Small Kitchen Clever Set Up – Variants and Tips For Best Use Of Space

small kitchen area clever setupWhat a small kitchen area or area means is differently understood by different people. While for a small one means that it is a small or narrow space, others understand a small working surface. Even in a narrow space, a large work surface can be created, while others can be dispensed with. In principle, therefore, it is purely a matter of opinion. The fact that the space by cooking and possibly also eating but no less attractive must be, we would like to prove to you in this article. We have put together some examples of a small kitchen of both types, but they are still true jewels. Get inspired by your friends and share your travel plans.white cabinets small kitchen designs

The trick in the design of small kitchens is to use the available space in the best way and not only to accommodate all the important appliances, but also to create enough space without the whole thing being too crowded and oppressive. This becomes all the more difficult if a dining table is also to be accommodated. However, to make a small kitchen clever, you can consider some tips and tricks that can be more than helpful. All in all, everything depends on size, shape and your needs. For this reason, you should already be aware of what you value.u-shaped small kitchen designs

  • Are you ready to refrain from storage space or work areas to accommodate other pieces of furniture, or is the space for storing dishes and other items for you?
  • Corner kitchens are without a doubt sympathetic, but in some cases simply not suitable. Make compromises!
  • Their needs determine the choice of the household appliances and thus the arrangement of the kitchen cabinets.
  • The cooking island is a luxury that many dream of. Think carefully if this is appropriate for your room.
  • Space-saving furniture and solutions can be very helpful in the furnishing.

Space-saving furniture small kitchenThese are only a few points that play an important role in kitchen planning. And so that nothing goes wrong and you are fully satisfied with your cooking and working area, we would like to introduce you to some things that you can look out for and which you should consider when planning for a particular Design. After a few years, you do not want to think about new cabinets, but invest in the long term.

Household appliances

small kitchen household appliancesWhile some of the household appliances, such as oven and hob, fridge and possibly also the microwave are unavoidable, others like toasters or water cookers in turn make for a more comfortable everyday life, but can be missing if necessary. And since the small kitchen does not have too much space and you want to have space on the workplace to prepare the meal, it is good to consider which of the appliances you might omit. This, as already mentioned, belongs to the planning. If you have enough cabinets, many of these smaller units can also be simply stowed away to keep the panel free. After all, not every kitchen appliance is used daily.

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Tips for the small kitchen – Choose the right shape

small kitchen shape imagesThe right shape plays a big role for a spacious small kitchen of course and depends on different things. These are on the one hand, of course, the size and, above all, the shape of the space. But other elements such as windows and doors, which can not be easily adjusted, also influence the decision about the appropriate kitchen shape. So you do not want to have a cupboard in your way when you enter. Instead, care must be taken to ensure uninterrupted traffic. You might also want to have one of the kitchens at the window, or do you prefer a small dining area at the window?

Small kitchen designed in L-shape

Small kitchen designed in L-shapeNow you have the choice between different shapes. On the one hand there would be the classic L-shape, thus a sympathetic corner kitchen, which in many cases is well suited and opposite space for devices such as refrigerator or dining table offer. Design them along a window or opposite the window. The cabinets can also be located to the left and right of the door. If the space is given, can be played with different ideas and become an individual design.

One or more separate kitchenettes

modern small kitchen kitchenettesIf the room is broad enough and you want as much work as possible, as well as storage possibilities for microwave, water cooker, toaster and the like, a design with two parallel kitchenettes is very good. Care must be taken to ensure that there is sufficient clearance between the two lines. A distance of 1.20 meters is considered optimal. If necessary, the doors on both sides can be open at the same time, if necessary.

single-room apartment space-saving small kitchen furnitureIf the variant with parallel lines is not for you, then you have the possibility to build a single small kitchen row. Then you have the possibility to play with the length to match them to your needs. And in case the pipes have not yet been laid, you can also choose the better wall for you. But also open kitchens are often furnished in this way. Then, for example, there is room for a kitchen island. And also quite narrow single-room apartments draw a space-saving benefit from the single line. You can compensate for the lack of storage space due to fewer options. It is an advantage to use the space upwards in small rooms.

The framing U-shape

U-shaped small kitchen galleryA lot of space is guaranteed with a U-shaped kitchen design. Especially square rooms can be arranged in this way. But keep in mind the distance. This should not be chosen differently from the parallel variant. The two opposing cabinet rows require a distance of at least 1.20 meters. Whether you like such a small length for the third kitchen line connecting the two others, you have to decide for yourself. Otherwise, the small kitchen in U-form but a practical thing. A small table or an island may be placed in the middle.

Small kitchen with G-shape

Modern small kitchen with g-shapedEspecially for open living rooms and kitchens, the G-shape is very popular. However, a little more space has to be planned here. In principle, this means U-designs, which also have a “half” line or a counter which separates the kitchen from the rest of the room visually and, so to speak, replaces the fourth wall. Also a separate room for the kitchen can be furnished in this way, provided there is sufficient space. Then the rest of the area can be considered to form a seating corner, or a dining area.G-shaped modern small kitchen

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TIP : If you can not imagine all this, you can also cut squares and rectangles from cardboard, which have the standard width of kitchens. Just spread them there on the floor, where you can imagine the kitchen cabinets. You will get a better overview of how much space you will still have. After all, the mentioned distance is only a minimum value that might seem too small for you.

Ideas for a very small kitchen – space – saving furniture

very small kitchen space saving furnitureSure, top cabinets are perfect to create more storage space. In small rooms, however, they are not always ideal when it comes to creating a feeling of spaciousness despite the tightness. This is often the case in very narrow areas. A marvelous alternative is open shelves. These can both replace the upper cabinets as well as be combined with them to use the free space on the walls, but at the same time to provide a more spacious look. In addition, the shelves quickly become an eye-catcher and make your little kitchen look much more interesting. Show your favorite dishes in this way especially well.Small modern tiny kitchen design

If you do not want to be able to do without the whole cabin, you can also consider those with sliding doors. These save a lot of space in the open state. So if you have the habit of leaving the spice or other cabinets open during cooking (which could be quite annoying in small kitchens), sliding doors will land a perfect match. And quite apart from that, they also look particularly modern, especially if they are made of glass.

High shelves and wall niches

High shelves and wall small kitchenNot only the areas above the cabinets can be used for shelves to create more storage space. Also other free walls are suitable, to use high shelves, but also narrow booths. They are again the better choice for narrow rooms, as they are much narrower than the classic kitchen cabinets and thus occupy much less space. This way you get a lot freer floor space and that for the small kitchen more than just practical.

In this way possible wall niches can be used. You can adjust the parts of the kitchen of this niche and thus gain ground again. So you can also integrate a dining table into the small room or you can put the folding table there. This comes back to the shape you choose for the small kitchen.

Folding tables

folding table breakfast bar wooden stools modern small kitchenInstead of a whole dining table, which can either no longer be in the kitchen or simply put the room too much, you can consider a folding table. This is only then folded up, when time is to eat. During the rest of the time he is hardly noticeable, and not only guarantees freedom of movement, but also prevents the cramped feeling of living. In addition, such a folding table is also wonderful as a counter suitable. Be it a table or a bar, this additional surface can also be used as an additional storage area during the work, thus expanding your work area as required.

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Idea for small kitchen island

Idea for the small kitchen islandThat the kitchen island in small, separate kitchens is often not so optimal, we have already mentioned. But perhaps you still have space for another variant, which can be chosen as an alternative? Serving tables on wheels can be very useful. Depending on the model, they have a fairly compact size and therefore do not occupy as much space as whole islands. And thanks to the wheels you can move it wherever you need it. If it is not used, however, it can simply pass a storage surface on the wall.

Kitchen optically enlarge

Modern small kitchen colorsWith the right colors you can achieve a lot. The small kitchen should be designed and decorated as light as possible. This is all the more important, the less natural light is present. Of course, this does not mean that you have to do without your favorite color, which may be a little bit darker or dark, cozy wood. Just use it more sparingly. For example, choose a white kitchen with a dark work surface or a dark floor or use darker wall paint on only one wall.


Yellow high-gloss cabinets modern small kitchen designsHigh-gloss cabinets or other surfaces that reflect light and also reflect the room creates an optical illusion, which convinces us that the space is much bigger despite the many cabinets and furniture. This also applies to different metals. Now, of course, this does not mean that you now have the freedom to complete all the walls just because the kitchen cabinets and shelves are high-gloss. You are allowed to do so, but you should also use it sparingly. Just because the room seems larger, it does not mean that he also larger is. In other words, you would be annoyed that you can not move as freely as you would like.small kitchen backboard and worktop

In addition, the cabinet surfaces do not necessarily have to be the reflecting element in the room. You can also use the kitchen backboard and worktop for this purpose or play with other pieces of furniture. Or how about hanging a mirror on one of the free walls? Then the room not only looks much more spacious, but you get an elegant wall decoration for your small kitchen.

As a matter of principle, you should simply let yourself be tempted by planning your small kitchen and not toppling. Look at different examples, and keep in mind that the space is very important in the kitchen, enough space for moving, to be comfortable at least as important. Make a list of things that you do not want to do without, and those that you might compromise. Then you will quickly reach the perfect kitchen design for your needs and conditions!

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