Modern Ideas for Decorating Windows

The windows of your home are your connection to the outside world, and how you choose to decorate them says a lot of the style of your interior design. Leaving windows exposed is a stylish and modern look for those living in wooded or isolated areas. But for those who have neighbors, sidewalks and streets a few steps away, that’s not really an option. To decorate windows there are endless modern ideas that can be coupled to any interior style or particular taste.window decor

Modern ideas for decorating windows

If the curtains are too demanding for your minimalist furniture and the blinds are too dull for your modern taste, a lot of alternatives are available. These are some of the modern ideas of window decoration to protect your privacy while showing a chic style.

Window finishes

frosted glassFrosted glass. Window films and glass alternatives let in light while protecting works of art, wood and other household items from fading from exposure to the sun. They also help with heating and air conditioning bills, add privacy and hide unpleasant views.

These alternatives are particularly attractive for people with allergies or sensitivities to animal dust or hair, which tend to accumulate in curtains and fabric blinds.

Authentic stained glass. The stained glass windows are charming in the old houses. They can also be installed in new construction. Available in clear lead glass as well as traditional color styles, which can be as ornate or as simple as your heart desires.bathroom stained glass

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Frosted glass provides privacy without hiding the window view. This aspect can be obtained by the chemical treatment of the glass, covered with semitransparent contact paper or using aerosol products. You can try only one part of the window or all, depending on your needs.

Decorative adhesive film. It offers countless options for decorating windows, including stained glass appearance, color graphics, and even styles that glow in the dark. Many adhesive films are easily removable, which can make you change the style of your windows with the frequency that you change the interior style.


Metal screens, laser cutLaser-cut metal screens make an important architectural statement on windows, and some have retractable screens to allow air to circulate on very nice days. They can be placed in the interior or exterior and cause a more private and sophisticated air in the openings of the house.Foldable or movable metal screen

These species of screens do not harbor allergens or irritants such as pet hair or dust mites, and many can be used to separate spaces within rooms when they are not in front of windows. Portable folding screens or triptychs can be very decorative or simple, and are an easy alternative to the more permanent decoration of the window.

Blinds and curtains

Window blinds have undergone a renaissance thanks to new fabrics that filter UV light. Many can be programmed to go up and down with minimal effort, or by remote control. Place plants in front of them for a unique look, or have them in different patterns that complement your decor.Customizable Blinds

Decorating windows with solid panel blinds or those with adjustable openings (planks) like the picture above, is very flexible since they can be painted to match or complement the color scheme of a room. The boards in these panels can even be replaced to create your own design.

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Maps or posters like blindsIllustrations in the right size and shape can perform various tasks in any room. Use a favorite painting or drawing as art on the day window, and as a privacy shield and creative accent at night. (See picture above).

Maps or posters can be turned into blinds mounted on sturdy boards, providing privacy and a night of fun with burst of color.

Vintage ads in neon or any other kind, you can take them as a whimsical element in the kitchen, a playroom or in a child’s bedroom.


Plants that offer privacy to the windowPlants, particularly the tall and dense varieties placed on an interior window sill, not only provide privacy, but also elemental beauty and the added benefit of filtering the air. Plant an herb garden in your kitchen window and have fresh herbs in all your meals. On the outside, window planters can be filled with plants with taller flowers that provide color and a beautiful view both inside and outside from the windows.

We hope these ideas for decorating modern windows will inspire you.

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