Modern Home Office Furniture to Optimize Your Workspace

Modern Home Office FurnitureWhether you work at home everyday or just want to catch up on work from time to time, you’ll need a nice place to live, equipped with office furniture to suit your needs. The ideal workspace feels comfortable and functional while meeting the personal preferences of its owner. And since everyone has different needs, we’ve compiled 20 original ideas for a variety of office furniture to help you choose the right furnishing for your own unique productivity space. Enjoy!

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Modern and chic office furniture with white trestles and walnut with storageModern Home Office Furniture

Some of us prefer to keep the family spirit, even in the office, and love sentimental decorations and a certain dose of creative chaos. Other people are looking to eliminate distractions and opt for minimalist office furniture and plenty of storage priority. So there is not one perfect approach to take when organizing your workspace. However, there are many variants of office furniture and decorations successful, corresponding to the character and individuality of the owner. Let’s see!

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Minimalist office furniture in white and wood with canary yellow accentsModern Home Office Furniture

As already mentioned above, some need neutral offices to improve concentration, others prefer to have some color to boost the work. The space above is set up by MARK studio (Russel Smith photo credit, links at the bottom of the page) and actually combines the two opposing approaches – the minimalist design with the daring touches of artistic color. A little Scandinavian and very modern, this space opts for office furniture in white and natural wood with shelf brackets and cable suspension bulb in yellow canary.

Classic furnishing with lots of storage spaceModern Home Office Furniture

This is a chic office, visualized by Luca Garau, which can be called traditional and modern at the same time. Note the sleigh chair in chrome-plated metal and pearl gray fabric, the spirit lamp banker’s lamp and the multi-drawer storage on the right reminiscent of the interior of a post office from the beginning of the previous century- accessories and accessories. Office furniture essential for a functional space that has its own unique character.

Office furniture in light wood and pearl gray, enhanced by anthracite wall paintModern Home Office Furniture

In terms of location, within your own home, a successful office can be located wherever you want. In this project, directed by Blackhaus Studio (link at the bottom of the page) the compact office furniture occupies a comfortable niche in the living room. The graphic space is visually warmed by the use of light wood and the matt brass finish of the foot of the indoor floor lamp next to the pearl gray fabric sofa.

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Sofa-top desk, floor-to-ceiling bookcase and designer armchair – dark-hued luxury décorModern Home Office Furniture

This is another space, almost monochrome, but always elegant and warm, offering good office furniture solutions for those who need a lot of storage space for books, folders, filing cabinets etc. In this example by Duc TayOne, the wall-to-ceiling wall bookcase and the desk attached to the living room sofa form a functional whole, with the only accent being the comfortable, well-lit design armchair, which is therefore enhanced by the 3-arm lamp post vintage style.

Simple office furniture in a corner of the very chic adult bedroomModern Home Office Furniture

Chic and simple, these home office furniture are just perfect for the work area in the adult bedroom. Gustavo Coutinho relied on organic accents such as the woven basket, the warm carpet, the solid floor and the dark wood of the furniture, on a purist white background. The result is a modernist aesthetic with fascinating classics at the same time.

Modular white matt desk, paired with a provocative interpretation of the famous Panton chair designModern Home Office Furniture

Artistic and quite original, this black and white work area by Stephane Chamard has for a focal point a small but brilliant modular desk in matt white, paired with a provocative interpretation of the famous Panton Chair design chair. Naturally, the black and white pictures and photos, as well as the design luminaires, are in complete harmony with the rest of the decor and the ultra-modern office furniture.

Home office furniture – wall-mounted and openwork chair with futuristic designModern Home Office Furniture

Technically an inseparable part of the living room, this workspace remains visually separated from the rest of the decor, thanks to the white brick wall cladding. Aside from the wall-mounted desk with solid wood storage, what impresses in this space via APD Design Studio is the futuristic Chair One geometric design chair by Magis.

Office and white storage boxes, furniture mustard, black and white carpet and barn wood wallModern Home Office Furniture

Here is a small office, modern and functional! This example by Ulia Ciganova, illustrates how white office furniture aesthetically balances with bold accents, ethnic motifs and decorations in recycled materials.

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Office furniture in blond wood and black wood, concrete ceiling and wall shelves in metal tubesModern Home Office Furniture

Here is a seating area by Annete Manuilova that accommodates an office at home perfectly industrial spirit! The metal tube shelves and the raw concrete ceiling exude the loft style, but come softened by the blond wood and black wood play of the super chic office furniture.

Stylish corner desk and vintage Jieldé lamp from the 1950sModern Home Office Furniture

In this project by Koss Turbin, the iconic Jieldé lamp seems as pretty today as it was when it was designed in 1950! Which reminds us that good lighting is as important as successful office furniture.

Office furniture to meet the needs of an artist or architectModern Home Office Furniture

Credit: Trinh Nguyen

Geometric chair One Chair still has a dramatic appearance and marries striped carpetModern Home Office Furniture

Designer: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Clear colors and transparent acrylic office furniture for small spacesModern Home Office Furniture

Idea via Angelina T

Office furniture in white and solid wood are modern and warm at the same timeModern Home Office Furniture

Design by Angelina T

Raw concrete walls, corner desk with storage and decoration with old aviation themeModern Home Office Furniture

Project by Javier Wainstein

Idea on the desk and practical storage column for the teenage roomModern Home Office Furniture

That’s an idea about office furniture for the teenager room by Marek Singer. Audrey Hepburn’s photo on the desk crowns the cute design and embodies a fresh and cheerful approach.

White office furniture and graphic decoration can enjoy the freshness of a potted plantModern Home Office Furniture

Whatever your favorite design, choose the furniture according to your own specific needsModern Home Office Furniture

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