New Colorful Kitchen Trends That Are Going To Bomb In 2019

Colorful kitchens are a delight to see, but not everyone likes to incorporate this style into their reality. Colorful kitchen always bring joy to any environment; it is clear that several factors need to be taken into account, especially if you do not know anything about decoration.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

Balancing the distribution of colors is critical so that these colorful kitchens do not get too loaded, which would cause a visual confusion effect that is not what we want.

But do not worry because I’ll give you some wild tips to help you bring more color into this beloved and used environment in our homes.

Kitchen Colors In Details

Most people are afraid to dare in color. If that’s your case then let’s start with a quieter example. The infallible hint here is to put the colors in the details. And these, in turn, need not be in very vibrant tones, if you do not want to.

Colors in pastel colors – the so-called candy colors – are great in this case. Also, if you do not feel confident in looking at all that amount of color every day, just go by changing the colored elements until the end result pleases you.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

Smaller furniture, such as chairs, are very good pieces of work with colors. In addition, you can choose each one of a different color , the result is very cheerful. But this artifice works best in environments that have a neutral base, like the one in the picture. Do you realize that the walls and furniture are white?New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

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One solution that can be quite effective (though permanent) in colored kitchens is to work a wall with some different coating . If it is the area behind the sink, better still; this creates a pretty cool highlight.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

And if there are shelves, why not turn them into the stars of colorful kitchens? A great opportunity to add more personality to these furniture without risking overdose. Remember that kitchens with shelves have many utensils on display, so opt for neutral walls to balance the whole set.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

Loose furniture , such as shelves, are also conducive to the touch of color. This tip is great, even for those who live in a rented home and can not do many physical interventions in the rooms. So you put a differential in the environment, even with this limitation.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

It is still possible to use your kitchen furniture as decorative items. The more colorful, the cooler the effect gets. And using the previous tip, you can put loose furniture using one of the colors present in your utensils, so that the set becomes very interesting.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

Colored Kitchens In Various Points

Until then, we saw suggestions of colorful kitchens where touches of color were only in the details. Now let’s put the colors in large areas, such as the furniture and the walls, to see that it is possible to mix shades without leaving the environment visually tiring.

The tip here is to think of the color palette before putting the environment into practice. If you have a trusted interior designer or interior designer, talk to him about it, but also give him your suggestions. After all, it’s YOUR taste that needs to be there, not the professional’s.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

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If your kitchen floor is already colored, take advantage of the situation and choose that key as the main mood of the room. Using this reasoning, you can paint the existing furniture so they match the floor.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

Speaking of painting the furniture, have you thought about putting your hand in the dough in your kitchen and coloring your cabinets? Here, you are free to do whatever you want, in the colors you want. Think of the doors as blank canvases for you to stimulate your creativity. If you do not like the result, no problem; repaint with new colors, until you like what you see. Do not be afraid!New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

Another very interesting idea is to use each part of the cabinets in a different color. In the following example, some shades of blue were used, which also match the colors used in the wall cladding.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

In this other case, the counter of this American type kitchen is what has become the attraction of the environment, with a very colorful geometric painting . Did you notice that the stools accompany the same colors used in art? Great trick to never miss the combination of the pieces.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

But it is possible to have a well-laden environment in strong tones without it being tiring. The tip is to use a few colors (two at most, 3) and decorate the rest with variations of these tones, creating a tone on tone.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

Finally, for those who really love colorful kitchens and are not afraid to dare, my suggestion is to use the walls as the main elements. Enjoy the great surfaces to bring the colors that you like best to that point. No doubt I threw it on that pretty yellow wall, right?New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

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And of course you can also use prints on the walls. No matter what your style, whether it is more restrained or extravagant, you always have some special wallpaper, fabric or paint that translates well to your personality. Yes, it is possible to use these types of coatings in kitchens, but prefer those that are suitable for them, which are waterproof and resistant to grease.New Colorful Kitchen Trends 2019

After so much choice, have I been able to stimulate a more colorful life in your little heart?

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