New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019: Inspiring Ideas to Enhance Your Decor

New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019Do you still believe that your home is a simple functional space with four walls, a floor and a ceiling? Not so long ago, most of us did. But it’s over! Today, more and more people are daring to play with interior design and showcase the decor. To this end, we play the card of creativity and we look to the ceiling. Ceiling decoration ideas are in the tens. But how about ceiling wallpaper?New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

There are several possible finishes to dress a ceiling. Whether it’s a plaster, stucco, paint or wallpaper, the choice depends essentially on personal desires. But, it is worth mentioning that the subject of this article, namely the ceiling wallpaper, has many advantages. What are they exactly? Read on to find out more.

What types of ceiling wallpaper do they exist?New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

The ceiling wallpaper is indeed a dressing to hide some imperfections. This is the type of wallpaper that determines its characteristics (strength, ease of installation etc.). The non-woven, meanwhile, is solid and quick to ask. This one is definitely the ideal choice for the ceiling. As for traditional wallpaper, more fragile and less common, it is not recommended for wet rooms.New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

Vinyl wallpaper has the same qualities as non-woven wallpaper. It consists of a PVC layer and a backing paper backing. This type of ceiling wallpaper is thick, waterproof and easy to install. If you prefer an embossed wallpaper, stop your choice on the expanded vinyl.New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

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Variety side, it’s far from everything. There is still the velvet wallpaper, the one in Japanese straw and another metalized. If you want to give extra originality to the decoration of the ceiling, it is worth considering the paper to paint.

The ceiling wallpaper can boost the decor in all roomsNew Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

A ceiling upholstered immediately becomes a big plus in terms of decoration. A real jewel that participates in the beautification of the room. Very trendy now, it finds its place in all the rooms of the house. The wide choice of patterns and colors makes it a solution that adapts to all tastes and configurations. Graphic, organic, vintage or contemporary, the wallpaper invites itself wonderfully on the ceiling of any room.New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

Like the wall-paper, the ceiling wallpaper allows you to play with light and volumes to create the decor that suits you. If you choose a model with neutral colors (white, gray, taupe or beige), you will be able to bring more clarity to the room. If, on the contrary, you dream of creating a more intimate atmosphere, it would be better to favor pastel colors.New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

With the ceiling wallpaper, you can set a special mood or reimagine the volume of the room. It’s all about motives, dosage and perception. For example, the larger the patterns, the smaller the piece will look. On the other hand, the discreet patterns and the natural colors will only enlarge the space.

Count on the wallpaper to resize a roomNew Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

The ceiling wallpaper is an excellent ally deco if you have a high ceiling . To boost your decor, consider lining your ceiling and the top of each wall. In addition to reducing the volume as needed, this approach will allow you to create an unusual and 100% personalized design.New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

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Your ceiling is embellished with pretty moldings? Enjoy it and we promise you will not be disappointed. Do not hesitate to line your ceiling. Surrounded by decorative moldings, it will look like a large frame. This beautiful idea fits wonderfully in the bedroom or office.New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

With the ceiling wallpaper, many solutions are available to you in terms of decoration. Install it all alone on the ceiling and it will be the focal point in the room. But to create a more dynamic decor, why not decorate some walls too. You’ll create an eye-catcher effect that will ultimately resize the room in a very decorative way.New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

As for the decoration in the kitchen and in the child’s room, a great idea would be to put ceiling wallpaper with graphic prints. This approach is ideal to give pep to these two pieces. Consider matching the color of your wallpaper with the existing decor for a more consistent look.New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

With the ceiling wallpaper you can also dress the vault. The variety of patterns and colors of wallpapers allows you to create different styles. This type of decorative trim is very practical and can be applied on any type of surface. Embossed models are perfect for hiding some small ceiling defects.

Boost decorative in the adult and child bedroom with ceiling wallpaperNew Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019

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