Modern Alpine Look For The Bedroom: Fantastic Ideas For Huts

Do you remember your last ski holiday in the Alps? Then you know how extraordinarily cozy it is in such a mountain hut. If you want a little bit of this uniquely cozy atmosphere for your own four walls, a chalet-style interior is perhaps just the thing for you. The modern Alpine look can actually be implemented in every room in the apartment, but it looks really idyllic in the bedroom. We will tell you today what makes up the charm of the popular holiday cottage and how the coziness of the alpine chalet can be brought to your own home.Alpine style modern bedroom design

Furniture in the Alpine look for the bedroom

If you want to put the Alpine look in the bedroom, a lot of wood is a must! It is particularly comfortable with heavy, natural wooden furniture, dark parquet flooring and wood-clad walls and ceilings. It is mainly warm wood types, which illuminate the room visually and are good against dark winters. The Swiss stone pine, for example, is a particularly noble and valuable species of wood with many talents and is not to be called “Queen of the Alps”. Pinewood has a pleasant smell that lasts for a long time, and has been known for centuries for its particularly positive effect on heart and circulation, sleep and well-being. When sleeping in a stone bed, the heart rate is reduced, That one can recover much better and thus can afford more during the day. The gold-brown pinewood can also be beautifully combined with walnut and cherry wood.

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Fabrics and living accessories in the Alpine look for the bedroom

Other natural materials such as stone and leather as well as living accessories made of wool, fur, felt or loden loosen the wooden atmosphere and complete the furnishings to create a harmonious overall picture. The inner life of the Holzhütte is to invite you to cuddle and relax: fluffy fur covers, high-pile carpets and soft cushions intensify the comfort factor immensely. A cozy chair not only looks good in front of the fireplace, but also fits into the bedroom. Rustic lamps made of brass create very special highlights and immerse the room in warm light.

The predominant colors of the Alps look are brown and gray, but also individual color accents in white, bordeaux and fir green are allowed. Red and white plaid patterns and heart motifs can not be missed and can be integrated into the furnishings as ornamental pillows, bed linen or curtains. Pillow covers or blankets with white flowers, mountain chains and stag motifs complement the Alpine style.

Decor in the Alpine look for the bedroom

The detail-loving Alpine style is characterized by a playful decoration. Everything that reminds of the mountain world and coziness, is welcome here. Typical for the alpine chalet style are, for example, cuckoo clocks and deer antlers on the wall. Cowbells and pictures with animal and plant motifs are also suitable for this purpose. Fresh flowers in vases or a herb garden at the window sill can express the special nature of nature. Flowering plants also represent ideal decorative elements in the dried state and are particularly effective in picture frames.

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