Minimalist Bedroom Interior Ideas

Minimalist Bedroom Interior IdeasResidents of large cities are increasingly suffering from the stress caused by noise and overly “dense neighborhoods” in public transport, at work, in shopping centers. The abundance of people, as well as the streams of information “splashing out” at every step, evoke the idea that at least in your own bedroom you want to enjoy the space and silence. That is why bedroom interior design in the style of minimalism is becoming more and more popular.

The designers borrow many ideas from their Japanese colleagues, who have long understood that the abundance of things in the bedroom can cause fatigue, and the laconicism and simplicity of a few furniture allow you to really relax and gain strength. Another inspiration was the end of the 19th century, when functionalism and constructivism came to replace the pompous design of the rooms. They promoted the rejection of luxury and bohemianism for the sake of utilitarianism and expediency. Geometry of forms has firmly become fashionable in the early 20th century. All these factors have influenced the modern style of Minimalism. At the same time, the seeming simplicity of the interior does not prevent it from being very functional.

Experts highlight some of the obligatory features of this area of room design: a three-color range, the absence of small decorative details, only high-quality materials and a variety of lighting.

Color Spectrum

When decorating, no more than 3 primary colors of a muted palette of natural shades are used, but small bright accents are possible. Most often they choose a delicate beige, “sterile” white or neutral gray, with the help of black they emphasize individual details. Some designers offer warm autumn colors. Green is not very common, but large living houseplants are encouraged.

The floor is usually several shades darker than the walls, which visually “heavier” the lower part of the bedroom, removing the clutter effect. Sometimes it is practiced to change the color of the wall, to which the head of the bed adjoins in relation to the rest. This can be achieved either by painting it in a brighter color (except for rich woody brown, emerald or turquoise is allowed), or by installing a panel made of stone (artificial or natural) or wooden panels.

The ceiling can be pure white, milky or light beige. Stucco molding in this case will be inappropriate. The surface is usually painted with water-based paint, but it is also possible to hang drywall structures or stretch glossy canvases that reflect light.

What Is Typical For Minimalism?

First, the abundance of free space. Secondly, a light color palette, one and a half, natural shades, a combination of white and black. The lines in such an interior are extremely simple; it is better to abandon refined bends in favor of strict geometry. As for the finishing materials, they must be natural.

Lighting can be multi-level, but it is better to choose lamps and fixtures with a simple design. To make the most of the possibilities of natural light, which leads to the rejection of too thick curtains, placement of decor on window sills in this case is not welcome.

Designers often offer space zoning with false partitions. This allows you to equip a dressing room in the bedroom or hide shelves for storing things and clothes. If such “walls are made in the same color scheme with the usual ones, then they will not attract attention.

Furniture For “Minimal” Interiors

Of course, the main “bedroom-forming” element will be the bed. Desirable as comfortable as possible. Therefore, her choice should be taken seriously. It will be not only a place to relax, but also a piece of furniture that affects the design of the bedroom as a whole. As for the material of manufacture, it can be wood or metal, but it is better to refuse chipboard and MDF. Pay attention to the base – the more slats there are, the more reliable the bed. The size varies depending on whether the model is designed for 1 or 2 people, although, of course, it is pleasant to sleep on a spacious “King size” bed alone, but it will take up quite a lot of space. It will be more comfortable if the length of the mattress is matched with a margin of 30+ centimeters from your height. If you choose a bed on a low podium, then drawers can be built into it. It is convenient to store bed linen and household clothes there. The headboard is never pretentious, sometimes it is completely absent, then a wall with decorative trim plays its role.

Some designers suggest using a Japanese tatami bed without legs and headboard. But, if you do not like a low bed, then opt for a platform bed or a podium on which the mattress is laid.

In this case, bedside tables are not a luxury, but a necessity. Can be free-standing or part of the podium. As an alternative, sometimes a console is offered that runs along the wall, to which the headboard is adjacent. The clarity of the lines is mandatory, this also applies to the accessories, which in this case have minimalist forms, but sometimes they are simply absent.

Instead of modular, built-in wardrobes or, as already mentioned, false partitions will be more relevant. If you are leaning in favor of the built-in model, then the doors can be the same color as the walls, mirrored ones will also look good. They will not only visually increase the space, but also make the room brighter by reflecting the sun’s rays and lamps.

The minimalism style does not accept a large number of textiles. Curtains for windows made from natural materials, a bedspread and maybe a carpet on the floor. These products will make the atmosphere cozier, but you don’t need to get too carried away with bright colors in them.

Materials And Textures For Finishing

The answer is unequivocal – the palm belongs to natural, but some small interspersed with modern man-made materials are also acceptable. Natural wood can be combined with glossy surfaces, stone and concrete.

Wooden surfaces evoke thoughts of relaxation, relax, energize. A bed can be made of this material, it is suitable for flooring and decorative wall decoration, because the natural structure of wood is very beautiful.

A panel made of wild or artificial stone or pebbles will also be appropriate in the interior. Moreover, the rounded round and oval pebbles are also suitable for laying on the floor, evoking pleasant memories of a beach holiday.

Only high-quality materials prevent the transformation of a minimalist style into an ascetic one, so saving can play a bad joke with you.

When choosing a wall finish, give preference to paint or fine-grained plaster (a large texture visually makes the space heavier and somewhat hides the space). If the quality of the surfaces is far from perfect, and you don’t want to spend money on perfect preparation, then you can paste over them with wallpaper that will hide small irregularities and cracks. Tapestries can be light monochromatic, white “for painting”, but options with a large geometric pattern are suitable for placing accents. For example, they can decorate the area at the head of the bed, it will also be good to shade it with cork or wood panels.

The floor in such an interior is wooden. In addition to solid boards, you can use parquet or laminate. And take the latter with a chamfer on all four sides. Allowed in the style of minimalism and carpet, but it should be a monochromatic natural color.


For the minimalism style, diffused soft light is suitable, which, reflecting from surfaces, fills the entire bedroom space. If possible, try to equip the room as large as possible (if the project allows and the view outside the walls of the house does not cause irritation, then panoramic) windows. In a private home, you can create an all-glass wall or floor-to-ceiling French windows through which you can access the terrace.

Built-in lamps that highlight certain areas of the room (accent lighting) will be appropriate, not only in the ceiling, but also in the walls, and even in the floor and furniture. But a traditional ceiling chandelier can disturb the harmony, so it is better to abandon it in favor of floor lamps or lamps with glass or textile monochromatic (in harmony with other fabric products) lampshades. Illumination in the bedside area and next to decorative elements can be performed with directional wall lamps.

Save crystal with clearly defined edges, colored plastic or stained glass for other styles. Exclude from the list the models “Rococo” and “Modern” they are too pretentious.

Decorative Items

It would seem that they should not be in such a style, but in fact the decor is acceptable. But each item is carefully selected so that it fits harmoniously into the chosen concept. For example, paintings by contemporary artists, not overloaded with details and paints, posters and black-and-white photos in discreet frames look great in the interior of “Minimalism”. You can place multiple photos on your bedside tables.

Caskets, small figurines and vases are also quite appropriate, but you need to opt for laconic models without fanciful curls and details. Better if they are monochromatic. Thanks to the vases (both table and floor), you can make color accents.

Mirrors are a great decoration for a bedroom. Models can be hung on the walls without frames or with simple metal or wood frames in a color that matches the main range of the room.

Curtains for windows are made of plain natural fabric, but you can replace them with roll models or blinds (fabric and wood look good, but it is better to refuse plastic). Light tulle or translucent organza, which let in daylight well, will look good.

Who Is This Style For?

People who love order and simplicity. They will not allow the bedroom to be overloaded with things, they will feel comfortable in an almost empty room. Often among the fans of minimalism are people of art and specialists engaged in mental activity. Philosophically minded individuals claim that this style, with its lack of unnecessary details, promotes the development of imagination and maintains clarity of mind.

In addition, an uncluttered interior is easy to clean, so busy people are also willing to choose a similar design for bedrooms.

If you are attracted by the Minimalism style, but you yourself are not sure that you can decorate the bedroom in the right way, then it is better to contact a professional designer. Only a specialist can create a unique version, and not copy “something similar” from what he saw, giving “to the mountain” a faceless project. Professionals can create a cozy bedroom using a minimum of details, without compromising your comfort.

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