Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies – New Trends for 2018

Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018Although the summer is over, we can still spend pleasant moments at sunset on our terrace. Outdoor spaces, however small they may be, can radiate glamor and elegance, so you should not miss our tips and suggestions on trends for balconies and modern terraces.

Modern terraces – trends for 2018Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

There are some basic rules for decorating a balcony. Regardless of your style of decoration or your taste, outdoor decoration requires some standard differentiation of your interior decoration:

Decoration ideas for modern terracesModern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

Use only waterproof or at least water resistant fabrics. Do not fall into the trap of buying those expensive cushions or pillows that should be removed every time it rains.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

Make sure that furniture and accessories can be cleaned with a quick spray of diluted bleach. Is the wind a problem?Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

Will those cute but expensive cloth tablecloths fly on the ledge with a breeze? Consider the weight of all your purchases depending on your situation. Ready to take inspiration? Prepare to take some screenshots and be inspired.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

Can not you see yourself and your friends sharing a cocktail watching the horizon here?Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

With all the available cards in decoration stores now, the possibilities of decoration are endless.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

Urban balconies, small courtyards and miniature gardens are increasingly becoming green oases. The trend of urban gardening and urban agriculture also continues unabated. In 2018, experts will demonstrate how limited outdoor spaces can be designed in a sophisticated way and enjoyed throughout the year.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

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Think about how you would like to use your terrace and how much time you can devote to caring for the plants. Select, perhaps, a theme and consider applying it to furniture, accessories and colors. The plantation ideally comprises woody evergreen plants, flowering shrubs, herbs and perennials.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

This base can be complemented with spring and seasonal flowers . We also advise that you invest in high quality planters, surrounding them with lightweight folding furniture. Why not place a colorful carpet chosen especially for the balcony floor? You must create a connection between the inside and the outside and change the center of your family life outdoors in good weather.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

The trend towards balcony gardening continues unabated: urban people want to harvest and enjoy what they themselves have planted. Planted in raised garden beds or in bags of colorful plants; salads and herbs, cherry tomatoes and radishes can be planted from seeds and biological seeds, even on a balcony barely eight square meters in size.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

Food crops that you will not believe can be grown in a pot, such as quinoa, small corn with purple spikes and kale, which are experiencing a boom. The combinations can be as varied as possible in a small area, and you can really succeed with some basic knowledge and good advice.

Great designs of modern terracesModern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

While wild bees also pollinate the flowers in adjacent balconies, the worms process the bio-waste that is generated in the decorative composting containers and in a completely odorless way.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

The essential element to create a natural environment in balconies and patios is to use a combination of plants with character. The seasons can be experienced in all their intensity with ornamental shrubs that bloom and show beautiful colors in the fall.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

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Japanese carps, ginkgo trees and maples function as living umbrellas and provide natural shade, not only in the gardens but also on balconies and patios. Japanese maple trees live in four seasons, so they are also a great option.

Ideas for decorating modern terracesModern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

The winter all the attention is focused on its artistic structure, in spring, in its vibrant buds of light green or orange, in summer, its beautiful leaves, and in the autumn its luminous coloring from yellow to copper red.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

These days you can choose between pots from a wide range of materials. The individual woody plants are shown to the best effect in a perfectly equal pot. The warm copper tones lend the outer space a touch of glamor, in the past usually carried out only with sophisticated home accessories. The metal pots transpose the trend and, in addition to the traditional metal pots, also offer variants in brass, copper and gold. If you like industrial elegance, select cement fiber pots that stand out for their timeless design. They are 100% recyclable, breathable and regulate humidity. The wooden planters immediately create a warm and natural environment.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

The current furniture trends in the living space are also flowing into the design of outdoor space. The period furniture and the articles for the home with the heritage character and the mixture of wood and metal materials give the balconies and patios a warm and cozy atmosphere.Modern Terraces and Dream Balconies Trends 2018

The garden objects of the past, for example objects made of zinc or articles of daily use made of vintage wood, remind us of the simple country life of yesteryear. The old zinc tubes can be planted with a range of culinary herbs, even if the balcony is in the center of the city. The robust perennials rich in flowers ensure a natural look; They are more popular than the little summer flowers in these. The basic element of wood is more sought after for the design of balconies and patios than ever before. It makes outdoor life even more inviting. The unique nature of the grain of each wooden element makes any wooden object unique. A custom-made floor grid absorbs heat in the summer, protecting the feet; in winter, the wood gives off heat and helps to prevent the damage of the frost to the plants. Accoya wood, sustainably grown, is knot-free and remains chip-free even after being used for years.

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