New Living Trends 2018 / 2019: Place Natural Stone at the Center Of Interior Design

New Living Trends Natural StoneNatural stone is a popular and very multi-faceted material, which convinces from the Roman period with its excellent properties. It conjures simple elegance and well-being and also ensures a practical use. Thanks to the possibilities of its creative diversity, natural stones are used both outdoors and in the living space. Granite, marble, travertine and etc. can be seen especially in luxury bathrooms or as a very robust worktop in high-quality kitchens. Far from this cliché, new trends in living create chic furniture and natural stone objects that serve as a representative accent in space.

New living trends 2018: chic aesthetics made of natural stoneNew Living Trends Natural Stone

In addition to the classic uses of natural stone, unique pieces of furniture and artistic objects can be made. Decorative elements in the interior and furniture such as tables, seating and home accessories arise from beautiful natural stones such as marble, granite, onyx and others. Each piece is considered unique because each natural stone has different grains. The variety of different types of natural stone allows you to find exactly the right shade and also the desired pattern for the individual needs and the respective field of application. Especially granite and marble form an optimal symbiosis between elegant appearance and functionality.

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New living trends: putting natural stone in the limelightNew Living Trends Natural Stone

Particularly fine natural stones with effective grain are also used as wall coverings. To showcase the beautiful surface and the unique structure, translucent panels are also available for mounting on ceilings and walls, which can be backlit. The result is a sensational surface – a real eye-catcher. Counter and bar areas are very well suited for an exclusive interior design.

Side table “Primus” made of marble and chromeNew Living Trends Natural Stone

The combination of white marble and chrome is considered timeless. An excellent example is this side table, which was originally designed by Peter Draenert in 1968 and can be described as a design classic. The “Primus” set actually includes 3 tables in three sizes, which can be inserted into each other and offer different uses. You can choose between three noble natural stone optics.

Sideboard “Picasso” with fronts of natural stoneNew Living Trends Natural Stone

“Picasso” is a collection of sideboards with modern and a rather minimalist design of the Italian manufacturer Riflessi. Precisely the simple, edgy shapes emphasize the extraordinary natural stone coating of the fronts. The sideboard offers a total of 23 variations with two, three and four doors and in several natural nuances.

Armchair with armrest “Relax” made of natural stone and ironNew Living Trends Natural Stone

No doubt, sturdy building materials such as iron and lava stone are not materials commonly used in the design of armchair armchairs. They provide a reduced and minimalist aesthetic that perfectly matches the new home trends. At the same time, the neutral color palette and the straightforward design language create a timeless appearance.

Wall table “Console” made of reconstructed natural stoneNew Living Trends Natural Stone

New living trends convey a return to nature and foreground natural materials. A very popular representative of these is the natural stone. However, he can also bring disadvantages such as the great weight and the high cost. So there are artificial alternatives that are inferior in terms of appearance in nothing. They are not only cheaper, but also lighter and therefore less complicated to mount. For the design of this minimalist wall table, the designer Tiziana Di Sipio has just used reconstructed natural stone in white.

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New living trends: opulent effectNew Living Trends Natural Stone

Due to its opulent appearance, natural stone enjoys great obesity among architects, designers and design-oriented people. The noble material is suitable for a modern and contemporary decor and exudes a timeless elegance. Especially colored marble with beautiful grains sets beautiful accents in the modern home . An exclusive piece of furniture that will be a highlight in the room is without a doubt the rectangular table from the new collection “Love me, love me not” by the Italian manufacturer Salvatori.

New living trends: marble accessories by SalvatoriNew Living Trends Natural Stone

In September 2017, the family business presented a new furniture collection “Love me, love me not”. The exclusive pieces of furniture designed by the designer Michael Anastassiades exclusively made of fine marble. At the heart of the concept is the opulent look of the natural stone, which really comes into its own thanks to the simple design language. The collection includes a total of 4 models tables, which are produced in limited quantities.

Hanging lamp “Silo”New Living Trends Natural Stone

The “Silo” suspension lamp designed by David Lopez Quincoces in 2016. It consists of several cylinders of white marble, which can be grouped differently. So a variant with only one pendant lamp, with three or with a total of 26 is possible, which can be designed as a chandelier.

Table lamp in marble “Urano”New Living Trends Natural Stone

A really chic and modern table lamp by Slavatori is “Urano”. This was designed by the designer Elisa Ossino, who also cooperated with the Italian manufacturer for further projects. Their designs are characterized by minimalist design, which is strongly influenced by the geometric shapes. The spherical table lamp is available in three sizes: 18 cm, 30 cm and 50 cm in diameter.

Marble bathroom accessories “Fontane Bianche” collectionNew Living Trends Natural Stone

The collection “Fontane Bianchi” by Salvatori is also a result of the collaboration with the designer Elisa Ossino. The name of the collection means “white fountain” from Italian and it was named after a beach in Sicily. It consists of a few white marble bathroom accessories in a characteristic minimalist style. These include a soap tray, two varieties of cups for toothbrushes and a set of four trays for storage.

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Wall hooks made of marbleNew Living Trends Natural Stone

The collection “Fontane Bianchi” also includes minimalist wall hooks, which are also made of fine marble. They are a beautiful addition to the other bathroom accessories from the collection.

Natural stone tray “Plat Eau”New Living Trends Natural Stone

In addition to the other luxurious decorative objects according to the latest natural trends made of natural stone, the Italian brand also offers the “Plate-eau” tray. It is a real design piece made entirely of natural stone or can also be made by hand in combination with brass or hand-blown glass.

Paperweight made of marbleNew Living Trends Natural Stone

To conjure up a luxury feeling with only a few resources, these paperweights are made of white marble. They are characterized by a really pleasant organic form that is reminiscent of drops. The small decorative objects actually have the same shape as the table legs from the collection “Love me, love me not” by the designer Michael Anastassiades.

New home trends: Decorative objects in marble Collection “” Omaggio a Morandi “New Living Trends Natural Stone

“Omaggio a Morandi” is a collection of decorative objects designed by Elisa Ossino for Salvatori. These are artfully designed in marble in different colors and serve as a kind of minimalist table decoration, which looks very noble and elegant. They combine perfectly with the tables of the design brand.

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