Modern Living Rooms: Trends and Decoration Ideas For 2018

Modern Living RoomsSince a few years ago, the modern style is being applied to all the rooms of the house: kitchen, bedrooms, living room or bathrooms. For this reason we are going to give you a series of ideas of decoration of modern rooms, following the latest trends for 2018.

With the advent of a new year, many are thinking of making the leap they have both hoped for and changing once and for all, the look of the room. For all of them, it is that we will show below some ideas that impart tendency and that can serve as inspiration to achieve the best result.

Living Room Trends

Lighting in modern living roomsModern Living Rooms lighting Trends

The first thing to take into account when decorating a living room, is the lighting fixtures. To do this, and to give it an impression of spaciousness, use light colored curtains that let all the light pass, and as sober as possible, since the modern style leaves aside all the baroque style of previous decades.

The ideas to decorate the room that are being clarified, mark a clear line that points to the functionality of space, the use of natural light, the end of several focal points, to match everything in one.

Walls in modern living roomsWalls in modern living rooms

The next step is to choose how to decorate the walls. The simplest thing is to paint them with light colors, or perhaps choose a wall to include another color, but keeping the colors pale.

If you plan to opt for wall paintings or decorative elements, keep in mind that the modern style is very minimalist, so do not fill an entire wall of pictures or photos. You can choose two or three pictures of a smooth color, for example white or red, if the wall is white, or you can replace them with decorative vinyl, which in addition to being cheap, you can renew them over time without any complications or holes on the wall.

The warm colors will be present again, although they will give way to a wide segment of soft tones, very typical of the modern decoration. As you can see here, the focal point includes fireplace, television and central table with vase.

If you like parties at home, a space for adults and another for young people, it is common to place half a wall with a fireplace on both sides, which one and at the same time divide two spaces.

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Modern Living Room FurnitureModern Living Room Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for modern rooms, it is important to opt for those that offer simple and minimalist lines. These should be straight lines, that is, forget the furniture bar, and opt for the minimal decoration, perhaps a candle center or a smooth vase.

Place the set of armchairs forming a closed space, where the largest sofa is facing the television, the fireplace or at best, both. At the same time, it emphasizes the need for the television to be perpendicular to the entrance of light, so that it does not generate reflections in the visibility.

Another trend that is beginning to see more and more in modern halls, is that of the armchairs type bed, but permanently. That is, not to sit, but to be lying across, in meetings, more informal and more comfortable.

The sets of armchairs in a single large piece, provide style and warmth, and clearly delimit the space dedicated to the room.

This would be an ideal layout for a room, which without being large, meets all its functionality to the maximum.

If you like to be in a family, you can place a corner of the computer in the living room and work there, while the children play in the reach of your attention.

Emphasis can be placed on both shapes and textures and fabrics.

Meeting placesmmeting room

No doubt there is something that we all enjoy is meetings with friends and family, and that is why, as a way to flatter them, we like to have a warm and very warm space to receive them, that’s why we show you some meeting spaces that have been imposed as a trend.

They are based on a very creative common idea, capable of giving both the rooms and their interior and exterior patios a high dose of style and good taste; which consists of a very interesting design, by means of the adoption of a level slightly below the height of the floor.

Which, being slightly sunken makes it result in a more intimate atmosphere, ideal to enjoy with our loved ones. In addition to being very warm and intimate spaces, they can also become an excellent choice for hours of rest and relaxation.

Then, in the photos that we leave you can see several beautiful examples both to create these spaces indoors as well as outdoors.

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Modern decoration accessories and ornamentsModern decoration accessories

The following picture is used to describe an increasingly common tendency for young couples to buy second-hand homes, with several things to be arranged, but instead of improving them, take advantage of them to achieve the best style second hand chic.

The exotic decorations always have adepts, in addition to that with a pair of point objects, the best setting is already achieved. In this case, an Arab model, thanks to typical shutters and the design of the chimney.

Probably, for the coming season, the paintings will be the most important focal points of the room. Very large paintings, with intense colors and paintings of artistic paintings.

The use of isolated shelves, such as large wooden planks, give a renewed look to the room, while offering new variants when choosing luminarias, ornaments and ways to organize what you expose there, such as books or collections of things.

The model below combines the rustic and modern, where the tendencies of the countryside are expressed in specific things, such as the rustic wooden table, or the texture of the cushions.

For its part, the second is more attached to the cosmopolitan style, where old suitcases are used rather than furniture, rustic mirrors and abstract painting.

If you are looking for refined trends, this is your choice. Designer furniture, predominance of white, brown and aged tones. Porcelain candlesticks and a mirror clock in the middle, completing a great room.

Black and white prints are difficult to get into the home. The turquoise is allowed to mix, but the line that divides the sophistication of bad taste is thin, so think about it well before you do it.

Small Modern Living RoomsSmall Modern Living Rooms

Building and decorating a small living room can be tricky. Especially if you have to also incorporate a dining room, a kitchen or a study. Sofa, armchairs, coffee table, TV, shelves, a wardrobe. You must ask yourself: what do you do in your living room? Do you use it to watch television with the family, receive friends or prefer a quiet place to read or relax? Determining the main function of the room will allow you the best use and configuration of it.

Obviously avoid oversized furniture: for example sofas that cover too much space, or too many shelves. The walls full of books give a feeling of oppression.

Try to gain height, keep in mind that the very tall furniture tends to crush the room. In addition, contrary to popular belief, all painted white will not expand the space. A touch of color will help attract the eyes, and in this way, the room will feel wider.

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A minimalist decoration is always recommended. Clear woods, natural materials, soft colors, premium fabrics.

You can create optical illusions, a mirror or the use of streaks, can give the impression of volume. Also remember to put green: with some plants, a room gives the feeling of freshness.

Multiply light sources. The more light you place in a room, the larger the space. A ceiling lamp, a floor lamp, a reading light, a good table lamp, a couple of colored lights, everything will create not only moods but also a sense of volume in your living room.

Opt for furniture that offers storage space, however small, choose a sofa with compartment under the seat. Another advice to save space: folding furniture. Nest tables, folding chairs or stackable stools allow guests to receive without unnecessary furniture all the time.

Prevents accumulation. Do not put too many pictures on the walls. A set of small frames grouped on a wall, for example, or on the contrary, a very large frame.

Modern Minimalist Living RoomsModern Minimalist Living Rooms

Minimalism is not just a way of decorating. It is a philosophy of life inspired by Eastern cultures. The main idea of this philosophy is that with a minimum of furniture, there will be more energy in space.

That’s why with a modern minimalist living room you will have a room full of pure and positive energy. The basic elements of this decorative style include reducing the number of furniture to a minimum, which eliminates excess decorating.

The minimalist design is perfect for open interiors and full of natural light. Typical materials for minimalist design include concrete, glass, metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and chrome, light wood tones, artificial materials such as vinyl, PVC and acrylic, stone and tiling. The emphasis is on the contrast between light and darkness. White, black, gray and blue tones are the most used.

The walls of the living room are generally white. Some black polished natural stones, such as marble or basalt, are also popular as decoration. Lights are another important element. They should not be too sophisticated and make the most of natural light.

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