Tips on How to Build an Ideal Wooden House

Wood has become the primary choice as a material to make a house in Indonesia, in addition to the wooden house cozy and warm for habitation, it is also because Indonesia is a country of tropical overgrown with lots of trees so that timber is easy to come by.



At least there are two choices wooden house you usually wake up, the traditional wooden houses and a modern wooden house. Traditional wooden houses are made directly on the site, while for modern wooden house is a house designed system disassembly.

Some people are lazy pick of wooden houses, because as we know the nature of wood that can be weathered with age or termites, not as strong as the material of concrete can last longer.

But if you want to build and have a wooden house, there are several things that must be considered for treating wooden houses, including:

  • Choose good material at the start of manufacture, so the durability of wooden houses can be longer.
  • Selection paint melamine was good, so that the color and natural fibers of wood still looks good.
  • Starting with the starting image design concept, in order to house according to architectural style is desired, including functionality and the aesthetics value,

To build a wooden house that is strong and beautiful, of course not can use any timber, the main ingredient should be selected from high quality hardwood. Some of the wood used is teak, iron wood and bangkirai, the wood is good quality but the price is quite expensive. There is another alternative as an option, which is mahogany and camphor, type of wood is cheaper, just not resistant to termites though it was given anti-termite.

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The wooden house is suitable built in the cold temperature, because it will feel warmer. But if you want to build a wooden house in the city and featuring a unique impression, it seems you have to install the air conditioner to compensate for temperature in urban areas tend to be more hot.

Make the area open to the family room, dining room and kitchen, which is limited by furniture. Adjust also the material and color of the interior.

Most of the wooden houses are made with system houses on stilts, with a height of about 50 cm above the ground, this is because if the wood exposed directly to the soil, it is feared the house would be humid so easily attacked by termites.

However, if you want it looks like a house on stilts, you can cover the lower part of your home with natural stone or brick, add tropical garden, gazebo or a pool as decorative exterior of the house.

Every once in a year you have to do the finishing, because melamine inherent in the wood will slowly fade as the weather changes.

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