Modern Furniture Trends 2018: Top Ideas from Pinterest to Furnish Your Apartment

Modern Furniture Trends 2018If you want to renovate or just freshen up your apartment, you can do a lot with just one new piece of furniture. Even with the smallest furniture, the entire atmosphere in the room can be influenced. For you, we have collected in this post many modern furniture ideas from Pinterest, which represent the latest trends in home decor. Read on to find out which fabrics, materials, colors and models are currently in vogue when setting up your home.

Modern furniture ideas for different areas of the apartment

Modern Furniture Trends 2018Although wall paints and floor coverings set the tone for interior design, the furniture is the element that transforms the empty room into a cozy living space. There are for each area in the apartment some important pieces of furniture that must not be missed. And since the living area and the bedroom are the most used home spaces, we have collected modern furniture ideas from Pinterest specifically for these parts of the home.

Furniture ideas and trends from Pinterest for the sofa in the living room

Modern Furniture Trends 2018When you set up a room, you should always start with the largest piece of furniture. Of course this is the sofa in the living room. This year, small sofas and armchairs have replaced the large corner sofa in the living area. Although the color is a matter of taste and depends on the rest of the decor, make a real statement with a dark green sofa like this one.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

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This minimalist sofa is a versatile piece of furniture that matches many different interior styles. The clean design with wooden frame and comfortable upholstery looks very chic and would give any modern apartment an elegant touch.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

The stuff that can not be missed in this year’s decor in the modern living room is velvet. Visually, he looks particularly noble in the interior and feels just as pleasant. Whether it’s a pair of armchairs, or a Chesterfield velvet sofa, it does not matter. If you do not need a new couch, but want to integrate the high-quality material into the interior, you can easily find matching velvet cushion covers for the sofa cushions.

Couch and side table ideas from PinterestModern Furniture Trends 2018

And since the sofa is not complete without the matching coffee table, here are some modern furniture ideas for coffee and side tables that are currently in fashion.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

For some years now, when copper has been very popular as a material for home accessories and furniture, the material has already been dethroned. And the new trend is called brass. Therefore, a coffee table with frame or other elements made of brass is considered a real highlight in the modern living room.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

Brass combines beautifully with furniture design, glass, marble and various upholstery. Even as a complete look, the material looks adorable, especially if it is a small side table next to the couch.

Storage space at the center: Modern furniture ideas for storageModern Furniture Trends 2018

The furniture in the living room should not only look modern, but also be practical. Therefore, more and more furniture designers rely on functionality and durability. The storage space solutions are just as important for the living area. If there is enough storage space in the room, the room looks more and more neat.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

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The furniture ideas for storage for the living room are many. From minimalist sideboards, over large living walls to elegant bookshelves. However, an open wall shelf can be used not only for books but also for decoration of different kinds, thus giving the room a personal and elegant touch.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

The rustic and the modern furnishing style can be combined this year and make for a very special interior design. For a successful mix of styles, however, the individual elements should harmonize with each other. A beautiful example is this wall shelf that combines a modern metal frame and rustic old wood shelves in one design.

Comfortable furniture for the reading cornerModern Furniture Trends 2018

For those who always like to read books, the reading corner in the living room is a must. It is not only very practical, but gives the whole room a very special flair. The most important pieces of furniture for this area are a wall shelf or side table and of course a cozy armchair, where reading is even more fun.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

Those who value aesthetics should opt for a chair that either fits in with the furniture or contrasts nicely with it. A design with legs made of wood and soft padding ensures a real sense of well-being.

Modern furniture Ideas and trends from Pinterest for the dining areaModern Furniture Trends 2018

In the modern apartment, the dining room is not in a separate room, but in the open living room. As a result, the decor of the dining area should match the design of the whole living space. And not just in terms of color, but also in terms of fabrics, style and materials. In this area, brass offers itself as a new trend. Modern furniture Ideas from the material can be found both for the chairs and for the dining table. The right frame does the trick.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

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If you also want to pick your chairs according to the latest trends, then velvet is the material of choice. The fabric is one of the most popular furniture ideas as well for the dining area and ensures a particularly high-quality look in the room. Velvet chairs combine beautifully with tables in dark tones and especially in black, as in the example above.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

Modern furniture ideas this year can also be interpreted as a combination of modern and rustic elements. For example, rustic wooden tables in oversized sizes are currently in fashion in the dining room and can be beautifully combined with modern chairs. With such a mix of styles, you can furnish your own apartment modern, but with a rustic touch.

Trends and inspiration from Pinterest for bed in the bedroomModern Furniture Trends 2018

As for the decor in the bedroom, Industrial Style plays an important role in this area this year. Minimalist four-poster frames without canopies, industrial table and floor lamps and stools as a replacement for bedside tables are some of the most popular furniture ideas for the sleeping area. When combined with matching accessories and atmospheric decoration, the space transforms into a dream oasis of tranquility.Modern Furniture Trends 2018

Modern furniture Ideas for the bed in the bedroom are not only exposed frames but also beautiful pedestal beds. The wood is the center of attention as material. In this stunning bedroom, the wooden platform bed is located under two skylights that open up to the stars and the night sky.

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