Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas – Paint, Furniture and Lighting Fixtures

Modern Living Room Decoration IdeasLooking for a new modern living room decoration idea in order to update the space and stay in the wind? Well, you came across a well of original ideas that took the form of this very useful informative article. Let’s take a look at what wall paint, furniture and fixtures are best suited to contemporary living rooms! Do not hesitate to borrow the designs that tempt you the most and that correspond to your own specific architectural conditions!

Modern living room decoration ideas – which backdrop to choose?Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

The first thing to consider is the backdrop you want to accomplish in the room. That is, think of the floor, walls and ceiling that are the major surfaces and thus form the background. As you will notice yourself – almost any deco modern living room idea proposed in this article opts for neutrals. Of course, this is not a random phenomenon, but we will come back to this in the paragraphs below.Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

In practice, a colored ceiling is rather dissonant with the idea of contemporary living, while the flooringis a rather expensive and tedious item to replace: it is probably changed once or twice in his life and it is not necessarily in the context of the same dwelling. So we have to pay attention to the walls, since a new mural is not so demanding.Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

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But back on topic! A good idea deco modern living room is bet on the completely virgin walls. The immaculate walls are able to bring out more your designer furniture or your exclusive decorations. If, on the other hand, the ubiquitous white gives you the impression of being in a hospital, add an accent wall in graphite gray, anthracite, pearl or taupe and you will immediately break the sterile frame.

Modern living room decoration ideas – the right furnishingModern Living Room Decoration Ideas

Logically, speaking of furniture, modern living room decoration ideas can not be applied in any given space. It’s obvious that riquiqui and large open spaces simply would not be able to enjoy the same furniture. What all contemporary stays have in common, however, is their minimalist approach when it comes to furnishing choices. We’ll explain right away …Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

One observes, always more often, that both the small living room and the big living room opened on the dining room and the kitchen are satisfied only with a sofa and a coffee table. That’s all and it turns out that’s enough! Naturally, it is the sizes and shapes of the furniture in question that differ according to the context of the existing conditions.Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

TV, when it exists at all, is frequently installed directly on the wall in front of the sofa. This saves you the purchase of any TV stand and gives the opportunity to invest in a larger corner sofa or in an extraordinary coffee table by a famous designer. A good idea of modern living room decor is therefore eliminate all superfluous furniture and privilege one or two unique modules.

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Modern living room decoration ideas – fireplace and lighting fixturesModern Living Room Decoration Ideas

Another element of return, always more often preferred by the contemporary owners, is the chimney. Apart from being a heating device, its function is now also artistic. Whether gas, pellet or wood, central or classic, the fireplace has become a real meeting point for functionality and style that one should not jump into the modern living room.Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

Modern living room decoration ideas: orient all the furniture to sit down to your fireplace by arranging them in a rather symmetrical way. You will create the cozy core par excellence in your room without making other decorative efforts. Remember that lighting fixtures and their arrangement are just as important as the furniture and the fireplace.Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

Even if your stay is only a few square meters, choose more than a single fixture. At best, you will have a main light source and one or two complementary ones placed in strategic places. For example, a chandelier in the center of the ceiling and a lamp post near your reading chair work perfectly.

Some ideas influenced by the different styles of decorationModern Living Room Decoration Ideas

A modern living room decoration idea does not mean you have to forget about any influence of bygone times. Boldly mix styles, even eras, to achieve a more artistic frame, far from banalities. Classic white columns, industrial concrete and vintage armchair in the same room? Why not?!

Even the Baroque style can be modernized when you use the best of your imagination!

Modern Living Room Decoration IdeasFrom all appearances, even the Baroque style can be brought up to date when one uses the best of one’s imagination and when one leans on decoration ideas for modern and classic living room at the same time! The final result dominated by opulent gold and deep noble nuances is quite admirable, does not it?

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Dare the marriage of wood and metal in various proportions for a vintage, industrial or rustic decor

Modern Living Room Decoration IdeasAnother decorating modern living room idea of genius is daring the marriage of raw wood and weathered metal in varying proportions to easily put into practice a vintage, industrial or rustic decor. Add a lot of white if you want to make the cottage living room chic or decorate Scandinavian.

Modernism and exotic spirit do not cancel each other out when we stay moderate and original

Modern Living Room Decoration IdeasFinally, modern living room decoration ideas can also be interpreted in an exotic way if one is inspired by this type of ornaments. A pair of Moroccan poufs, a turquoise mosaic wall decoration or a macrame curtain instead of a typical partition will not be out of place when chosen with a sense of moderation and good taste.

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