Plinth Seal for Kitchen: Which Color or Look to Choose?

Plinth seal for kitchenA base plate for kitchen is the icing on the cake for a successful kitchen design. It gives the built-in kitchen the finishing touch and also connects it visually with the floor. The skirting board prevents dirt and dust from collecting under the kitchen and also hides the unsightly view of the floor. But which skirting board should you choose for your kitchen?

Plasterboard for kitchen – Practical and decorative

Plasterboard for kitchenWith a base for kitchen, the room always looks decent and much more inviting. For this reason, you should not miss out on these useful accessories. Such strips are available in many different model variants and can easily be removed at any time.

Install the base plate for the kitchen

base plate for kitchenOnly the mounted base panels give a new kitchen a harmonious appearance. The assembly requires little manual knowledge. In most cases, the sockellists have already been cut to the right length and height. If these accessories are missing, you can also buy them individually in furniture houses, in the DIY store, in the kitchen studio or online.

Height of skirting board for kitchen

Height of skirting board for kitchenEach kitchen cabinet has usually base feet. In addition to the standard base height of 15 cm there are also additional base heights such as 10 cm, 17 cm, 20 and 22 cm. A lower base has the advantage that you have more space in the body.

The design of the kitchen skylight

The design of the kitchen skylightThe skylight should of course be adjusted to your kitchen. The selection of different materials and decors is, of course, really big. When designing, keep in mind that the skirting board should fit not only to the kitchen furniture, but also to the floor.

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Base plate in body color

Base plate in body colorThe skirting board creates an optically uniform kitchen front and generally consists of the same material as the kitchen furniture. But you can also experiment with the colors. The gray kitchen corpus and the color-matching skirting board in the example above make the high-quality matt-black kitchen fronts right.

Base plate in black

black base plate for kitchenThere is hardly any color that produces as much depth as black. With a black base plate and a dark floor covering, light-colored baskets are particularly effective. For an even better effect, the wall design should also be kept dark.

Base plate made of stainless steel

Base plate made of stainless steelYou have stainless steel oven and refrigerator, then would be a good idea if stainless steel as an element somewhere in your kitchen again. How about a base plate for stainless steel kitchen? The glossy material also combines nicely with a black, white or gray kitchen.

Kitchen furniture and skirting board made of the same wood

Kitchen furniture and skirting board made of the same woodWhether oak, ash, beech or walnut, with warm radiance, wood turns the kitchen into a cozy place. The best way to fit kitchen furniture and skirting boards is when both are made of the same wood.

The skirting board and floor covering fit together perfectly

The skirting board and floor covering fit together perfectlyA dark wooden floor in the kitchen creates the perfect contrast to the white kitchen facades and the marble worktop. Combined with a skirting board in the same color, a more complete and appealing impression is created.

Higher base with pattern

Higher base with pattern freestanding kitchen islandA particularly nice element for the modern living room is a freestanding kitchen island. It creates an optical separation between the cooking area and the living space and at the same time offers plenty of space and possibly also storage space. This central kitchen island can give you a very special look through a decorative base.

Skylight mirror

base plate in mirror opticsA base plate in mirror optics would be the perfect round for your new flooring in the kitchen. It visually enhances the kitchen and makes it look lighter. The base can also be combined with a kitchen rear wall made of mirror – a great alternative to factory or printed glass.

Trendy base plates made of mirrors

Trendy base plates kitchen made of mirrorsTrendy mirror pedestals set an effective accent among every kitchen and let them float in the air. If you have chosen a black kitchen, then this detail is excellent. Mirrors reflect the light and thus the room is brighter and much more inviting.

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Mirrors reflect the light

Mirrors reflect the light kitchen cabinet baseMirroring elements are very popular with room design, as they create beautiful visual effects and look very decorative. Mirror surfaces are also very easy to clean because they have the same valued properties as glass.

Planning of kitchen lighting

kitchen lightingThe lighting must be planned as carefully as the other aspects of the kitchen. Too low or incorrectly positioned light sources can lead to glare, shadows and insufficient illumination. In addition to an optimally illuminated workplace, light scenes are also important.

Recessed luminaries in the baseboard

Recessed luminaries in the baseboardWith pedestal lighting in the kitchen, you create a harmonious atmosphere. The choice of colors, shapes and types of lamps is great. Individual halogen, energy saving or LED lamps can be integrated in the kitchen base or can be used for indirect lighting with LED strips.

Colored lights

colored kitchen lightingWith exciting color changes you are ready for the next party! RGB stripes or blue LED downlights produce wonderful effects in your own kitchen. So you stay flexible with the colors.

LED strips

LED kitchen lightingA true eye catcher for your new flooring in the kitchen! The led strips are available in different designs, colors and light intensity: for gluing or screwing, warm white or cold white, white or with color change etc. Thanks to the modern LED technology, the energy requirement is particularly low.

Uniform diffuse light distribution in the base area

Uniform diffuse light distribution in the base areaThe assembly of built-in lights requires skilled craftsmanship, while self-adhesive LED strips are quite simple to install. These are also cheaper than single halogen or LED lamps. Depending on the length and version, a simple LED strip including power supply, cable and remote control can cost less than 30 euros.

Indirect lighting creates kitchens

LED light bar at the kitchen baseAn LED light bar at the kitchen base creates atmospheric permanent light during the day and additional lighting for orientation in the evening. As an indirect lighting, they transform every kitchen into a comfortable room.

Lighting the kitchen carefully plan

Self-adhesive LED strips kitchen lightingSelf-adhesive LED strips can be easily installed. First connect the light strip to the cable and connect it to the transformer. Then attach the strips to the desired location. Lay the cables and other elements. Transformer is placed behind the base plate or in the cabinet. Plug the mains plug into the socket, switch it on and you’re done!

Good idea for small kitchens

pedestal drawers kitchen cabinetsWith pedestal drawers you can use the valuable storage space under the built-in kitchen. The dimensions of the drawers should be easily adjusted to the traditional cabinet dimensions. This allows you to take advantage of the entire cupboard depth to store kitchens or small kitchen utensils.

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Pedestal drawers

pedestal drawers blue cottage kitchenThe pedestal drawers are not the same height as traditional drawers, but they can hold small things like napkins or kitchen towels. Just look at the height measurements when planning.

Different wine storages

wine storages kitchen cabinet drawersHandle for the drawer strips are often narrow stainless steel lines. They are not visible at first glance, because they are installed directly under the conventional kitchens.

Tile mirrors and skirting boards are color coordinated

Tile mirrors and skirting boardsColored kitchen back-ups also form an interesting contrast and can strongly influence the atmosphere in the kitchen in combination with a colored skirting board. Thanks to the two sun-colored accents, the white kitchen gets an extraordinary character.

Top skirt with self-adhesive film

old skirting board for kitchenSure, your list of renovation kits for your kitchen is long and expensive. Plinth panels can help here! Give your kitchen a modern and tasteful look by spice up the old skirting board for kitchen.

Color accent for white kitchen

Color accent for white kitchenWith Adhesive Foil and Washi Tape, you can give your old Sockelleiste a whole new touch. It does not have that long life, but looks super fresh.

Baseboard in brass look

Baseboard in brass lookAdhesive films are ideal for crafting, designing and renovating! They are available in almost every conceivable color and in many interesting decors. This can also be used to conceal any damage to already installed base panels.

IKEA kitchen spice up

Ikea kitchen spice upYou can also explore the processing techniques that allow you to apply the adhesive sheets in a professional manner and without bubbles. For smooth surfaces, wet processing is recommended. This allows the film to be processed better and no bubbles come in.

Drawer hidden behind the plinth

Drawer hidden behind the plinthIf you are looking for cheap renovation kitchens for your kitchen, consider replacing the drawer handles. For example, this white kitchen looks very elegant with brass-colored accents. Self-adhesive films can still be found in the colors copper, gold and chrome.

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