New Interior Of Children’s Room For Girls

New Interior Of Children's Room For GirlsArranging a room for girl can turn into a sheer pleasure if you do not succumb to stereotypes, find the optimal balance of criteria and take into account the interests and wishes of the child. Get ready for this to be one of the most unusual spaces in your home. You should immediately abandon attempts to bring its interior to a common denominator of the design style of the entire house or apartment. Each requirement for the design of the nursery must obey the main goal – the child should be happy, comfortable and safe to live here and develop abilities and creative talents.

Criteria For Choosing A Design Direction

To create the perfect nursery interior for a girl, some parents are waiting for the right age, while others want their little future princess or even queen to be immediately surrounded by beautiful things and forms. But do not forget that the child develops very quickly. What was acceptable for a one-year-old baby loses its relevance as soon as the girl begins to actively learn. And at school age, interests, preferences and needs change at such a rate that parents do not have time to track all the metamorphoses. Therefore, the main criterion for choosing the interior design of a room at the moment is always age. Next, you should take into account the character, temperament, preferences, hobbies and current needs. Then the shape of the room, its dimensions, illumination and orientation to the cardinal points are examined.

Space Zoning

Each age period has its own characteristics. A cozy crib and changing table are enough for a newborn baby, which will be located in a neutral lighting zone, away from the passage of air currents. For parents, it is advisable to provide a relaxation area in the form of an armchair or a small sofa. Until the age of three, girls and boys go through the same stages of development, requiring the addition of a room with an area for developing games, storing toys and things. But already from the age of 4, cardinal changes will be required. At this stage, zoning the room will help teach the child to order and the correct distribution of living space. It is necessary to separate the sleeping area from the play area, as well as arrange a place for study and creativity. If there is enough space, it will be useful to equip a sports corner.

  • sleeping area with bed and bedside table;
  • a workspace for preparing lessons, practicing creativity, located as close as possible to a natural source of lighting;
  • dressing room – in the form of a chest of drawers or a wardrobe for things and a place for changing clothes;
  • recreation areas.

In the room of a teenage girl from 12 years old, there should be a beauty area with a dressing table and a playground or wall for sports activities. If the child is interested in dancing, it is recommended to install a large wall mirror. Having an area for receiving guests will allow you to meet and have fun with friends on your territory, which will provide peace of mind for parents.

For zoning, you can use different color and texture solutions for decoration, podiums, arches and columns, shelves, textile curtains, decorative curtains made of threads and beads, as well as graceful screens and stationary partitions. Older girls may like the division into functional areas and decoration with stained glass. If you have a loggia, it is recommended to rebuild it for a study and study room – this will free up additional space.

Selection Of Colors

During the entire period of growth, children are very sensitive to any stimuli, including color. If you want the girl to grow up calm and balanced, the surrounding range should be pleasant. Depending on the temperament of the problem child, the psychologist may recommend elements of color correction of behavior. But initially, choose a scale using the basic rule: do not build the interior on a single color, even if it is the child’s favorite, and give preference to pastel shades. Of course, conflicts with adolescents cannot be avoided if their opinion is not taken into account. But do your best to find a compromise solution.

For children’s rooms for newborn girls, it is recommended to use gentle and monochromatic shades – this will help the child feel comfortable and fall asleep faster. For ages from 1 to 3 years old, bright colors in the interior are acceptable, but only in the form of elements – play structures, baskets or shelves for toys or the toys themselves. When it comes time to decorate a student’s room, do not follow the stereotypes about pink, which not all girls like. Its use is possible, but a combination with other colors is desirable. It is good to choose the decoration of the room, furniture for sleeping, games and activities for a girl in a combination of pastel and pure unmixed tones:

  • cream and apricot create an optimistic and joyful mood;
  • neutral beige looks very beautiful with the addition of blue and olive accents;
  • mint-turquoise palette is suitable for an adult girl and will refresh the room well on hot summer days;
  • white, light pink and terracotta – a classic combination for a “young lady”;
  • the combination of turquoise and beige with the addition of orange elements is recommended for active and sociable girls;
  • a neutral beige or sand background is suitable as a background for pink, lilac or lilac.

It is recommended to use no less than three and no more than five different colors, which can be combined and complementary to each other, creating a pleasant harmonious range. When color zoning, remember that warm shades are more suitable for relaxation and sleep, and cold ones for study and sports.

Finishing, Furniture And Decor

Use environmentally friendly materials and compositions for decoration, and, if possible, equip a warm floor in the kids room. If this does not work, consider a system of soft and cozy rugs, which will have to be regularly looked after. Walls are best done in solid colors. They can be easily repainted if the baby decides to realize her artistic potential, and the teenager will still hang the walls with images of her favorite idols over time. If the child engages in creativity as a hobby, over time, his works will appear on the walls and become part of the decor of the nursery.

To instill in the girl a love of order and discipline, do not rush to force her room with furniture. For the little ones, leave as much space as possible, but think about convenient places and containers for storing toys and things so that the child learns to clean up after play. For growing girls, you can arrange a room elegantly and elegantly, with classic elements – a bed with a beautiful headboard or canopy, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a dressing table, ottomans, an armchair or a sofa for receiving guests – everything that romantic natures like. The color of the furniture should be in harmony with the finish, so white or cream is the ideal choice.

Many girls like it when the room has unusual furniture elements for relaxation – for example, a beanbag chair or a swing chair. If there is a wide window, you can significantly expand its windowsill and equip a cozy recreation area on it, which will delight the girl and her friends.

Consider inclinations and temperaments by allowing the child to express their own wishes. Help determine the style based on preferences. It will be convenient for a teenage girl if she will be helped to create a basic interior design, and the decor with accessories will be trusted to her own taste.

Style Selection

When choosing a style, focus on one of the traditional interior design options or give preference to any theme. When decorating the interior of a children’s room for a maturing lady, you will have to take into account her wishes. Popular destinations include:

  • a classic interior that combines the beauty and practicality of wooden furniture, textured wallpaper, curtains with lambrequins and accessories;
  • neoclassicism – harmony of traditional furniture forms and modern elements: appliances, lamps, blinds;
  • Provence is a gentle and cozy style that allows you to form a neat, ideal interior for a girl;
  • Art Deco is an exquisite and light style, without unnecessary details, which is popular with creative people;
  • minimalism – can be used as a basic modern style, a blank for a room, which a teenage girl will adjust to her desires and needs.

Among the thematic teenage informal styles, urban and musical can be distinguished, including the use of photowall-paper with views of famous megacities of the world, graffiti, posters, neon illumination in the form of inscriptions and various attributes of musical trends and subcultures.


The choice of lamps is the final touch of the design project and is made taking into account the main style of the children’s room. These can be classic or original ceiling chandeliers, cascade or spot lighting, stationary and portable elements. But the most important thing is to think over all the necessary levels at the design stage, including:

  • mandatory overhead light;
  • wall decorative and table functional lamps;
  • background evening lighting with LED strips, garlands or night lights.

As an additional element, you can use a floor lamp, which will allow you to create a cozy and useful lighting zone where it is needed at a particular moment.

Current Trends In The Design Of Rooms For Girls

One of the main trends is the use of exclusively environmentally friendly materials and eco-style elements. Jute rugs, carved shelves, a wicker chair, ceramic and bamboo d├ęcor will help revitalize the space. Do not forget about indoor plants, which will foster a sense of responsibility. Environmental trends include the fashion for all kinds of natural textiles, including those with printed images on the theme of nature – flowers, trees, animals and birds. The use of a variety of textured natural materials when decorating places for sleeping and rest is encouraged – knitted bedspreads, silk pillowcases, linen pillows. Soft panels with a carriage coupler made of textiles with a forceful texture and ceiling fabric drapery look very fashionable and royally luxurious on the walls.

From the incredibly popular Scandinavian style, the fashion was borrowed to emphasize empty monochromatic walls with a composition of the same type of objects. These can be photographs, small panels, small mirrors, bas-relief decorations in the form of animal figures, garlands of beads or lace. Another option is to place original art objects – inscriptions or images, backlit with illumination. By the way, the use of LED lamps is not only a current trend, but also a significant energy saving. With their use, another fashionable novelty is made out – stained glass ceiling structures for lighting and original decor.

Re-equipment of the loggia into a part of the room is not only an ergonomic option for zoning space, but also the implementation of a fashionable idea of an adjoining room, which can be used as a study, a creative studio or a boudoir, which is part of a girl’s room a la “princess bedroom”, decorated in a fabulous style with elements of classics or baroque.

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