New Trends in Wall Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Wall paints for the bedroom are endless, but not every one is really suitable. So before you start with the transformation, you should think intensively about the topic. In this article we show tips and examples of modern wall colors in the bedroom.

When choosing the wall color, many conditions play a major role: the furniture color is just as crucial as the lighting that is available in the bedroom.

In the bedroom applies: often less is more. With great wall paint you can turn your bedroom with a few brushstrokes into a quiet and friendly retreat, which you can customize to your liking.

Choosing the right color for the bedroom is not that easy

Before you start to paint your bedroom walls, you should take a close look at your interior: Which furniture is in the room, which light sources are there, what is the ceiling height and size, which floor is laid and whether it is light or dark Ground? All these things should be included in the choice of wall color. So that the bedroom really becomes an oasis of peace, it is important to choose the right wall color.

The decor of the bedroom plays an important role in the color choice

For example, if the ceiling height is rather low, light colors are best because they provide optical magnification and lightness. When choosing a slightly darker color , a strip can be left on the edge as a visual extension, or painted in the same light color as the ceiling. Also, the type and color of the flooring play an important role in the choice of bedroom wall color.

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Our tip: Dark wall colors to dark floors and bright wall colors to light floors

Wall Paint Colors for the Bedroom

If possible, choose the colors in such a way that the result is a calm overall impression . Dark floors should also be combined with darker wall colors, as well as bright colors for light floors. This results in a harmonious color image, where you can relax well. Tiles should rather be used to warm wall colors for the bedroom, as the room otherwise cold quickly. Even carpets in the color of the bedroom wall complete the overall picture.

As a general rule: To make everything look harmonious, wall color and interior design style should match.

Too dark bedroom walls are often restless

For me, the previous tenant in the bedroom has chosen a blue, rather dark color for the walls. In fact, darker shades should convey a feeling of security. But I felt it rather overwhelming and gloomy. To my bedroom furniture in a light beige tone so had a matching, lighter color ago, so we can really feel good. My choice was therefore a bright, purple pastel tone, which gave the whole room a friendly and inviting atmosphere. The bedroom seemed larger and the wall color harmonized perfectly with the furniture. In general, pastel tones are particularly suitable for the optical enlargement of a room, perfect for small and / or dark rooms, which otherwise are not very inviting. In combination with light wood furniture – even untreated – results in a relaxed atmosphere. Gentle tones such as light gray also have a calming effect and can be spiced up individually with chic deco elements – this is how your personal oasis of well-being is created.

Eye-catching colors or contrasts for your bedroom wall

Wall Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Alternatively, a contrast or accent color can be selected. However, this should only be a wall, for example, on the head side of the bed, painted. The other walls remain white. This results in a great eye-catcher, without the color seems overwhelming. The room stays friendly and does not look too dark even with a darker contrasting color. For gray furniture, a yellow or pink tone is a contrast.

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With accent pieces in concrete look or black results in a great combination for a room that spreads already on entering a good mood. The color is called Guardian of Freedom and is part of the Fine Color Collection of Alpina.

Concrete & copper accents

Wall Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Currently, especially the interaction of concrete and copper is announced. A gray or green accent wall and pieces of furniture or decorative elements made of copper and in copper look combine modernity and style in the bedroom. Who likes it a little fancier can also delete a whole wall in concrete look. From Alpina there is the appropriate color effect from the color recipes series . A gray wall with gray furniture and a copper concrete table lamp turns into a trendy bedroom that you would not want to leave anymore.

Tone-in-tone with color families

Should it be a little more color, tone-on-tone combinations from the same color family are particularly suitable. They give the bedroom a lot of color on walls and furniture a coherent overall picture.

Earthy tones (brown, cream, taupe)

Wall Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Earthy tones combine with neutral beige nuances to create a quiet and cozy atmosphere for a restful sleep without the room feeling too dark. Taupe, as a wall paint for the bedroom, looks elegant and can be mixed with white or other shades of brown to create warmer or cooler shades of brown.

Cool tones (blue, green, violet)

Wall Paint Colors for the Bedroom

A cool, light blue wall color looks fresh and youthful in the bedroom with a chest of drawers in light wood and doors / drawers in blues and greens. Violet in different shades, mixed with pink, pink or even blue, gives the bedroom wall a glamorous atmosphere that is particularly noticeable with colorful or white accessories.

Neutral tones (gray, white, beige)

Wall Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Gray and white on the walls create a great neutral mood, which can be spiced up at will with colorful furniture and loud accessories. Natural colors on the bedroom wall are at the same time versatile in combination and elegant due to their simplicity.

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Warm tones (red, yellow, orange)

Wall Paint Colors for the Bedroom

A bright, yet warm atmosphere creates an accent wall in red in the interplay with colorful bedding in similar colors and natural wood furniture. So the bedroom looks cuddly warm and inviting.

Non-color as a trend

If you like things less colorful, you can count on stylish non-colors: black furniture, a gray accent wall and monochrome accessories are currently in fashion and are a perfect match for a minimalist lifestyle. Less is definitely more with this style. The overall picture looks calm, but not boring due to carefully chosen decoration. The room allows a restful sleep thanks to the bright wall color.

The best wall colors implement ideas for the bedroom

You already have 1000 ideas in mind, but do not know which color is right for you and your bedroom? With the color guide you get information and knowledge about colors and interior design with stylish combination recommendations for a modern and homely home. The Alpina fine colors with a satin finish are perfect for the wall design of your bedroom. You can choose from over 30 different shades from eight color families – there is the perfect wall color for each bedroom.

After a color selection has been made, the color can be bought and canceled.

When choosing the transformation, you should take your time and get inspiration from friends, family and especially the Internet – after all, many people are faced with the task of finding the perfect color for their home and put their ideas online with images. Pinterest is there a great source of inspiration for colors and design of the nightly retreat. As always, however, the main thing is that you feel well. And in the design everything is allowed which makes you happy and fits your personality – whether natural, gaudy or unusual.

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