Monstera Leaf as Decoration and Trend in the Room Design

Monstera Leaf as DecorationIf you are looking for a simple yet stylish home decoration, the Monstera Leaf is the right choice. Not only the plant itself looks extraordinarily attractive in every room. Also the individual leaves make a wonderful decoration and more or less decorate the table in a vase or in the form of a motif a mural and the like. As you can see, the plant is versatile. How you can use the monster blade to implement some great decoides, you will find in this article. Create a tropical flair in a city apartment and make your home even more comfortable.

The Monstera deliciosa

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

The Monstera deliciosa, also called window-leaf, is an exotic specimen, impressed by its oversized and “monstrous” leaves. These still possess a heart shape at the beginning and maintain their characteristic, torn shape in the course of growth. Since it is a very clean plant, everyone can choose them as plant plants and use their leaves for any decorative purposes. In the vase, the leaves also receive roots within a few days and thus offshoots for a new plant. In the vase, the leaves also last six or eight weeks.

Use Monstera leaf as decoration

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

As already mentioned, the decoration with the Monstera leaf is just a big trend. Especially modern and urban facilities, which are best still bright, get with these leaves impressive accents in natural green. If you do not have it with live plants and plant parts, you have other possibilities to use the tropical specimen. Look below for the possibilities.

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The Monstera leaf in the vase

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

Decorate with a subtle bouquet of green leaves. What may sound boring at the first moment proves to be a stylish idea that attracts all eyes. The leaves can be placed individually or as a bouquet in a transparent or opaque vase and then not only decorate tables, but also the fireplace or shelves.

The window leaf plant as a wall picture

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

Wall paintings are no less popular and adorn primarily light walls. The Monstera sheet can be either colored or black and white. Both look attractive thanks to the interesting shape and structure of the leaf. The size of the image does not matter, and depends solely on the effect you want to achieve. The large format can be used to decorate wonderfully large, bare walls, while smaller murals can also simply be placed on a sideboard.

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

You can make such murals yourself . Of course a monster blade is needed. You can simply use this as a stamp by brushing it with any color and then pressing it on the selected background. It is not only simple paper, but also canvas or fabrics. Very attractive is a mix of aquarine colors in different green nuances.

Monstera wall decoration made of wood

Monstera Leaf as DecorationOr how would it be, instead of with a picture, the wall simply with a decoration made of wood , which also has the shape of a leaf. You can make and decorate such decors individually. The result is simpler than the colored pictures but not less appealing and trendy, so you can not go wrong with wood as a material.

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Wallpaper with Monstera leaves

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

Really tropical and as if surrounded by the Monstera plant, it seems when you choose a wallpaper with the leaf motifs for an accent wall. Whether in the living room, bedroom, simple hallway or even in the kitchen – the atmosphere created in this way is unique. Due to the large number of motifs, however, it is recommended that only one accent wall or at most two walls be designed. Otherwise, it can quickly become too much of the good.

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

They are available in different varieties: with few and many, large and smaller leaves or in combination with leaves of other exotic plants. It does not necessarily have to be monochrome. The example above with some more color shades is no less appealing and spoofs the minimalist setup even a little. Find an appealing model for your home!

Motifs of the plant Monstera on decoration and sofa beds

Monstera Leaf as DecorationCushions with prints are no less impressive and emphasize a simple, light sofa, but also chairs or beds perfectly. The Monstera Leaf is here as a motive of course welcome and can be combined with a matching wall painting or wallpaper in the same room. Beautiful combinations of the Monstera leaf and other exotic leaves on the sofa look very beautiful.

Monstera Carpet as decoration

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

If you have a small seat that is too boring and bare, or if you want to emphasize the seating area with a couch in a special way, you can choose a carpet in the form of a monster plate. Of course, the right size is needed depending on the area. Also as a bath mat or in front of the bed the motif looks very attractive and can make even a simple bathroom more attractive.

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Monstera Decorations for parties

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

A variety of decorations can be made from the Monstera leaf. A party garland, as seen above, is just one of infinitely many examples. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use and can be used for various occasions such as parties. Even as coasters the leaves look interesting, whereby they can be adapted to any purpose even with spray paint. So it is only up to you to get the necessary amount of leaves of the house plant Monstera.

Monstera leaf for the wedding

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

For a wedding, the Monstera leaf can be used in many different ways, thus fulfilling the perfect decorative function. Decorate the backrests of the chairs or use it as an umbrella. Let them hang freely from the ceiling or along a wall and set the central table decoration on them. Also the plate itself with the name label can be designed with leaves. The imagination knows no limits.

Monstera Leaf as Decoration

Even the bridal bouquet or the flower arrangements on the tables can decorate the unique form of leaves and take different roles. The idea is suitable for different wedding styles, as it can be used both in the green and in the dried state, providing a touch of exoticism.

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