Romantic Room – 15 Delicate and Chic Decoration Ideas in Various Styles

Chic Romantic Room Decoration IdeasTo realize a romantic couple room and conducive to the relaxation are essential essential in the arrangement and decoration of this room. Space for sleep, but also for intimacy, requires a certain amount of sensitivity when it is furnished and embellished. As a result, it is most often the ladies who seek to embellish the contemporary adult bedroom. However even the queen of the house needs a little boost in the form of original elegant ideas. Let’s examine a collection of decorating ideas from the romantic room in various styles and try to recreate its magic!

Chic Romantic Room Decoration Ideas

The first good news is that the romantic theme is not explicitly defined nor subject to strictly determined rules. That is, each decorator, whether an amateur or a professional, can interpret and reinvent it as he sees fit. So you do not necessarily have to realize a romantic room from scratch, but you can adapt the sensual decorations to your existing surroundings whether it is classic style, retro chic or modern design.

The presence of powdered tones in the decoration of the romantic room

Chic Romantic Room Decoration IdeasThe starting point of the realization of a romantic room is the color of the walls that will create the initial background. For example, a plain background and sober allows to superimpose several accents rich textures and colors. For this reason we recommend the discrete pastel colors and neutral shades that can normally be found in nature. One could then add any kind of furnishings without running the risk of ending badly with a disparate interior and kitch.

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Chic Romantic Room Decoration Ideas

If, on the other hand, you prefer the more pigmented and intense colors, a similar backdrop is also suitable. In fact, emerald green, navy blue, teal and petroleum blue are tones that one can quietly afford in the room devoted essentially to rest and caresses. In the end, a romantic room should offer small visual pleasures to ladies, and men.

Chic Romantic Room Decoration Ideas

Then the furniture in the room are the other key elements when setting up the romantic room. Logically, the bed is indispensable in this room and therefore it becomes the focal point of the overall design. One of the most popular options is the bed with shaped headboard influenced by the baroque style. Richly decorated, padded, gilded or dressed in noble velvet ruby, the headboard softens the atmosphere and evokes the absolute exuberance.

The importance of fabrics, patterns and sensual textures

Chic Romantic Room Decoration Ideas

The furnishing fabrics and the rest of the textile in the room are also decisive for the atmosphere in the adult room. The bed linen, curtains, carpet and damask of the furniture to sit offer uncountable decorative possibilities. Apart from the baroque black and white arabesques that are often found in the decoration of the romantic room, prefer the stylized floral motifs and all the other absolutely beautiful designs that are inspired by flora and fauna.

Chic Romantic Room Decoration Ideas

For a romantic room to be successful it must invite to cocooning and the infallible way of producing this effect is by using the right textures and arranging them at strategic locations. For example, a solid wood floor looks warm and evokes a mountain cottage nestled in the snow. Plus, it’s the perfect base to add a cozy natural fiber rug, a cozy faux fur or a super warm warm sheep wool blanket.

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Romantic room decorated with sails and fairy-tinted garlands

Chic Romantic Room Decoration IdeasWe continue with one of the pillars of the impeccable romantic room which is unmistakably mysterious and delicate lighting. And when we talk about romanticism, mystery and sweetness we simply could not ignore the enchanting light garlands. Combine them with some semitransparent white curtains and you will easily get an aerial and poetic drapery plunged in subdued light.

Chic Romantic Room Decoration Ideas

Another must-have luminaire is the refined and opulent crystal chandelier whose pendants trigger magical shimmering reflections. Naturally, bedside lamps and other types of auxiliary light fixtures should not be overlooked either. Especially when the table lamps are classic style, luxurious feet with noble finishes and shades off-white in cylindrical or conical shape.

The romantic room through the prism of various decoration styles

Chic Romantic Room Decoration IdeasAs mentioned at the beginning, the “sentimental” decoration lends itself to many stylistic interpretations and is hyper-adaptable. The next part of the current article is therefore devoted to the romantic room observed through the magnificent prism of varied styles of decoration. Logically, one begins with the most romantic and charming style of all styles, namely: shabby chic.

Shabby chic decoration ideas for a dreamy atmosphere

Chic Romantic Room Decoration IdeasAs you probably already know, the shabby chic is based on the abundant use of immaculate white, antique objects, even antique relooked, accents in water green and pastel blue and abundant floral patterns. All these specific features make it perfectly suited to the romantic female room soaked with the beauty of yesteryear. The picture above illustrates perfectly the majority of the ideas proposed by this dreamy and somewhat utopian style.

Gustavian style delicate and meticulous at the same time

Chic Romantic Room Decoration IdeasThe following decoration idea is very close to the shabby style, however we note immediately the absence of pastels, color in general. This is the delicate and meticulous Gustavian style that first appeared in the eighteenth century in Sweden. It harmonizes impeccably with the romantic room ideas due to its white worked furniture, sophisticated wall moldings and aristocratic accessories, among other things.

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Ideas for romantic room in chic Provencal style

Chic Romantic Room Decoration IdeasThe above proposal draws a fignole and idyllic image of the decoration of the romantic room in chic Provençal style. In fact, it comes very close to the shabby chic style and it’s totally normal, as both rely on the same conceptual ideas. We have the same bouquets of flowers, this time with complementary tones more daring, cream shades that replace the immaculate white background and solid wood elements in place of metallic furniture repainted in white.

The somewhat utopian seaside spirit

Chic Romantic Room Decoration IdeasThe penultimate romantic room of this article is completely immersed in the seaside spirit decoration. Obviously, the most important thing is the colorful palette, dominated by pure white and sky blue. Please also note the embossed star wall decoration, the chandelier and above all the cute log-shaped duffel behind the decorative cushions that are just as charming.

The romantic black room of modern design

Chic Romantic Room Decoration IdeasFinally, we are pleased to present you the romantic room of modern design completely invaded by the classic eternal black and the anthracite gray current and trendy. Graphic and luxurious, this contemporary piece is perfectly adapted to sleep, but also 100% conducive to intimacy. What is your favorite design?

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