Modern Dining Room Trends 2018: Styles, Colors and Designs for This Year

The design of the dining room is as important as the design of the living room. We show you some wonderful designs so you can be inspired by many modern dining ideas and the latest trends and why not, redesign yours.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Following with the proposal to propose some variants for the decoration of the different spaces of the home, is that for this opportunity, we will focus on some styles, colors and designs of modern dining rooms for this year.

Trends in modern dining rooms 2018

The eclecticism of modern dining rooms harmoniously unites all your favorite styles, with unexpected combinations of colors and materials.


All the shades of wood will be used, since the rustic, country and farm trends scale at the top. The walls and bleached Scandinavian-style wooden furniture are also one of the trends to consider. The white color is also accompanied by shades of gray or black.

Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Gold and brass become elegant details even for high-tech interiors, but they will not be used as basic tones.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The design of the dining room is adapted to the ecological fashion, therefore, green tones, flowers and rocks are also welcome.

The strident “technological” colors entered the trends: white as snow, cyan, neon blue, black and red.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Bright playful colors emphasize pop and street art.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Touches of originality

The geometric lamps of aspect of subway are one of the tendencies in illumination. Hanging lamps are used very low, especially round.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The tables can have legs with unusual shape, and can combine wood and plastic.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The design of the dining room can include your favorite paintings or your own works.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Another great trend: the modern illusion of a coffee. Walls painted in bright colors with graffiti.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Modern white dining rooms with color details

For those looking for a modern and informal look, nothing better than the following proposal, where seats-lost beds in the dining room stand out. And the elegant white furniture offers a fresh and summery atmosphere in the environment.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

When the spaces do not reach, or, you are one of those who like to eat a little more comfortable. Achieving a table-armchair model can be a very good option.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

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Typical dining room, neither very elegant nor in bad taste, simple but delicate, fresh and bright.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The French oak table dominates this elegant and quiet dining room. The stove, the mirror and the chandeliers further nourish this elegance.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Around the central vase turns the cozy dining room, with a good wood stove. Around a predominantly white room, the painting is another important point of attention.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Simple dining room with wooden floor, simple and cheap furniture, with a fresh appearance and daily use.

Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Modern dining rooms in pastel or gray

Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Dining room attached to the living room, which is separated by the tones of the walls.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Large curtains, very chic tablecloth, carpets, floral arrangements and windows that provide great brightness and splendid view.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Mix of designs. Classic style with flashes of modern. Set of colors between white and red.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Soft yellow colors dominate the chairs, give this dining room a fun air.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Modern dining rooms 2018 in bold colors

A very extravagant and modern space in pink, can also adapt very well to your decoration, if you are looking for more fun and modern proposals. In this example, pink and lilac shades are combined in chairs and walls to give the visitor a very warm atmosphere. The candles on their part also enhance the feeling of comfort in the room.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The striped wallpaper, arranged horizontally on the top and bottom of the wall, creates an extravagant and colorful feeling in this modern dining room. The pink color as you can see combines perfectly with dark gray to create a dramatic atmosphere.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

This plush rug is perfect to create a relaxed atmosphere typical of the 70s, while the glass table, transparent chairs, colorful accessories and alternative works of art bring the atmosphere to today.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The apple green is a striking color that creates an imposing focal point in this dining room. And the implementation of large screens and warm light, placed at low table height ensure that all eyes are attracted to them.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

For those who believe that only the classic can stand out. Here a spectacular modern dining room.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Upholstery on chairs

A monochromatic and very modern room like the one in the photo, they find an additional interest in the printed fabrics that line the chairs.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Here we find something very particular, since on one side stand out the silver of the wall, on the other the armchairs in velvet and of course, as a central object, the marble table.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

This is a French design, with a sort of arboretum on the shelf behind it, which helps to set the mood, at the same time it invites you to have different spices there, to complement the food.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

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Dining Room Lighting Trends 2018

If you enjoy a space with height and good windows, you will only have to worry about the night light, which can be a hanging lamp.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

This is a typical dining room for special occasions, it is usually used for parties, the rest of the year there is a secondary dining room.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Warm, familiero, acojedor. Those are the words to describe the dining room in the photo. There are sites that seem created for that romantic dinner dreamed, this is one of those.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Pretty, simple, country. It is a fresh dining room that mixes with the living room to give it more use.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The natural luminosity is a very important plus for any room, whether dining room or any other place in the house.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

A dining room a little darker, with a modern look, with very original lighting.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Modern rustic dining rooms

The style of mountain and rustic often uses a lot of wood, especially that which is carved to make decorations. The woods, usually incorporated as a way to give warmth in the cold months of winter.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Modern minimalist dining rooms

It is a style that with few elements recreates a sophisticated and elegant space, as we see in the image below, taking as details the luxurious game of table and chairs in black, a chair with a greater presence in red as a note of color in the room and a wonderful lamp that brings a little focus to the table and adds a lot of style.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Modern design, with a minimalist touch, typical for the apartment of a young couple.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

This other proposal shows us the mirrored furniture as the most important accessory in contemporary dining rooms. Colorful designs on chairs impose style, and candles meanwhile add comfort to the room.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

This neutral dining room, as you can see in the photograph below, combines the structures in cast iron with elements such as vibrant orange chairs.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The idea that we see below, responds to a modern idea, ergonomic designs, much use of gray and a clear trend towards minimalism.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018


Industrial modern dining rooms

The Industrial Chic style, is a segment of the decoration that attracts more and more followers all over the world, who find in it, a model that adapts to every home, but that also fits perfectly, for internal environments of companies little. Let’s see some dining ideas in the style.

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A sculptural lamp looks very well against the smoked walls in dark tone and gives this room an industrial touch. The smooth metal chairs associated with an oak table give a softer touch to the space.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

It is very common that the main piece of furniture in the dining room, which is the table, is whoever marks the line the most. This means in other words, that the ideal would be to find an old, industrial model in a second-hand market, or in closures of factories that close, since that is where you can find the best tables in hardwood and wrought iron, or else the models most associated with tables of industrial kitchens, in stainless steel.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The trend in wood and wrought iron, moves to chairs, benches, stools, cabinets and side shelves, including watches and lamps. The Roman numerals are the ideal complement for the wall and nowadays they are very easy to get, since they are very fashionable.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Of course, the industrial style does not necessarily have to be associated with the old, since it can be modern industrial, where the tables in stainless steel are more classic, floors in smooth wood and plastic chairs or other materials, with strange shapes.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Modern Nordic Style Dining Room

The color white is a color that reigns in the Nordic style, but this does not mean that it can not be combined with others to generate a contrast. Another original way to contrast is wood. This style is undoubtedly one of our favorites. When we speak of the Nordic style, we are talking about a style full of elegance and also functional.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

Another thing that you should take into account when decorating is light. As you can see in the photos, the light should be natural, so it is advisable to put semitransparent curtains.

If your house is not very illuminated by natural light, then you can put artificial lighting but make sure it is enough to reach all points of the house.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

The contrast should be put on carpets, curtains and cushions. All furniture must have its function since in this style only the furniture that is needed should be used.Modern Dining Room Trends 2018

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