Modern I and U-Shaped Kitchen – Overview Of Existing Advantages, Constraints And Solutions

Modern I-Shaped Kitchen DesignL-shaped kitchen, linear, U-shaped, with or without island … there are as many ways to create a modern kitchen that it is impossible not to profit from. Defining the kitchen plan is an essential step to be able to fit this room of the house as it suits us. Above all, think carefully about what all members of the family will need in terms of comfort and functionality. If you still have doubts about choosing the most suitable kitchen model, sitazine is at your side to help you steer in the right direction as to the modern kitchen style.

Modern kitchen in I-shaped – why is it so popular?Modern I-Shaped Kitchen Design

The modern I-shaped kitchen is a particularly popular model in small spaces. This concept consists of furniture that runs along and shares the same wall. Simple to install, such a modern kitchen can be installed perfectly in the confined spaces of the apartments as well as in the large open volumes of the contemporary houses. It is thanks to this simplicity that the linear arrangement makes it possible to envisage more marked styles.Modern I-Shaped Kitchen Design

Generally installed over the entire length and height of the wall, the modern kitchen in I allows to optimize as much as possible any square meter. The I-kitchen design makes it possible to invest the entire surface of the wall and to install all the necessary storage. Emphasizing white as a color for modern cooking makes it possible to accentuate the size of the space.Modern I-Shaped Kitchen Design

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In cases where optimization of space is of concern to us, it is necessary to know that a modern kitchen in I is installed even in areas with considerable space constraints. So, if you plan to build your attic space, a linear kitchen will lend itself perfectly to the game. Its concept will follow the natural lines of the walls under the roof and will optimize each square centimeter.Modern I-Shaped Kitchen Design

Are you wondering which modern kitchen plan to choose if it opens onto the living room? If this is the case, be aware that an I kitchen plan will best suit your setup. Build on a linear kitchen because it will not encroach on the show, but the distribution of the two spaces will be balanced. Take into account that a minimum of 1m 80 in width will be necessary to enjoy a certain ease in the kitchen.Modern I-Shaped Kitchen Design

Unfortunately, in the linear kitchen the triangle of activity is not respected and this is one of the main constraints that this plan presents. The other disadvantage of an I kitchen is the corridor effect too accentuated in closed configuration. As for the surface of the work surface reserved for culinary preparation, it remains rather small because shared between the sink, the oven and other appliances.Modern I-Shaped Kitchen Design

Despite the existing disadvantages, the modern I-kitchen remains the easiest to build. This is because the standard elements are ideal for configuration. No tip to optimize angles is needed.

Dark I-shaped kitchen with central islandModern I-Shaped Kitchen Design

Pretty linear kitchen in wood and grayModern I-Shaped Kitchen Design

Modern U-shaped kitchen – aesthetics, functionality and ergonomicsModern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

As the name suggests, the U- shaped kitchen occupies 3 walls, usually 2 sides and a bar area. This kitchen model perfectly matches the space available and fits both closed and open configurations. Compact and attractive, the modern U-shaped kitchen is the ideal solution for all those who wish a rationalized concept and in accordance with the constraints of space.Modern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

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Among the indisputable advantages of a modern U-shaped kitchen, it is the ergonomics and the saving of space that are particularly distinguished. In the kitchen, in the U-shaped kitchen everything has to be thought of – corner furniture, small cupboards, oven height, suitable appliances etc. The latter, taken into account, are the assurance of being able to optimize in the best nooks and crannies the kitchen in U-shaped.Modern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Whether it is made up of an island or not, the modern U-shaped kitchen makes it easy to accommodate the triangle of activity. Indeed, this implantation remains among the most user-friendly and the most ergonomic available. It adapts perfectly to many spaces whether they are restricted or spacious. Therefore, it is not surprising that this type of development represents a growing trend.Modern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

A modern U-shaped kitchen has significant advantages. For example, the U-shaped installation eliminates any effect of loss of space thanks to the corner furniture inserted in the walls. Moreover, such a kitchen offers great storage possibilities.Modern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Pleasant and airy, the modern U-shaped kitchen offers super easy and comfortable circulation. The arrangement of the corners of the room is aimed at optimizing the storage area and the work surface, which makes it possible to design a perfect triangle of activity.Modern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

In the spacious U-shaped kitchen, it is also possible to add a central island. This can be used as a worktop, thus providing additional storage space. If it is a tiny kitchen, you have to forget this idea of layout because the island will take up more space. So, to be able to think about the implantation of a central island within a U-shaped kitchen, a surface of 16m2 minimum, will be necessary.Modern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

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The modern U-shaped kitchen is suitable for several house styles. In the closed configuration, a conventional arrangement is most often seen. In open spaces, we prefer rather the arrangement of a bar that could play a role of delimiter of space and create a separation with the rest of the room.Modern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Functional, aesthetic and ergonomic, the U-shaped kitchen is a part in its own right and has many advantages. Perfect for those who appreciate being in an airy space, in which traffic will be easy, this modern kitchen has everything to please!Modern U-Shaped Kitchen Design

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