Modern Kitchen Trends 2018 in 20 New Ideas of Coatings, Furniture and Lighting

Modern Kitchen Trends 2018What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about modern kitchen trends 2018? Your first associations are probably related to high-end furniture and appliances placed in a minimalist context or almost. You are not too far from the truth, but the piece dedicated to culinary art is much more than that. Let’s sift through the analysis of this space considered the heart of the house to better understand its mechanisms of operation. What exactly is and will be the modern kitchen trends 2017/2018, it’s up to you to discover through the passages and the following photos!Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

As usual, we will talk about ideas and not specific products, major brands that impose themselves on the market etc. And traditionally, one will start with the essential foundations of each contemporary decor that are the floor and the walls. From all appearance, the modern kitchen design trends for 2018 has more than one turn in its bag in terms of design, coatings and finishes…

The flooring and the wall design in the modern kitchen

Modern Kitchen Trends 2018The first thing we noticed in almost any modern kitchen until recently was the neutral, simplistic or frankly absent background. In fact, the virgin backdrop was the device par excellence to highlight the furniture and appliances superimposed on it by eliminating immediately even the slightest suspicion of sweet taste.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

But, let’s face it, playing the card of caution is not exactly original in terms of interior design and decoration! The white walls do not pose any risk kitch but they are not very interesting either, do they? That is why the modern kitchen trends 2018 has made the thoughtful decision to lightly energize the decor while playing with texture.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

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A return to the paneling, the cladding in natural materials and even the wallpaper is observed more and more often. The partial or complete linings of solid wood or of composite materials which imitate it perfectly are currently experiencing an indisputable renaissance omnipresent and it is not at all a random phenomenon…Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

The return to nature is THE mantra of the new generation and one could not simply neglect it even if one speaks of interior design and decoration of the modern kitchen. Except for the raw wood, the noble natural stone and even the purely industrial concrete are successfully invited inside.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

Waxed cement, white marble, solid oak flooring or any other material that comes to mind is absolutely acceptable! Why limit the flight of the imagination and settle for a sterile immaculate decor when you are afraid to have full texture? Why choose the best value when you can spice up the modern kitchen with several appetizing visual condiments?

What is the master furniture in the modern kitchen trends 2018?

Modern Kitchen Trends 2018We continue with some reflections on the design and layout of the furniture although the plural is almost superfluous… Ok, we have several high and low cabinets, but the master furniture in the modern kitchen is probably the central island ! No matter how much space is available or the specific style you want to attribute to space, the islet is now a must!Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

Any joke aside, by searching design magazines it is interesting to note that most contemporary kitchens have a central island that they need or not. Naturally, the extra storage space is never superfluous and it adds a nice structure to the space but should it be added at any price?Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

The answer is yes, but in no way compromise with the comfort of use of the room. In the end, the purpose of this piece of furniture is to facilitate your work and any sacrifice is totally useless. So choose an island if its practical advantages exceed a possible excessive congestion and not just for the braid.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

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The other pieces of furniture in the modern kitchen are less expressive and this is quite understandable since the main role is already assumed by the island (or the bar) and there is no lack of opportunity to put it more Featured. Somewhat like the floor and wall coverings, organic materials are preferred.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

When the furniture is not really massive, their veneers look more natural than possible. They are mainly combined with non-colors so as not to diminish or completely cancel out the aesthetic effects created by the massif. In this sense, the modern kitchen in black and bench, with or without wooden accents, is currently hyper-trend.

A modern white kitchen or a matte black? Both of them !

Modern Kitchen Trends 2018The other must-haves are the modern, all-white kitchen somewhat futuristic as well as the dark matte deeply cozy. The former can easily deceive the eye in the best possible sense of the term and create the optical illusion of a significant extent, while the latter has the ability to create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and friendliness.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

Even if the modern kitchen is beautiful feet to head, it is more than just a pretty face. The keywords in this space are functionality and optimization. In other words, we are trying to get the most out of the existing architectural base and promote functional furniture. Storage is impossible to distinguish, the mechanisms are intelligent, the furniture perform several functions at the same time.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

In addition, the modern kitchen is not a closed room where the head of the family is isolated to cook. Preparing meals together and enjoying them in company is nowadays the credo of young people. Logically, the layout and furnishings that belong to this social corner perfectly reflect these new principles of use. The open kitchen on the dining room is something common as well as the bars with several stools and islets with lunch tablets.

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High-end fixtures are not a whim

Modern Kitchen Trends 2018The last paragraphs of our present article will be devoted to an element of the interior which is often tending to be underestimated. These are the lighting fixtures within the modern kitchen and the various attractive shapes they can take. Suspended, recessed, adjustable or in LED profile, the lamps fascinate us just as lazy attracts the moth.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

One can examine the fixtures as the complementary jewelery to tweak the stylish outfit that is our modern kitchen. It is in this sense that one must accessorize harmoniously to emphasize its attractive traits but also hide its possible imperfections. So light up your marble worktop if you are proud and diverge the attention of this small unpleasant defect on the door of one of your cabinets.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

Do not worry if you have a weakness for baroque chandeliers or industrial suspensions and you are concerned that these styles do not match your brand new modern kitchen trends 2018. It turns out that, over the market, she is quite liberal and willingly accepts one or two similar accents. Finally, as we have said many times, regardless of the area, choose a main lighting fixture and at least one backup.Modern Kitchen Trends 2018

In the example above, the designers embraced the idea and went further by opting for 4 different types! There are white marbled suspensions just above the island, recessed spotlights on the ceiling, luminous profiles below the high cabinets and the highlight of the show – an LED ribbon at the base of the low cabinets for indirect lighting frankly fabulous!

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