Modern Bathroom Furniture – What Are The Trends For 2018

Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018During the past year we presented many articles dedicated to the design of bathrooms and modern bathroom furniture. This year is not different but today we decided to share with you our observations on modern bathroom furniture in 2018.

Modern bathroom furniture a bathroom designed by Mathison | Mathison ArchitectsModern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

As we all know well in this room, our day begins, preparing us to go to work in the morning or for an important event at night. It is also the bathroom the room we use when our day ends, since after work it is necessary to relax, refresh and prepare to go to bed .

Modern bathroom in a house designed by studioMet ArchitectsModern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

These are the main reasons why it is difficult to overestimate the importance of a practical, functional and beautiful bathroom design. After all, most of the time planning the location of the entire set of sanitary ware, storage systems and accessories for the smallest room of a standard apartment is not a very easy thing.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

That’s why we believe that all the advice on modern bathroom furniture and design will be useful for most of you. Any owner of an apartment or a private home wants his / her bathroom not only to be comfortable and practical, but also to be modern, following the current tendencies in fashion for interior design.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

And this trend does not stop – the plumbing manufacturers offer us new trendy models of their collections, the finishing materials are improved and they become more practical, safe and easy to install and maintain.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

The modern bathroom furniture can not only facilitate sanitary and hygienic procedures, but also with its appearance change the design of the room, bring trendyity or accentuate the line of stylistic design chosen.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

Many of the trends in the design of the bathrooms in the next season follow the line of existing motifs of modern stylistics. After all, practicality, comfort and beauty never go out of style. But there are completely new versions that we would like to present to you with the help of this impressive collection of designer design projects from around the world.

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Trendy ideas of furniture in the bathroomModern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

The latest trends in bathroom design In the bathroom we must create an environment that helps us relax at the end of the day and that stimulates us in the morning. Proximity to nature, the search for harmony and balance, energy saving and the use of modern innovations are the main trends in the design of contemporary installations.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

If you like design in general then you will know that modern designers are able to combine aesthetics, ecology and technology, creating a truly comfortable, functional and safe interior and all this in a few square meters.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

The modern style tends to use elements and inspiration of the minimalist style in the formation of the interior in general. In the bathroom, the whole situation is reduced to a traditional set of plumbing devices, storage systems and small additions to them. There is nothing left over, but there is everything necessary to comply with hygienic-sanitary procedures. The minimal decoration allows to create spaces with a laconic and fresh image even in small areas.

Fashion trends for bathroom decorationModern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

Modern finishing materials (for the most part) do not have a harmful effect on the environment and on our health. The innovative materials created thanks to modern technologies are constantly appearing in the market. These products allow not only create an trendy interior finish, but also simplify the cleaning process in a room to make our lives easier.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

The most fashionable trend in bathroom decoration is the combination of materials. And it’s not just the combination of the furniture with a great mosaic tile decoration. It is also combined with concrete and walls of plaster, ceramics and bright surface with wood texture, natural stone gravel and mirror details.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

The combination of materials allows you to create not only interesting design options for external surfaces, but also to find the best options to protect bathrooms and modern bathroom furniture from factors such as high humidity and temperature variations.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

The ability to combine concrete, stone, wood and metal with a traditional ceramic for the bathroom, allows you to create truly trendy finishes. Thanks to the wooden surfaces you can create spaces with a beautiful natural pattern and matte texture that look great in combination with glossy finish surfaces. With the help of natural wood or its quality analogues, you can bring natural warmth and home comfort to the modern interior.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

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Experts recommend the use of medium and large sized ceramic (or stone) tiles to create a modern and elegant design. If you find that these saturate the space can dilute the surfaces, decorating them with ceramic products, you can use a mosaic or tile of a small size.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

If you are looking for more trendy ideas to create bathroom finishes, we advise you to review the options for using 3D surfaces. You can create your own style, unique with 3D ceramic tiles. Such surfaces can be the only decoration in the minimalist interior of the bathroom and act as an excellent background for modern bathroom furniture.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

In modern bathroom design projects we also find many glass and mirror surfaces. The ability to multiply the luminosity of a space with mirrors, which reflect the rays of light, helps to visually expand the boundaries of the room, creating a well-lit and relaxing space.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

From the glass surfaces we can say that they are excellent and seem to dissolve in the interior, but at the same time they protect very well against humidity. Glass and mirrors are often part of the decoration in bathrooms as we have different configurations, sizes and shapes there are options for all tastes.

The bathroom of a house designed by Pavol MikolajcakModern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

The bathroom of today combines not only modern design with innovative technologies, but also functionality with art. After all, the intention is to create a space that is not only comfortable, but also aesthetically pleasing. Modern design projects are full of trendy details and creative solutions.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

And the main idea of the non-trivial design of the bathrooms is directed to the creation of a practical, safe, comfortable, but externally trendy plumbing. For the decoration of the modern bathroom in 2018 you can also use decorations and modern bathroom furniture made of metals.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

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Copper for example is the king of metals, its color gives the bathroom an indisputable beauty and a soft shine. Copper does not suffer from heat, so those who like to shower for a long time will surely appreciate this metal as a shower material. In addition, copper bathrooms are no longer associated with classic interiors and you have a minimalist bathroom with white furniture do not think more and add some copper detail.

You can also opt for accessories and gold accessories.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

Copper is not the only metal that is very successful in bathrooms and in interior design in general. As you know since last year the metals are an important detail in the interior. Now we continue with good news for fans of luxury these metals are still modern.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

Gold from floor to ceiling is perhaps an excessively pompous image for most people. But you can still be inspired by this trend by decorating the bathroom in neutral colors and adding a bit of precious finishing.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

How about a bathroom that is not very different from a bedroom or a living room? Another trend that continues modern for years is to add living room furniture in the bathroom. The shelves began to enter the bathrooms and cupboards under the sinks began to look more and more like the toilets. To fully follow the trend, you can even place a small armchair in the bathroom with soft upholstery.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

In the world there are no two identical people, so it is very natural that each person wants to add something of their own in the design of the interior of the house. There are more and more people who want to see the expression of their hobbies and talents in interior design, which largely shape the current trends in the design of bathrooms. In this case, the patchwork of colorful tiles in Moroccan style has become an trendy idea for the modern bathroom.Modern Bathroom Furniture Trends 2018

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