Pool Deck Made Of Wood or WPC – Tips and Design Possibilities

pool edge out wood deckFor the design of the garden and outdoor areas the natural look is often pursued. Suitable terraces meet the aesthetic and practical requirements for outdoor flooring. Durability and pleasant appearance ensure a wooden pool frame as well as WPC – a new material, a combination of wood fibers and plastic. You will find the characteristics of the two similar coatings and also modern swimming pool areas in the article.

Pool deck made of wood or WPC?

Pool deck made of wood wpcWood enjoys natural-looking optics and cozy radiation, which is particularly popular in outdoor areas. It is important to take into account that gardening is a habitat for animals and plants and that all materials used should be weather-resistant and at the same time not too chemically aggressive for the environment. Regular treatment of the terraces is necessary against fungi, but also very elaborate. Why is it not to be underestimated, to decide for which kind of wood or wood material.

Wooden pool surround – Resistant wood species

wooden pool surround deckWhen choosing real wood for the pool bordering one can choose between indigenous or tropical types of wood. Larch and Douglas fir are very resistant to fungi and insect infestation. The quality of the wood is decisive for the life of the covering – it should be cut from the heartwood, if possible as a stripe. Over time, the wood loses its red-brownish color and becomes slowly gray. Whether it is a noble, often purposeful optics, or to the contrary a defect, it is pure taste. However, graying does not reflect the stability and durability of the wood, which is why treatment is not necessary.

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Pool deck of wood – tropical species, such as teak

teak wood pool deckTropical woods are characterized by higher density and therefore higher resistance to weathering. When purchasing, it is important to pay attention to the FSC label, since only then is it ensured that it comes from sustainable forestry.

Poolside of wood and basin rim with noble look

small Poolside of wood and basin rim with noble lookNot only the type of wood, but also the constructive processing of the terraces play an essential role in their durability and durability. Especially in the pool area, where the slip is often exposed to splashing water and moisture, one should take note of the attachment and the construction of the planks. Some simple rules can significantly extend the life of the wood and get closer to the characteristics of the tropical woods.

Fixing the wooden terraces

wooden deck terrace poolWhen installing and fixing the wooden pool frame, it is advisable not to fix the terraces with screws or rivets from above, but to be fastened from below using special clips. No water falls through the screw holes in the interior of the material and in the wood fibers there is no additional moisture. This fastening method provides a clean and elegant look. All fasteners and rivets should be chosen from stainless steel.

Disposal – Wood and Composites

Disposal - Wood and CompositesAfter years it can happen that these or other terraces have to be exchanged. In the case of wood flooring, there is no obstacle to disposal, since the material is 100% biodegradable. On the other hand, wood treated with chemical agents or produced from composite materials should be disposed of as special waste.

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As an alternative to the pool edging – WPC terraces

alternative pool edgingWPC is a new composite material made of wood and plastic, still known as Wood Plastic Composite, and is made by a large proportion of one or the other material – up to 90 percent plastic, up to 75 percent wood fibers in Europe. The higher wood content offers a similar to the wood surface, which provides a more comfortable feeling when walking.

WPC Terrassendielen in different optics and designs selectable

WPC boards pool deckWPC boards can be more durable under direct water effects than certain types of wood, which also start to spatter over time. Terrassendielen from composite material scarcely ever splits, which can be a substantial advantage, in particular in the pool area, where one wants to barefoot the swimming pool to enjoy.

WPC Terrassendielen in dark brown with natural-looking grain

WPC Terrassendielen in dark brown with natural-looking grainThe large proportion of polymer resins (PP, PE) and the enriched strength make the material very resistant to moisture and does not absorb any water. Nevertheless, similar to the natural wood material, the composite material must not be permanently in the water.

WPC Terrassendielen resistant to salt and chlorine water

WPC pool deck Terrassendielen resistant to salt and chlorine waterThe water in the pool is regularly protected by chlorine-containing agents of germs. It is also possible to use chlorine water on the swimming pool. WPC planks are chlorine and salt water resistant, whereby it is to be emphasized that highly concentrated, ie higher than in swimming pool water, chlorine solutions can lead to stains.

Pro-Punkt – WPC Terrassendielen are  easy to care for

Pro-Punkt pool deck designAn important point with an outdoor covering is the care. This is significantly lower for the WPC terraces, since they do not need to be abraded or impregnated (or oiled or waxed).

WPC – sustainable and ecologically alternative to the tropical woods

WPC terraces pool deck designWPC terraces offer a modern and sustainable solution as an alternative to natural wood, whose quality is equivalent to that of the tropical woods. This reduces the consumption of wood and protects the tropical forests. The responsible manufacturers use only certified and EU approved raw materials which can be recycled.

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Pool enclosures – combinations of materials

wooden bricks pool deck materialsPlease note that boards are not directly in the water. A border of the actual swimming pool, for example with basin rim in attractive appearance can be combined with the natural look of the wood wonderfully. Suitable stone types are: travertine, sandstone, quartzite, granite and quartz sandstone. From a practical point of view a distinction between the water and the wooden flooring is recommended.

Design of wooden pool surround

Design of wooden pool surroundA pool border of wood or WCP terraces can convert the area around the pool to the right oasis and attraction point. The timeless wooden ceiling optics can be designed very modernly and provides a seamless transition between outside and inside. We offer you an overview.

Water games and extras in the pool guarantee relaxation in your own garden

classic variant for wooden decking made of solid boardsIn the simple classic variant for wooden decking made of solid boards, the elements are fastened to the substructure with screws and remain visible. The planks could be variably assembled and assembled according to the tongue and groove principle. This of course depends on the execution and model of the wooden boards.

Rectangular wooden pool surround in the garden

Rectangular wooden pool surroundIn the pool surround with terraces, curved and playful shapes are also possible, for example for round pools, in addition to the rectangular shape. There is also a practical and comfortable bench in a uniform look to the wooden terrace.

WPC – a composite of plastic and wood for terraces

composite of plastic and wood for terracesWPC Terrassendielen – easier assembly

Build pool deckPool surround WPC terraces

Pool surround WPC terracesWPC terraces need little care after layingwpc round pool surround deck

WPC Terrassendielen available in several opticswpc for pool deck designs

Pool deck made of wood for natural looking appearancePool edge made of wood for natural looking appearance

Pool deck wooden – terrace with swimming pool from the gardenPool edge wooden - terrace with swimming pool

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