Optimal Kitchen Equipment – To Reconcile Space and Furnishings

Modern small white kitchen cabinetsThe kitchen is a place of great importance. Here, not only the preparation of delicious and fresh food, but also a large part of social life takes place. In order to increase the feeling of life and the feel-good factor in one’s own home, a kitchen furnishing as well as a design according to personal taste is at the forefront. A sensible room layout, an efficient kitchen space, as well as a friendly, thought-out color and light concept are the ideal combination to combine the practical features of the kitchen with a visual highlight of your own style. Today, we will give you some tips on the topic of optimal kitchen furniture.

Optimal kitchen equipment – kitchens with cooking utensils in the trend

optimal kitchen equipment small kitchens apartmentKitchens with cooking islands are the trend, according to sitazine.com. No matter whether the cooking island is equipped with a stove or is simply used as a working and storage area – it is always a great eye-catcher and gives the room a tasteful, modern ambience, which invites you to cook together and to linger. Especially in open kitchens, a cooking island is the ideal room separator, which cleverly divides the kitchen area into a separate living area without affecting the generous and airy charm of an open floor plan.

Optimal kitchen equipment – When is a cooking island useful, when not?

Small kitchen modern dining room furnitureOf course it is also possible to beautify enclosed kitchens with a cooking island. In this case, however, the proportions between the size of the furniture and the room must be perfectly matched to one another so that the space is not perceived to be too full and thus as oppressive. While large, square-shaped rooms can be ideally complemented with a suitable cooking island, integration into a small, narrow space is strongly discouraged.

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Living kitchens can be individually furnished – here a vintage version without a cooking island

Vintage kitchen without cooking islandSince the cooking island is intended to enhance the space, an important part of the kitchen planning is in deciding whether it is at all possible and meaningful. In principle, it is advisable to consider a cooking island as an additional supplement to the kitchen line, which is the “certain extra” when there is enough space.

Optimal kitchen equipment – The kitchen design

optimal kitchen equipment small kitchens designAnother important role is the design of kitchen and cooking island. Is the latter supposed to be in line with the fronts of the kitchen line, or should it be a strong contrast through color and material withdrawals?

Numerous possibilities of fronts design make a kitchen concept possible according to one’s own style of living. Materials, farms and surface structures should combine to create a harmonious overall picture, which, especially in an open kitchen, fits the rest of the living space.

While MDF boards (medium-density fiber boards) or chipboard (glued and pressed wood chips) are mostly used as base material for the production of barrier doors, there are many nice ways to shape the fronts:

  • Plastic fronts in countless colors
  • Lacquered fronts made of wood
  • Glass fronts for loosening the upper cabinet fronts
  • Real wood
  • veneer or solid wood fronts for a natural kitchen look
  • Stainless steel fronts
  • Acrylic fronts as individual styling

L kitchens – space-efficient and practical

Modern small l-shaped kitchen designThe L-shaped kitchen has, as the name implies, an L-shaped kitchen line. With a space-saving design, the L-shaped kitchen, also angular and corner kitchen is called, according plana.de mostly narrow, rectangular rooms used, but is also suitable as a framework for an open kitchen.

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The various planning possibilities allow the kitchen lines to be adapted to the individual wall lengths of the room, thus creating the perfect kitchen. In addition to the use of cabinets and drawers, the installation of a space-saving rotary crusher is ideal, which converts the lost space in the corner angle into storage space and is particularly suitable for bulky kitchen utensils.

Since only two walls are used in the L-kitchen, the free area in most cases offers enough space for a kitchen table with chairs. Another possibility is to add an open L-kitchen with a matching kitchen island. The practical L-shape of the body makes the kitchen a true all-rounder, which can be adapted to the most diverse ground plans.

What should be considered during planning

Small galley kitchen plansEvery kitchen installation and conversion begins with the planning of walls and flooring. A robust, hard-wearing and easy-to-clean floor covering is an absolute must. But also the walls, especially in the area of sink and stove, should be covered with a splash guard, in order to be able to eliminate unsightly tracks easily.

Electrical and water installations

Furthermore, a careful planning of power and water connections has to be considered. If you want to renew your kitchen, you should never forget to rebuild the electrical and water installation by a specialist.

A well thought-out structure

Small modern kitchen design ideasIn order to be able to use the kitchen not only in space, but also in energy-efficient manner, a sophisticated design of electrical appliances is the focus, in addition to the sensible furnishing. Never place the refrigerator next to the stove or the oven. In addition, it is convenient if there is a certain distance between the sink and the stove, which allows sufficient space for preparing and processing the foodstuffs.

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Since a cooking surface is no longer required to be installed in conjunction with an oven, the trend is to place the oven at the gripping height. This design makes a much more comfortable and less back-friendly operation possible and creates a storage space for pans and pans directly below the cooking surface.

Once the positions of the electrical appliances have been determined, the design of the individual kitchen cabinets is planned. In addition to conventional top and bottom cabinets with simple shelves, there are numerous possibilities to store kitchen articles and foodstuffs in an optimal way. Rotary carousels for bulky kitchen machines, different sized drawers for all types of dishes, and so-called pharmacy cabinets, where dry foods can be stowed away.


Small modern loft kitchen designPlanning a beautiful and sophisticated cuisine as well as adjust the device perfectly to the conditions of space and environment, so is not that easy. In addition to the great question of the style in which the kitchen is to be designed, fronts, colors, electrical appliances, tiles and barrier fittings must be chosen appropriately. Also a correct placement of the electrical and water installations allows the highest degree of functionality of the kitchen and should not be underestimated.

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