Natural Stone Furniture! What Are The New Trends To Adopt?

Natural Stone FurnitureDo you want to follow new trends and are you looking for cool ideas for your home? So, you are in the right place! Today, our team has prepared a very trendy subject that continues to gain more and more popularity: the natural stone furniture. We have also prepared a nice photo gallery to familiarize you with the breathable natural stone in both classic and contemporary style. In addition, sitazine will give you some tips regarding the maintenance of this type of furniture.

Focus on the natural stone furniture

Natural Stone Furniture

URANO marble floor lamp by Salvatori

Who says natural stone, says chic and elegance. This is why many people are more and more tempted by the idea to adopt this type of furniture. One positive side is that the natural stone furniture allows you to connect with nature. Indeed, thanks to these pieces of furniture, you invite the environment into your home. Whether marble, granite, travertine etc., natural stone is always welcome in the interior. Thanks to it, we can already combine pleasure with style and aesthetics with comfort. Read on to discover the style that best your suits.Natural Stone Furniture

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The natural stone furniture will allow you to bring a personal touch to your interior. In addition, natural stone, whatever it is, harmonizes marvelously well with other elements like the wood or the glass. Thanks to this extraordinary decoration idea, you will adopt the contemporary and noble style. We agree that natural stone creates a high-end atmosphere. Your guests will be super impressed! So, feel free to invite this timeless material to your home! You will not regret it!Natural Stone Furniture

We have already said that natural stone furniture exudes both classic and modern style. Indeed, this is one of the reasons he is highly valued. Thanks to him, you can even create a zen atmosphere in your bathroom. So, our team would like to advise you to also opt for the natural stone bathroom cabinet.  Combine comfort and aesthetics!

How to clean the natural stone furniture?Natural Stone Furniture

The maintenance of natural stone furniture is a very important aspect. The furniture of this type creates an authentic atmosphere since they exude the noble spirit. But, natural stones have a negative side – they are porous. So what are the cleaning techniques to adopt to achieve the perfect look of a natural stone furniture? First, it is important to inform you that acidic and chemical products are to be avoided. It’s the same with bleach.

Natural Stone Furniture

Square coffee table designed by Salvatori

In order to better clean the natural stone furniture you will need a sponge and black soap. You can also use Marseille soap, it’s up to you. Soak the sponge, add a little soap and rinse. Another solution is to use soda crystals and hot water. Simply rub the natural stone with a wet brush and then rinse with clear water. When it comes to cleaning a natural stone, we would like to offer you another precious ingredient: baking soda. It is very effective when it comes to stains on stones. We agree that limestone is the enemy of natural stones. So the solution that Deavitasitazine offers you is to use oil and lemon. But, of course, professional cleaning products are always at your disposal.

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Dare the natural stone furniture and invite nature to your home!Natural Stone Furniture

Very often, it is the price that prevents us from adopting the natural stone furniture. In addition, its installation and worktop natural stone require the intervention of a professional which also contributes to the final price. We would like to draw your attention to the kitchen shown in the photo above. The central marble island harmonizes very well with the rest of the interior. It is a high-end kitchen that exudes elegance and classic style. And all this, thanks to the natural stone. Concerning the installation of a modern and functional kitchen, it is recommended to privilege the natural stone furniture. As seen in the photo above illustrating a minimalist kitchen in white marble, this is a very popular solution. Natural stone will withstand the wear of time without any worries! It is also known for its resistance to heat. Most often, marble, granite and quartz are found in contemporary kitchen.Natural Stone Furniture

As already noted, the natural stone is also invited in the bathroom. Note, in the photo above, a bathroom upscale. She exudes luxury and modern spirit. In addition, the designer mirror is also an element not to be missed. It is made of natural stone and harmonizes beautifully with the whole.

Natural Stone Furniture

Bathroom designed by Salvatori

Natural stone coffee table for cozy eveningsNatural Stone Furniture

White marble coffee table with a chic floor lampNatural Stone Furniture

Natural stone drawers very popular in the bathroomNatural Stone Furniture

Natural stone furniture also includes mirrorsNatural Stone Furniture

The lamps made of natural stones are also an element of the decor not to be missedNatural Stone Furniture

Suspended luminaires in white marble exude eleganceNatural Stone Furniture

Natural Stone FurnitureEmbrace the natural stone furniture in your bathroom!Natural Stone Furniture

Natural stone coffee tableNatural Stone Furniture

Dare the marble whose greatest advantage is its durationNatural Stone Furniture

Natural stone table with armchairs in blue duckNatural Stone Furniture

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