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Modern Kitchens 2018Wondering what modern kitchens will look like in 2017/2018? You have certainly seen some news, but according to experts, the major trends of recent years are still relevant. The usability and functionality remain the must characteristics that must have contemporary cuisine. What now? From crockery to furniture to essential accessories – sitazine takes a look at the top of the growing trends in the kitchen. Zoom on 18 ideas to stitch to the most inspiring and haunting cuisines!Modern Kitchens 2018

As for the upward trends concerning modern kitchens, the novelties are in styles, in colors and again in equipment. Developments are also to be found in equipment technologies and well thought out arrangements. Whether it’s big jobs or just small changes, we invite you to follow our inspiring tips to blow a new wind in your space.

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Modern American-style kitchens – get the modern and cozy atmosphere at onceModern Kitchens 2018

Places of conviviality par excellence, the trend is to open modern kitchens. These are the assurance of being able to cook in a friendly way without staying away from those close to you. A guarantee of modernity and functionality, the open concept also gives an impression of volume and brightness. In a few words to guide you in the news, you are told that authenticity and elegance are a big comeback in modern kitchens. So, we put on wood and neutral colors to bring these two characteristics to the open kitchen.

Industrial cooking – a real revolutionModern Kitchens 2018

It’s been a few years now that modern kitchens are shading the living room. They become the favorite places for reunions with family or friends. A trend that makes us capsize, the industrial style continues to gain popularity and today it is placed on a pedestal in the design of kitchens.Modern Kitchens 2018

The polished concrete effect paint and the apparent brick wall decor are just two of the key elements found more and more in the industrial kitchen. Stainless steel worktops, solid wood or metal furniture are reminiscent of the trendy loft decor. The open shelves and hanging storage units allow you to create a kitchen of character, both functional and modern.

Wooden kitchen to associate with steel – it’s chic!Modern Kitchens 2018

The wood is the flagship material of the decoration anywhere in the house. Clear, dark, processed or raw, nothing better to ennoble the kitchen and bring a warm and chic at the same time. The combination of wood and white is a timeless trend in the development of modern kitchens, but a new duo appears in all its splendor to compete with it. It’s about giving wood to steel to bring more nobility and dynamism to the kitchen decor.

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Blue invites itself in kitchen decor, accompanied by metallic accentsModern Kitchens 2018

To develop a modern kitchen, we can not, in any case, do without the beautiful shades of blue that we fall in love with lately. Blue-gray, indigo, duck blue or navy, this season, we succumb to the charm of the blues that we associate with the wood. To boost the decor even more, the blue-wood duo will be accompanied by some metallic touches such as brass or copper.

Convivial and modern, the kitchen in gray and white has it all!Modern Kitchens 2018

Noble par excellence, gray has established itself as an indestructible trend color. A feast for the eyes, its palette so rich in nuances adapts to all the rooms of the house, whatever the style and the time. Adopting the beautiful color in kitchen design is an excellent approach to give a timeless, noble and modern appeal to this central piece of the home.

Modern kitchen in wood and white – timeless and nobleModern Kitchens 2018

If you are looking for ideas on the upward trends of modern kitchens, know that the wood and white duo is a safe bet. Timeless and noble, the kitchen in wood and white adapts to all styles of development and promises a friendly and very chic.

Kitchen in black and wood – the unprecedented exclusivityModern Kitchens 2018

If white is not for you, why not try a frankly daring idea – black cooking. To be aware of major trends in the development of modern kitchens, it would be better to focus on matte black. Experts also recommend giving the beautiful finish to wooden elements (worktops, credence, floor etc.) which helps to increase the feeling of exclusivity.

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The trend is in smart modern kitchensModern Kitchens 2018

Smart cooking takes many forms according to needs and technological innovations. Among the possible technologies are the oven that can be operated from a smartphone, a refrigerator that controls the food that is in stock etc. Whether it’s controlling an oven remotely or letting it handle cooking, this appliance is without a doubt one of the staple in modern kitchens. Ditto for the refrigerator whose possibilities are really multiple. A real computer, it allows us to know at a glance on the screen of our mobile, what it contains.

Modern kitchens adopt dark wood in total lookModern Kitchens 2018

Gray and all its nuances are invited in contemporary kitchen decorModern Kitchens 2018

Alliance of rustic and modern – it’s trendyModern Kitchens 2018

Concrete and wood are in full harmony in modern kitchensModern Kitchens 2018

Plywood kitchen furniture is a must this seasonModern Kitchens 2018

Modern kitchens lack handles but abound in styleModern Kitchens 2018

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