Modern Home Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room: 16 Top Ideas!

Modern Office Layout in Contemporary Living RoomYou need a real home office, but you do not have enough room to spend an entire room? So, do not get discouraged because the modern office layout is only a matter of practical organization. Installed under the staircase in the entrance or nestled in a wall of the room, the corner office fits perfectly in all living rooms. The home office layout requires a little pinch of imagination and a hint of creative spirit, which will transform your interior while adding a touch of original fantasy to the decor. To create a beautiful, trendy office, you do not have to comply with the principles of interior design. Instead of hiding your desk behind the doors of an old closet in the bedroom, you can show it all in beauty in the living room! Yes, the show offers a nice surface to install an office corner ultra chic! Take inspiration from our photo gallery below to create an office that is both functional and aesthetic!

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Modern office layout in a minimalist spirit!Modern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

What do you think of a nice office layout in the living room? You want to create a work area modern and well equipped to run your business from home? To realize this beautiful project, you just have to take into account the surface of your living room as well as the current layout of your furniture.

Stylish Scandinavian style office layout!Modern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

The development of modern desk in the living room is the best solution for anyone wishing to optimize maximum vacant space in this beautiful living room! Fill the empty space next to the TV stand with a sleek solid wood desk that will fit your modern decor.

Enhance your modern decor by opting for a desk in white lacquered!Modern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

Do you know that the modern office layout can boost your interior decor to the point of giving it a second life altogether! You can create a discreet office area with clean lines to gently incorporate it into the main deco line that you have adopted.

Office furniture in snow white, dark brown leather corner sofa and solid parquet floorModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

This beautiful snow white office space, fitted out in a minimalist spirit, merges with the design furniture of this contemporary living room. The combination of lacquered white and matt gray highlights the dark brown solid parquet, supported by the matching leather corner sofa.

How about a modern office layout to create a zen atmosphere?Modern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

Do you like the elegant lines of the minimalist style? Inspire yourself with minimalist interiors to create a trendy and modern office layout! Mix the white lacquer with pearl gray, taupe or silver, and put on a blond wooden floor to warm the atmosphere.

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Modern office furniture in blond and white lacquered woodModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

How about a modern office layout in a Scandinavian spirit, as pictured above? Bet on white wood furniture or light wood and do not forget to think of decorative accessories: a beautiful colorful frame and a bedside lamp design to energize the decor!

Gray taupe wall painting and modern office furniture in solid oakModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

In order to succeed the modern office layout, you must equip yourself with a comfortable chair in harmony with your furniture. For more comfort, attach to the wall a few extra shelves that will allow you to store all your belongings.

Modern office furniture in dark wood and lacquered whiteModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

Break the rigid character of the studious atmosphere with an elegant desk in dark brown solid wood! Alternate neutral colors with soft, warm tones that will turn your living room into a cozy cocoon!

White lacquered living room furniture, anthracite gray wall paint and matching flooringModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

The layout of your current office bores you more and more? You want to break all the clichés by installing a corner hyper modern office? So, opt for a decor in white lacquered and anthracite gray! Place the TV cabinet and wall shelves in the image of a beautiful asymmetrical wall composition, and sprinkle the whole with an original suspension or a colored accessory for example.

Modern office furniture in lacquered white and anthracite grayModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

Design office furniture or closet transformed into corner office? Make a nice desk with a sophisticated look and embellish your minimalist decor, adding a design stool and a colorful armchair! Play with irregular shapes and dark shades to achieve a spectacular result!

Design furniture in lacquered white, walls in anthracite gray and matching minimalist desk designModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

To save space, advises you to place your desk against a wall. Thus, you will be able to fix or suspend a pile of storage necessary to organize your office: shelves, cupboards, sticky notes, wall magazine rack and etc ..

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Modern office furniture in lacquered white combined with pearl gray wall paintModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

The modern office layout rhymes with monochrome decor. Bet on a clever mix of neutral colors and pastel shades such as lacquered white, taupe gray, pearl, sand and so on. Magnify the decor with a blond wooden chair that will bring inside its Scandinavian charm!

Light wood furniture, pearl gray walls and multicolored carpetModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

Refined symmetry, zen atmosphere and soothing decor operate in this beautiful modern living room furnished in a Scandinavian spirit. The decoration trick: the multicolored carpet that ignites the atmosphere in a flashy explosion of colors!

Modern office furniture in immaculate white and light brownModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

Succumb to the charm of this beautiful modular composition, consisting of a TV stand, several wall shelves and a beautiful minimalist desk, accompanied by a design pouf in white snow leather. The decoration asset: the anthracite gray carpet that detonates with sterile tones and brings to the atmosphere a touch of originality unheard of.

Snow White Wall Painting, Office Desk in Lacquered White and Anthracite Gray Wall PanelModern Office Layout in Contemporary Living Room

Here, this straight-edged office looks like a minimalist decorative element, which, surmounted by a solid wood cupboard, emphasizes the masculine curves of the TV cabinet and the rectilinear shapes of the wall shelves.

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