yourself!
  • Wood and glass. They are two other materials very common in the combinations of materials in kitchens. The glass by itself brings elegance, but using it as showcases in the furniture adds an added value of warmth. To break the seriousness and robustness there is nothing like incorporating details in black. Appliances and decorative accessories such as lamps, stools and blinds will be a great ally. A combination with taste is a good choice.
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Wooden cabinets glass doors small cottage kitchen

  • Brick seen.  If you want to get a modern style, this proposal will adapt to your tastes. Be risky and combine the exposed brick or plaquet with a brick reddish finish with the hydraulic pavement. This pavement is very trend in decoration and will give an industrial style to your kitchen. In this combination of materials you can not forget the steel and wood on the countertop.

Bricks wall decor kitchen design

  • Painting of slate. This type of paint combines with any type of material, whether ceramic, wood, glass or steel. It will bring a fresh and fun touch as well as creative for the whole family, especially the little ones. The result is a striking wall that will constantly change contents. You can always leave it as a smooth wall simply by wiping it. Discover slate painting  and be creative.
  • Concrete and microcement. They give a current touch, they are materials that give very good result. These materials are used in minimalist style kitchens. The lines are very clean, with hardly any furniture. They are fully functional and practical. If everything is handy and in sight, they may seem somewhat colder materials, but with small details you will get a more warm and welcoming space.Concrete wall kitchen decor design

Which of these combinations did you like the most? If you chose one and you already started it, we hope you will share it in our Projects section. If you have any questions or concerns do not stop opening a conversation thread in our Decoration Forum. We will wait for you!

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