All About Painting Bathroom Tiles – 15 Inspiring Ideas and Expert Tips

Paint bathroom tilesOur era is accustomed to frequent changes. There is nothing surprising, as the trends are constantly changing. To enjoy an interior space in the air of time, very often, one tackles the renovation and small cosmetic changes. These gestures allow us to free ourselves from all that has already passed from fashion and to give a youthful touch to the whole dwelling. But it is not always easy to cope with the task of renovating water features. Compared to other living rooms, it is the renovation of a bathroom that costs the most per square meter. That sounds logical, is not it? Giving a bath to a bathroom is a matter not to be taken lightly. So we hesitate twice before attacking it. To succeed in giving a new youth to this essential room of the house, without investing a large sum in renovation, we will need a clever and intelligent solution. Have you ever heard of bathroom tile paint? This small revolution gives you the answer you need to change the ambiance of your bathroom by adapting the decor to your desires and your budget. Have you ever heard of bathroom tile paint? This small revolution gives you the answer you need to change the ambiance of your bathroom by adapting the decor to your desires and your budget. Have you ever heard of bathroom tile paint? This small revolution gives you the answer you need to change the ambiance of your bathroom by adapting the decor to your desires and your budget.

Paint bathroom tile as a pro! How to do?

Paint bathroom tilesWant to give your bathroom a new lease of life? You are offered an excellent idea that consists of painting the tiles of the bathroom – an activity within everyone’s reach, easy and fun. The bathroom tile paint is a great alternative for decorating and transforming tiles in a bathroom or kitchen. The bathroom tile paint offers the great advantage of giving a very decorative finish while resisting wonderfully to moisture and detergents.

What criteria to consider when choosing the right paint for bathroom tile?

Paint bathroom tilesIt is quite logical – the bathroom tile paint will be subjected to tough tests among which – moisture, splashing water, frequent cleaning etc. Also, before choosing any bathroom tile paint, you have to answer several questions. The answers make it possible to make the best choice regarding the aesthetic and practical advantages of painting. What paint to buy – for wall or floor? Which color to privilege? Prefer the visible joints or not? Anti-slip paint or not? With or without underlay?

Paint bathroom tilesTo choose a bathroom tile paint, there is nothing very complicated. If the budget allows it, you must direct your choice to a special tile paint , resistant to moisture and water. Concerning floor tile paint, it is necessary to take into account the factor of frequent passage. It would be better to invest in a very solid paint that will ensure a good hold over time.

What kind of tile can be repainted?

Paint bathroom tilesSmooth or embossed, matt or glossy, small or large – the diversity of tiles is truly impressive. Before taking the step towards the renovation of a bathroom by painting the tiles, it is better to know the composition of the tiles. Yes, the tiles can be very well painted, but in a bathroom, the process is more delicate. That’s why, make sure to choose the bathroom tile paint suitable. A very useful advice not to neglect: it is necessary to differentiate paint for floor tiling and wall tiling. Obviously, it is the floor tile that requires a product more resistant to the wear and tear engendered by the frequent passage of the inhabitants. The wide choice of colors promises you a resolutely decorative, which will correspond perfectly to your desires and your requirements.

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Focus on different types of paints

Paint bathroom tilesAre you looking for a bathroom tile paint? An excellent solution is to rely on polyurethane paint. Versatile and super resistant to scratches, shocks and moisture, this paint is suitable for all rooms in the house. Among the great advantages of this type of paint is its ability to adhere to tiles without undercoating and to cover any type of tiles.

Paint bathroom tilesAnother type of paint for bathroom tile, especially suitable to withstand a frequent passage, is the epoxy paint. It is a mix of paint and resin ensuring an extremely reliable result with regard to the resistance to shocks and wear. This new generation paint is ideal for covering a wall tile. It has a high covering power, which gives it a super aesthetic appearance.

Paint bathroom tilesThanks to the new generation bathroom tile paint, the renovation of a bathroom is within everyone’s reach. According to experts, it is the earthenware tiles that are the most suitable for painting and offer better rendering. A second useful advice is to avoid painting porous surface tiles. One thing to remember for bathroom tile paint – it may cost you dearly, but with good reason! Given all its strengths (strength, maintenance and aesthetics), the special tile paint will help you give the bathroom a new lease of life without fear of moisture, detergents and wear.

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