Some Wonderful Ideas for Reusing Old Garden Hoses

The sun dried it, the scissors cut it in two… or the dog played with it. How to reuse a garden hose, creating useful and innovative products? In this note, you have several hose

Ideas for Reusing Old Garden Hoses

What to do with a Broken Garden Hose?

Do you need ideas to reuse old hoses? Because the sun dried it because cutting the lawn accidentally cut it, because the cold of winter broke it, once caused the damage we only have two options: just throw it away in the trash, or apply these suggestions and make creations that you give warmth and functionality to any corner of our home.

In this article we want to tell you our favorite ideas to take advantage of every resource at our fingertips, bringing a good amount of creativity!

5 useful objects with garden hoses

Depending on the amount of broken hose you have at your disposal, here are some useful tips that will surely interest you:

  1. Fabrics with hoses: Do you have an old chair whose fabric has been broken? The skeleton of a folding chair or garden can come to life by creating a new fabric: the garden hose. Use it instead of wicker or fabric. You can also make eye-catching designs!
  2. Carpets: Create a carpet, rug or carpet by simply wrapping or modeling a figure with your broken garden hose, on a flat surface. Fix it in its new form using hot silicone, universal or contact adhesive, and also attaching the entire part to a cut of felt or other material. On the visible side, you can leave it as is to create a great mat for the garden door, or also paint it with two or three layers of spray paint, in the tone you want.
  3. Prevent knocks: Car doors, windows that move with the wind… whatever you want to avoid it hit hard will find your ally with old garden hoses. Cut lengths and open them lengthwise to fit on the thin edges (such as the car doors, just where they could touch the garage wall) or roll a small spiral to make a floor or wall bumpers, Painting them to your liking.
  4. Containers: Screw the spiral hose onto a flat surface, holding it with universal adhesive, hot silicone or plastic clamps. When you have a base of the desired size, start winding up, creating the sides of your container. You can give it the shape of a basket for multiple uses, one of the low sides to make a nice little box for a small pet, or a box in the form of a tube, and even a lid to make a container for the garden.
  5. Extended Water: The simplest way to reuse a punctured hose is simply by extending it along with a good sized stonecutter so that it is watered to its full extent simultaneously. Correct excessive breakages and punctures by covering them with another piece of broken hose, cut lengthwise to wrap with it the sectors you want to leave without “water outlet”.
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7 practical ideas for reusing an old hose

The garden hoses were broken or punctured not only serve to make the new elements that we saw earlier. Also, they are great complements to give practicality to other objects, for example:

  1. Is the handle of your bucket or paint cans too thin, and does it hurt in your hands when you lift them? Cut a length of hose, cut it lengthwise to open it, and use it to wrap the handle and facilitate its grip.
  2. Chains can be oxidized and, in some cases, result in potential hazards, such as those on children’s swings. Protect them with a broken open hose with a cut along, closing their ends with plastic clamps. Use this idea also to avoid blisters by rubbing with the common ropes, in children’s games or wherever.

“Broken hoses are useful for protecting edged elements, such as saw blades and saw blades. Cut them to size, and open them lengthwise to” fit “them by covering the edges.

  1. Portable lamps are great, but usually, they have a simple cable that we dispose to the intemperate. Protect them from direct sun, moisture or other damages by removing the end plug, and passing them through a broken hose. Reassemble the connector, and you will have a great cable reinforced and protected for any occasion.
  2. Broken hoses are useful for protecting edge elements, such as saw blades and workshop saws. Cut them to size, and open them lengthwise to “fit” them covering the edges. If the saw is thick, make two cuts along the hose, about 2 or 3 millimeters apart, for a much easier fit.
  3. Pipelines from outside are damaged by the intense sun or by the cold. Protect them by creating an insulation with pieces of broken hose, opening it along with a cut and wrapping the pipe with it, or at least the top of the pipes and ducts.
  4. If the wire where you put your clothes is affected (chipped, rusty), or if you do not have a clothesline and want to make a good one, only cover the common wire with an old irrigation hose, verifying that it does not disappear or using one of the Which has the colorless outer cover. Problem solved!
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“Cut lengths of hose and open them lengthwise to put in the points where the doors hit the wall.”

  1. If you are growing plant species that need tutors wire, protect them with old hoses to avoid damaging your trees and plants.

And what about the winter?

If you changed your irrigation hose to a new one, you may have a hanger or an extra reel and think about getting rid of it. Do not do it!. Use it to bend electric extensions, compressor air pipes or other machinery, including common ropes, wires, and virtually any other long element that you do not know how to wind up… including Christmas lights!

From now on, you’ll think twice about throwing them out. Keep these ideas in mind for reusing broken hoses and create useful items for your home.

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