6 Feb 2018

2019 Color Trends for Kitchen Designs – Wall Painting Ideas and Color Schemes

The kitchen the most appropriate? Any color palette is composed of shades that weaken or enhance each other. We must not leave the walls “naked” because the mural, too, is a beautiful accent. Choosing the best kitchen
4 Feb 2018

Modern Living Room Designs 2019 – Ideas and Trends for the New Season

With the beginning of the New Year we expect a change in life but there are also many who think is to make repairs, update the already boring environment and perform updates inside. Such decisions we often
2 Feb 2018

Exclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

The ridge, or balcony or terrace, is empty and waiting for the spring cleaning, which incidentally should have happened long ago, since the beautiful weather is a fact. If you do not plan to escape soon after
12 Jan 2018

Paint Ceiling Panels – Tips and Ideas for Choosing the Right Color

The ceiling cladding is very popular, especially if it consists of wooden panels. Unfortunately, it does not fit in with the new stoneware tiles or furniture or the old ceiling lights have left their mark. Then a
10 Jan 2018

Modern Design of Bedroom Trends 2018 – 2019: Ideas and Inspirations

Modern design of bedroom trends 2018 is essentially about simplicity. This style of furnishing relies on clean lines and few accessories. If you want to rest in a quiet place at the end of an eventful day,
7 Jan 2018

Choosing The Right Bench For Bedrooms – Tips And Examples

One of the most practical (and therefore most popular) pieces of furniture that can be placed at the foot of a bed is the bed bench, sometimes called the “bedroom bench“. The bedsteads not only provide comfort