Set Up a Common Children’s Room: Ideas and Tips for 3 Or 4 Children

Set Up a Common Childrens RoomOften several siblings have to share a children’s room, because you cannot always have a children’s room for each child. Sometimes parents feel guilty that you cannot provide their offspring enough space. Others, on the other hand, consciously make the decision that the brothers and sisters share a room. However, the planning is not always easy, especially if the sibling room has to be set up for three or four children. In the following, we have compiled useful information and tips on how to create a cozy and practical common children’s room. With these furnishing ideas for children’s rooms for three or four children, some creativity and planning, you support the peaceful coexistence and create a place to feel good.

Setting up a common children’s room – prerequisites, advantages and disadvantages

Set Up a Common Childrens RoomAlthough the professional world does not agree whether a sibling room for three or more children is beneficial for the children or not, the shared room brings many advantages. The newcomers learn to take care of the others early and make compromises. They are also safe and secure and can be exchanged constantly. The most beautiful thing in the sibling room is the fun and the valuable opportunity to experience the adventure together.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

Especially at the beginning it often happens that the children distract each other and keep each other asleep. But this is not a cause for concern because the children make your brothers and sisters clear when they really want to sleep. One of the most important prerequisites, if you set up a common nursery, would be the sibling constellation. Although small disputes are absolutely normal, the children have to understand each other very well, so that the disputes remain within the framework.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

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It does not matter whether the children are of equal or different sex. Regarding the different age is the best distance between 2 and 4 years. At a smaller distance the children share the same interests, but are often jealous of each other. If the age difference is more than 4 years, it would be difficult for the older child to share the children’s room. In the following you will find tips as well as ideas and examples, if three or more children have to share the sibling room.

Setting up a common child’s room for three or more children – What to look out for?Set Up a Common Childrens Room

If you set up a common children’s room for several siblings, it is of the utmost importance that the room is as large as possible. The more space is available, the easier the child’s room furnishings will be, and the more likely your young children will feel there, and will not always get in the way. In smaller apartments, there is often the possibility not to convert another bedroom into children’s bedrooms.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

Below you will find ideas and inspiration, as well as you can create small children’s rooms optimally. In order to create more space in the sibling room, it is sometimes worthwhile to outsource some things from the room. For example, your children’s desks can be placed in the study. If you are going to the common children’s room, it is advisable to arrange neutral furniture as children’s interests change quickly.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

Finally, you can add colorful accents to the walls or other decorations and create a beautiful world with the favorite heroes of your children. It is best to involve the children in the design of the children’s room. If the adolescents are allowed to co-decide and choose their own style, there will be fewer complaints later. A clear division is also an advantage.

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Children’s room furnishings – ideas, tips and examplesSet Up a Common Childrens Room

Regardless of the size and texture of the room, try to use the available space optimally and creatively and get the maximum out of every square meter. For example, if you have to set up a common children’s room, which should be placed in a high room, you can spread the sleeping possibility on several levels. Thus the children have their beds on two or three levels.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

In the sibling room for several children, the high bed is absolutely justified a real classic. With it, you can create a further level even in lower rooms and create valuable space in a small and narrow children’s room. On the market you will find many different models of children’s beds, which fit perfectly into the intended space.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

There are, for example, practical bunk beds, which are the ideal solution for larger siblings’ rooms. They offer not only extra sleeping space, but also great play facilities, which the children appreciate. If the child’s bedroom is rather elongated, you can set up a bunk bed, which can be moved laterally. Otherwise there are the skyscraper triple beds and viere beds, which are a true space saver from a certain height.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

Crucial for a peaceful and happy cohabitation in the sibling room is a retreat, where every child can sometimes go back and spend time there undisturbed. For all siblings, it is of great importance, though briefly, to have their privacy. Such an area can easily be separated from the rest of the room by means of a curtain or shelf.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

The fact that several children share the same bedroom does not mean that you are perceived as a whole. Each child must be given the opportunity to show their own personality. Thus, the wall behind the own bed can turn into a unique work of art. Let your loved one have a word when choosing a color for a child’s room.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

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If you have a common children’s room for three or four children, you should also provide enough space. The children spend a lot of time playing, painting or just playing around. For this reason, a lot of storage space must be created to enable them to move freely. Especially with three or four siblings, there is already a lot to be stowed away.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

Drawers under the beds, shelves on the wall as well as boxes for smaller toys, ensure order and prevent chaos. Even if the children’s room is organized in several individual areas, it is easy for the children to clean up. Design a play or building corner next to the play corner, leaving only as many toys as necessary. Experience shows that children play with less toys better.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

Especially if two girls and two guys share the sibling room, everyone can get their own color. With a simple wall color in the nursery design, two birds were hit with one flap. The siblings have given their own room a personal touch while providing for an optical separation of the individual areas.Set Up a Common Childrens Room

With a thought-out planning, a few tricks and order, you can help your children to a beautiful and cozy children’s room. The newcomers can invite friends and proudly show their own realm. Shared happiness is equally double happiness and the pagan passport is guaranteed.

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